What is Bitcoin Bitcoin is the first ?, the decentralized digital currency Bitcoin are digital coins you can send through the internet, compared bitcoin other alternatives have A lot of advantages bitcoin are transferred directly from person to person through the network without going through a bank or other intermediary this means that the fees are much less or almost nonexistent is that You can use it in any country world that your account can not be blocked or freezing and there are not three requirements or arbitrary limits Let's see how it works, the bitcoin are generated throughout internet anyone with a free software called bitcoin miner, create bitcoins It requires a certain amount of work for each block of coins this amount is automatically adjusted the net for the bitcoins always They are created at a predictable ratio Unlimited a total of twenty one million Bitcoin, there are several houses change where you can buy or sell bitcoins using dollars, euros, pesos and more, your bitcoins are kept in a digital wallet on your computer or mobile, send bitcoins is as simple as sending an email mail so you can buy anything using bitcoin, network Bitcoin is kept secure thanks to people called miners the miners are rewarded with bitcoins for his work verifying dealings once transactions are verified are stored permanently In the net bitcoin represents a new platform Innovation The software is completely open and anyone can review the code Bitcoin is changing finances Just as the web has changed journalism, when everyone has global market access flourish great ideas, bitcoin is a breakthrough companies because it allows them to reduce transactions fees it costs nothing and is very easy to start accept bitcoins no refunds fraudulent and also get support Additional bitcoin community for To learn how to store, use and win Stay on this channel bitcoins Bitcoin TUTORIALS