hi everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt meister I want to thank everyone who has been sending Bitcoin my way the address my bitcoin address is below this video in the comments section you should read that first of all I and thank you specifically the Henry I a really great viewer has been around for a little while we are growing and I'm I'm really proud of this channel and in the videos that I've made because i want to change people's mindset about Bitcoin so that they could think in a different way so that they can get more Bitcoin and that's this video actually is about valuing your wealth in Bitcoin and never cashing out but a little bit remember to subscribe to this channel share these videos spread the word about pound having hype on social media so we can all do well okay but if you spread the word about the having through the pound having hype hashtag and get the media to write about this having that's coming up in July it's going to help all of us is going to we're going to try to get this price of the seven hundred dollars and we can it can be done through marketing i know a lot of you don't believe that but it can media plays a role in all this I won't get into all that now so anyway also watch my old videos i think there are a lot of entertaining ones you could really learn some things i think i made some interesting predictions but there's just some interesting stuff and I i I'm proud of my old videos to check it check out the cattle of the master catalog anyway my mindset as you probably all know is to get more Bitcoin it's not to earn more dollars we have to get out of this dollar mindset how we value everything thousand to start valuing things in Bitcoin for example so you see that the price of bitcoin drops in dollars and you're like oh no my 10 Bitcoin are now worth less no no that's not the way you think when something happens like that what you should think is now this is great i have a chance to get my 11 Bitcoin for cheap you gotta remember i am you go back in my catalog and I had a video about if you if you don't believe that Bitcoin will be at least a thousand dollars by 2020 the Bitcoin probably is not for you ok if you're just some flipper doesn't it you don't care how much it's gonna be worth in 2020 we if you believe that that that it's going to be worth at least a thousand dollars in 2020 and now a lot of the talk has made that seemed conservative but still I i want to be conserved I want let's just say in 2020 it will be worth a thousand dollars then now as we speak bitcoin is whatever five or so many dollars it's a big sale thanks it's on sale because in the end of the day you want to have as many Bitcoin as possible in 2020 that that that think of it that we don't care about how much is X is going to be worth or what in dollars think of it all in Bitcoin anyway if you really feel the need to cash out and you should not cash out but if you for some reason like the flip and stuff for cash out into a theorem or light and then back and forth between all three and just keeping the cryptocurrency ecosystem I think that that's the least you can do it don't go back to fiat here and help them now we're trying to make more bit and when you're doing this stuff if you're cashing out of Bitcoin the only reason you shouldn't be doing it because it's an emergency or because you are trying to earn more Bitcoin somehow by cashing in to like in the area anyway is very very soon here there could be up buying pen instead of a selling panic we're all everyone's scared like what happened everybody starts to sell off their big coin but they never they never think of it with the other what else could happen because the way because it seems the work is that when there are these big price ramps more and more people get interested in more more people seem to buy when it's doing well and i actually heard this on a great podcast that Bitcoin

KN the brick Bitcoin knowledge podcast from june the third of 2016 trace mayor over there you should check that out so anyway the conclusion here the obvious conclusion is to be long bitcoin ok 20 20 is not that far away it's not that far away be patient be patient and always remember who cares about dollars you want to get that 11 Bitcoin at 12 Bitcoin that 13 Bitcoin so by any any means legal means figure out ways to get more big earn bitcoins no no don't don't value yourself in dollars by yourself in Bitcoin i'm adam meister the disrupt meister populate