The Red Couch is brought to you by Cyber Ghost VPN Up today: US softens UK hardens it stands on spying on your emails Plus, who is the most dangerous woman in the world? But first, should I invest in Bitcoin? Welcome to the Red Couch! The web show about Internet freedom and security! Cash? What's this? A fuzzy picture of a fat old hippie? Coins? What are these? Maybe they'll buy me a flag in Nevada in the Ins of Westeros

Credit card? Whoa, too heavy for my pocket! Credit card on my phone? Wow, but my phone already has my emails, photos music videos and my poetry How long before it takes my heart, my lungs and my hair Money must go digital! But is Bitcoin the future? Built by a strange Japanese person who vanished in 2011, the virtual currency is now gaining in popularity How does it work? well, powerful computers compete to solve math problems and are awarded with a code that is a Bitcoin It's like making money out of nothing and giving it as a prize to the best player of candy crush saga

Crazy? Yes, but is it any less insane than printing money in the middle of the financial crisis? Bitcoin allows you to buy and sell online without using a credit card You can purchase with anonymity It's like using cash on the web But last month the FBI busted online drug retailer, Silkroad, which bought and sold Ganja and pills for bitcoins Following the right the FBI collected 27 million dollars worth in Bitcoins and the suspected founder of SilkRoad, Ross Ulbricht

Bitcoin was established as an unregulated currency which removes government financial meddling from our lives, but now, the US government is becoming one of the biggest single owners a bitcoins The FBI's bitcoin wallet detailed here and this is a list of the people sending more bitcoins to this wallet Why are people giving the FB money? Because, when you pay with bitcoins you can leave a message which appears as a public note Therefore, it's away talking to the FBI for activists Dear FBI, please freeBarrett Brown and drop the charges

#FreeBB And idiots: "FBI are silly fegets – Hope you enjoy being fegets – please stop violating our freedoms love Julian Assange Now, I doubt this is the real Julian Assange, because I think the founder of WikiLeaks knows the correct spelling of faggets So now, agents Mulder, Scully, Cooper and Starling are loaded So what can they spend their bitcoins on? Well, an Authorian Knight Bookhend in 2 tone Metallic set of 2 Or a piecel night wear which says: I simply walked into Mordor and all I got was this lousy pajamas

The Red Couch is brought to you by CyberGhost5, which allows you to surf the web securely and gives you anonymity online America went to a former its massive violence at the planet's emails, but Britain tracking down on supporters a Freedom of Information UK Prime Minister David Cameron is attacking the Guardian newspaper for revealing that America and Britain are spying on the world If newspapers do not submit to Government advice on security issues, Cameron said he may act Meanwhile, in America, US lawmakers are grilling the country's top spies for failing to inform them but they were snooping 35 world leaders

Both Republicans and Democrats agree that they should limit the powers at the National Security Agency This is like Mossad and Hezbollah agreeing to celebrate Christmas together Meanwhile across the pond, UK newspaper The Sun, the official publication the British government, has an exclusive What's this? The twin towers have been blown up again? No, but they could be spines We've lost our terror plotters

Spy bosses have lost track terrorists plotting atrocities because of CIA fugitive Edward Snowden's leaks, the Sun can reveal! To access the rest of the article I have to pay one pound, about 15 American dollars I don't think I'll bother I rather stick the money at my #~ Who's this? According to National Security Agency she is the most dangerous woman in the world

She comes from somewhere called Germany I don't understand so I decided to ask a German