All right, so how do I transfer my money from Coinbase I bought my Bitcoin – I've got it in there – here we are, 5845 worth of Bitcoin I think it's gone up a bit in the last 10 minutes – but there we are, I've got that, and I want to transfer it to my Exodus wallet, which I've already set up I've downloaded the Exodus wallet, I've installed that – it's ready to go How do I actually move it? So, here we are there's, obviously – there's my dashboard in Coinbase

This is where you'll be – I've signed in There's my thing – I go to There's 'buy and sell' where I can actually buy and sell more Bitcoin, and then there's the 'Accounts' page The accounts page holds all of my wallets on Coinbase – so that's my Coinbase Bitcoin wallet, okay There's my Coinbase Ethereum wallet, my Coinbase Litecoin wallet I want to transfer from my Coinbase Bitcoin wallet, to my Exodus Bitcoin wallet How do I do that? So, here you see two buttons – 'Send' and 'Receive', and this one here, which is 'rename account' – which I don't want to do 'Send' and 'Receive' – so I want to send Bitcoin, okay Here, this pops up, okay – instantly, there's a new thing, asking where I want it to go

So, I can either send it to an email address – if I send it to an email address I think that will just give the person who receives the email, instructions on how to set up their account and stuff I don't want to do that, I want to send it straight to my wallet So, here we see 'Recipient' 'Enter a BTC address' So, I have to enter another Bitcoin wallet address, so what I do is, I go to my Exodus wallet, here – and in my Exodus, here's all the things that I have So, I go to 'Wallet', and I have to make sure, again, that I pick the right wallet If I pick an 'Augur' wallet and I try and receive my Bitcoin into my 'Augur' wallet, it's going to go missing – I'm going to lose that money Be very careful They're still at a stage, where you have to be very careful, okay

So, when I'm choosing, I go to 'Bitcoin' – these are all my different wallets, that I have on Exodus, okay It's not one big wallet they're all separate, so I go to my Bitcoin wallet on Exodus, because it's Bitcoin that I'm sending, and inside there's 'Send' and 'Receive' So, I go to 'Receive' – I want to receive Bitcoin into my Exodus Bitcoin wallet So, I press 'Receive', and it comes up with this – here's my Bitcoin address This is my Bitcoin wallet address

So, I click that, and I copy it, okay So, I've copied that address So, that's it now, I've got that – I now go back to Coinbase – so here we are 'Recipient' 'Enter Bitcoin address', and I paste that in, alright So, what I've pasted in – this is my Coinbase Bitcoin wallet – I've pasted in – I've pressed 'Send', and I've pasted in my Exodus Bitcoin wallet address, okay So, it's withdrawing from my Bitcoin wallet, it's sending it to this address – how much do I want to send? Well, let's send all of it, okay

So I've pressed 'Send Max' I could put in any price that I want – I could put an amount, but I pressed the 'Send Max' button – I want to send all of it, all right So, I'm going to just write 'Yo' in there, because why not The 'Network Fee' – there isn't a network fee on this one at the moment The total is 5730 okay So I'm going to send it – boom continue I've sent as much 'you don't have enough funds' – dismiss, why not? Okay, I'm going to send

I'm going to send 40 I don't know why there's no network fee For some reason, it's saying there's no network fee So, I have to 'Enter the 2-step verification code' provided by my Authenticator app Now, remember earlier, I was talking about installing Google Authenticator – I set up Google authentication for my Coinbase account – it's a really useful thing, it's called two-factor authentication – '2fa' Authenticator, and what it basically means is, if anyone ever tries to transfer stuff out of my account, it's linked to my phone I'll go to my Authenticator app, I'll find the one for Coinbase, and there it is – 393 927

I put that in – three nine three nine two seven I confirm, and it's now – because my phone, my Authenticator app, is linked to this – so there we are 'Your transaction is on the way' 'You sent Blah blah blah blah blah -$40 €40 worth to an external address 'View details' So, that's it – the money has now left my Coinbase account and is on the way to my Exodus wallet, okay So, I'm not going to wait to 'view details' – I'm going to go back to my Exodus wallet – here, and I'm going to go to my portfolio, so at the moment you can see, I have $2262 worth of Bitcoin in my Exodus Bitcoin wallet

So, it takes a while – sometimes it can take a while for that money to show up Sometimes people make transfers and at the moment, the blockchain – it can be quite slow at times

slow but it can take an hour, it can take two hours, it can take thirty minutes, it could take five minutes but at the moment, because a lot of people are buying and selling Bitcoin, there's a lot of transactions happening, and it's – they've slowed down a bit So, it can take a while for this bitcoin to show up, but when it does, it's going to show up here – it will show up in my Bitcoin

It will show up here, here's my – look I exchanged some for 'Gnosis', I exchanged some Bitcoin for the Decred, I exchanged some for Litecoin, I exchanged some for EOS, just 12 hours ago These are all the things I've done from my Bitcoin wallet So, eventually, when that goes through, and don't worry if it takes a little time, that will – that will show up here, in my Bitcoin wallet – and in my portfolio, this amount will update, to reflect that new amount of Bitcoin, which is awesome So, that's how you do it basically – you just have to make sure you have the right code – you have to make sure that you put the right wallet in If you're sending Bitcoin, send it to a Bitcoin wallet

Don't send it to an Ethereum wallet, because it will just disappear, and you'll lose that money – it will just get lost in 'Tron world' – in the digital world So there we are, that's how you do it Obviously, from there, if I want to, I can exchange my Bitcoin for other things – but what I really want to do is, I want to hold it here, and I've got everything in my Exodus wallet, but then I'm going to show you – you can repeat the same process to transfer it out of Exodus, into any other exchange So, I think the next thing I'll do is, I'll go and I'll sign up for Bittrex, or Bitfinnex I think, because I want to buy IOTA So, I can transfer my Bitcoin out of here, on to another exchange, and then transfer, on that other exchange, for other cryptos

So, a site like Coinbase – an exchange like Coinbase, you buy bitcoin, you buy Ethereum But you can't transfer it – they don't list – you can't transfer it for other smaller coins – they don't list all those other coins That exchange is for buying bitcoin and selling Bitcoin There are other exchanges which are crypto to crypto exchanges So, you exchange Bitcoin for EOS or Bitcoin – like you do in the Exodus wallet – here, in my exchange – I can exchange Bitcoin for any one of these, you see

But it only lists – Exodus only lists these coins – it only gives me these options There are other exchanges like Bittrex, like Bitfinnex, where there are hundreds and hundreds of other coins – coins which aren't listed in Exodus, and if I want to find one of those coins, I have to transfer it out of Exodus – I can transfer it straight from Coinbase to those exchanges, but I just wanted to show you how to keep it in Exodus – how to keep it in a wallet on your computer From here, I can transfer it to another exchange, where I can then trade it – change it, for other small cryptos, and that's awesome So, that's the next thing I'll do Hey there everybody – just to finish that one off it's now a few days later, and I was rewatching that video – I was just editing it and I realised that I didn't actually show that the Bitcoin arrived, so I thought I'd show you now, a few days later

Here is my Bitcoin – see it did arrive There we are, I now have 7587 worth of Bitcoin in there, and if I go to my wallet, and I'm on Bitcoin – these are all my wallets again On the Bitcoin wallet, just here 'received' on the 12th – that's when I did it by the way – that much It's now quite a few days later

so, I received this much If I click the little button – on the 12th, I received 4692 US dollars worth of Bitcoin

That's now worth 5137 US dollars – go Bitcoin! So, there we are It did actually arrive – it didn't actually take that long, it hasn't taken days to arrive It took, like a matter of hours, but I forgot to film it, so there we are Arrived, simply, into my wallet

There we go – next thing's to buy IOTA