hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the 1 bitcoin show today is October 16th 2017 by an old strong hand enjoy your crypto dividends are sayings these are ways of life people seriously think about it think about it alright yesterday's shows there were two yesterday they're linked to below tomorrow's show it's gonna probably be early because I am leaving for Israel tomorrow yay see you soon Tel Aviv also remember if you want a crypto consultation you can email me at Adam at trey's where he'll calm it can help you set up your trays or we can talk about anything and if you've got any questions email me there too Adam at traceur helpcom and of course follow me on twitter that thing has been exploding we have a Twitter poll about be gold out there tweet that out retweet that etc etc I'm tech ball te CH B alt everything is linked to below all the important links that I discuss here so the the theme I've been getting lately in the news that can sum up the news of the of the week is Bitcoin is not it's not about gatekeepers and credentials you need to be your own boss in every aspect of Bitcoin especially when it because it pertains to gathering information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and learning so we have people out there we do have almost mainstream sources of news in the in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency ecosystem now and they all have their biases and everything and it's natural we've been raised in the world where there are gatekeepers where we're people are used to going to Fox News or CNN to tell them to dictate you know what's really going on and just to have these easy one-stop sources that are popular but that's not what bitcoin is about or crypt it's supposed to be decentralized you're not supposed to have need any credentials to be a Bitcoin user or someone who knows about Bitcoin you know these organizations try to make themselves out to be official organizations what anyone can be in Bitcoin you can be an official Bitcoin it you don't need a permit from the government to be a business or be a new source when it comes to Bitcoin so we I hang that I mean online at least with people who are quite independent I mean there's some affiliations where I of people that I get my information from and I always I love to share different sources of information here and it gives you different views of what is going on and I again people might remember video from a about the 10 days ago now I link to it below it lists all of my my who's who in Bitcoin type of thing and I I'm not trying to be a gate I'm saying check it out decide if any of these some of the stuff can be very complex right now in Bitcoin and some of the guys that I have on all the people I hang out hang with or smart and you're gonna have to decide who's smart because if you if you listen to the smart people and not the the mindless repetition you know these headlines it like sometimes a coin desk has I mean it's like they're being fed this stuff and it's like it's the same theme every two weeks what's going on in China let's scare people about China what's the latest in I CEOs and and some of is someone worth bobble you you have to again don't let them be your gatekeeper don't let anyone be your gatekeeper go to many different sources I'm one of your sources whatever but there there aren't don't believe anyone that tries to say I'm an official person I've got these credentials it makes me I went to the school of Bitcoin I mean we're going to get into that one day when there's some organization issuing credentials that make seemed like their official but that's the thing about Bitcoin they're really in the end of the day there is no there are no credentials they are no gatekeepers if you're the smartest if you have the best if you're the most reliable then you're going to win in the long run so you need to be your beat be your own boss when you're looking for information out there don't let anyone else' a stereo on a path that keeps you in an echo chamber and yeah they're only gatekeepers if you allow there to be gamekeepers in the Bitcoin world and there are definitely people coin des tries to be a gatekeeper there all right so if you think about it the whole the people who have tried to be look what you've missed out on if you're kind of toward the gatekeeper way of life okay if you straight to the coin deaths out there are the people who just read the coin desk headlines you would you would not have known about got be gold at all be gold was something that was not talked about at all and that people were looking down upon because it was not talked about by these mainstream sources by these fancy set or graphics people no fancy set of graphics here pound that like button and we said that wants a show because this is the one Bitcoin show try to get one Bitcoin people that's the first step that's why we need this show this and you know there's only one Bitcoin poll I have out there on Twitter now let's check that out to link to below we're gonna have some other ones in a second but yeah you'd miss out on the be gold early on and I was talking about it here I was I was the first one to talk about the Beagle so yeah but anyway put you I have my biases also so just don't don't just don't pay pay attention to other people besides Adam Meister again I have a whole list of all sorts of other people to pay attention to in that video who's who a Bitcoin or whatever I called it it's linked to below so an example of what's going on in the news now that the the wannabe gatekeepers aren't talking about is this aetherium Vega thing we all know that aetherium had a hard fork but I have been talking about this aetherium Vega community activated hard fork thing for a while if you've been following this channel that's no surprise but right now you go to their site their Twitter feed twitter

com slash OPC a88 and the OPC AHF it's linked to below this is what they have to say all aetherium holders at block number 4 million for 37000 you know that number will get aetherium Vega coins it is basically it's a one-to-one airdrop one-to-one they say it's it's a little less than that one to 0985 all right so basically if you've got a theorem you're gonna get this a theorem Vegas stuff also and the same amount now it's obviously this these people do not speak English well but check out their Twitter feed I'm giving you the info you can decide on your own how legitimate it is or whatever but there's something going on out there this hard fork is not as clean as they're make as everyone's making you now to be somebody else out there is saying they're forming in aetherium 3 off of this and none of the mainstream is talking about this but I've been talking about it because again you got you can't go through these wannabe gatekeepers and stuff you can't go through the credentialed news sources are so you're going to miss something like this and this is an opportunity if you get this free aetherium bag of crypto dividend and sell it for the bitcoin baby because that's what it's about that's what bottom line is if you listen to some of these if you just blindly follow the mainstream you're gonna miss the opportunities that get more Bitcoin being indirectly through this or or by other means so that is obviously I'll link all the stuff that pertains to the that I know about this mega etherion Venga below alright so there's a picture of the day is from a gosh nussbaum he's been on this show before he's awesome a smart guy you should follow him his blog post the blockchain project ecosystem he gives us hold diagram it's very interesting I'm not gonna get we're talking about it maybe on tomorrow's show but it's an awesome photo picture so check that out it's linked to below all right so and going back I have been predicting a third aetherium for a while the tone days before me even have been predicting a third that there would be a fork and when we were talking about it and now it's coming true it looks like with this Vega thing have you pretty and you listen to the again the gatekeepers you would not never want to be because there are no you you define who the gatekeepers are you don't let there be gatekeepers for people the 80% they've defined at they're gatekeepers out there okay the 20% we don't go through anybody's gates so yeah for a while we even talk about this third it I thought was gonna be a dire situation but I'm willing to admit that I was wrong about it being bad back in the day I thought I did not know about the friendly understand the friendly fort concept at first before I thought of it in March and now it has become reality that these Forks aren't the end of the world they are in in fact opportunities for us for those of us who can think rationally and who can think long-term so again I these these crypt of dividends are good thing I did not know about him and again it's got to be safe and everything and critical given is only good if it's safe but we're all doing research on that but in the old days when I was predicting a theory and three I thought it would be bad and it isn't bad for Assyria but I don't know why they don't talk about it in on the coin desk maybe they just have no that's the thing just because their credential just because their official magazine doesn't mean that they're actually doing the research this stuff is easy to find out by the way I mean you follow their Twitter feed that I link to below it's all there read the entire Twitter feed and you'll see all about disappearing bag of stuff it's easy to know all right and you know it's all breezy when we're speaking about credentials it brings me back to my Washington University st Louis days so when I was there as an undergrad getting my degree in marketing we would kind of joke around about that the business professors why were the business profession you know they had Doctorate degrees obviously pretty smart people but why weren't they rich businessmen I mean isn't the part if you're trying to learn about business how to be a good marketer how to be a good finance person shouldn't the people you're learning from like how people people with experience with incredible success in those fields I mean these are all theoretical they were teachers teaching us theoretical stuff that they really hadn't experienced and they had built theory complex theories around finance and marketing and but and they had studied like examples but they hadn't really been in the real world I mean who who you gonna want you are you gonna want to talk her are you gonna on an actor and a person who's actually done this stuff you know so they have the best credentials in the world the official educational credentials to educate you but what would it all mean you want to visit you want to see a businessman and so this compares till we've got all sorts of talkers in this space in the cryptocurrency in Bitcoin space do any of them actually own Bitcoin today did they did they you how long have they been in the space I mean what are they taught are they talking about through experience or are they just brain are they making up theoretical stuff I mean do they have an archive where you can see like they've consistently been doing X white practicing what they preach or they just jump in on the latest all coin flavor of the month and I think and again this takes research and I've tried to weed out the the ones with the kind of relying on fake credentials from the people who are really experienced the real businessmen as you as it were in this the real people who actually own this stuff who were in there early so be you know there's a lot of new stuff popping up all the time this and do these writers do these writers are they just writing about her do they really experience all this stuff dude they're supposed to be researchers do you actually research or do they just pretend the research and just rely on the fact that they are an officially authorized writer by this coin desk or whoever and I want to pick on coin desk I think there's a lot of people who just blindly go over there and you know they have so used to information sometimes but dude if you just read those headlines that's all you do man and you're missing a lot of opportunity and just you're not expanding your mind properly so alright the poll I've mentioned the poll before so the flashback link of the day is actually a speaking of all coin flavor of the month is from March it's just I randomly found it of mine but I talked I talked about the offline flavors the month I have a long term thinking lesson of the day here also and that is back in July of 2016 you know I started posting some of my stuff on Steam it and I got a hundred and seventy seven dollars a steam dollars okay so back then you can see me on the ties end show saying dude don't use don't use this to buy steam use this to buy Bitcoin and I practice what I preached so with that one hundred seventy seven dollars worth of steam in July I immediately converted into Bitcoin which today is worth fifteen hundred dollars that same amount of steam dollars that I was given for free is now worth $1,500 in Bitcoin I'm Anna meister the bitcoinmeister this long term thing remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out this new section below that was your lesson your daily lesson in long-term thinking in what's going on today tomorrow will be earlier so I'll talk to you later bye