Hey psssst! Do you want some false info ? Do you want some false info ? These are good false info

! Crypto hello everyone! My name is Anthony And for those who do not know me yet I'm here to give you a lot of crypto news today And This week we have a lot of interesting things False info, yes I think it's good Because we have a lot of habit with India and China and even the entire region ! India announces that it wishes to incur a sentence of up to 10 years in prison Cryptocurrency users First I think it's manipulation And secondly I think that will prove the power cryptos, decentralization, etc Nope: Trying to ban cryptos and Bitcoin This is not the right solution This is of course my point of view! Let's go to the next news A few days ago 240 Millions XRPs Have moved Yes I still have my whale news, so here it is! I like this whale, it is also a whale shark that's why I always put it in my videos But yes We do not really know what's going on But we are a little scared by the movement Because it could mean so many things and It's either positive or negative Because it's always a nap, is not it ? So as usual I always warn you You should always pay attention to this kind of operation Now bad news That's why you have to pay attention to what you do online Especially if you try to short And it's even worse if you make levers! on your wallet, trying to trade and short A Chinese man who committed suicide because he lost 2000BTC trying to leverage Of course everyone would not do the same thing because he lost money But in this case, we are talking about 2000 bitcoins And first of all, everyone does not have such a portfolio And I'm sure everyone would not want to lose such amount Because at this moment it's few millions but it could have turned into hundreds of millions, would not it? This is the bad news

This happens often and I'm not a great fan of stable corners and Tether printed again 150Million USDT which means 150 Million dollars Again be careful with the stable corners As we have seen just a few weeks ago in the headlines with their connection to this exchange site I do not want to add a layer but pay close attention by investing in these Stablecoins because it's

You should watch my video on this subject Everyone does not like it but I think I'm fair play when I talk about it therefore Look on my channel An interesting news because NASDAQ is after all really interested in cryptos This is not the first time we talk about them and they are back They related to crypto compare And they said they joined forces for to launch a "product" So I will quote them because it's not easy to explain just like that NASDAQ / Crypto Compare aggregates "reference prices" which will allow instititional investors to watch the nascent digital assets and allow investment opportunities using this trusted data source which will improve the institutional capacities in the markets cryptos through trading strategies via research of quantitative modeling of risks and heavy calculations So from the moment that we have better data to trade it's pretty positive from my point of view This will add confidence on the crypto market which is a good thing of course So it's Bullish! Ubisoft, ouep! Who is also interested in cryptos and especially Blockchain technology And they take a step forward to integrate into some games or at least they predict it the digitization on the blockchain accessories that you have in the games as many other projects do and unfortunately I do not have much information We just know that they are really in the right direction to get started Bullish again For the next news we have new proof They try to block you first Then they try to denigrate you Then they try to imitate you And finally they know they have lost And Visa just copied some aspects of Blockchain technology and is about to launch a payment system to speed up payments Like Ripple

Like others Frankly is it bullish or bearish ? I bang a little shell because we do not need it so And you what do you think? You should comment and let me know what you think about it! Another news, another day, another with McAfee ? That's why when we talk about McAfee You click on the like But also you subscribe if it's not done yet What does McAfee expect this time? He once again Tweets That's his best way of communicating with us is not it? And the crypto market He announced launch a cryptos exchange website and by the same in the same Tweet Just as if nothing had been he announced to launch his card next week His crypto card you know ? So fast I know

I do not know if it's a pipe but If this is not the case, knowing what it plans to do with this card Bullish bullish bullish bullish bullish ! BULLIS H !!!! Keep an eye on his Tweets even his account Tweeter even if he is sometimes a little crazy Somehow Or at least looking It still has an asset A numeric asset as well as some "power" since his point of view is considered by many as important in the crypto market as well as in the crypto sphere The next news relates to "ITALY" because apparently they want not to tax talking with your hands but they want to tax if you have a bank vault and if you have savings in it well they plan to launch a tax on it so in fact the industry the crypto industry thinks that this is going to be super bullish for Bitcoin and Cryptos Therefore

I do not know I think it's bullish, yes but not as much as people actually think But of course bullish it's bullish is not it? And there is so much bull in the market These days cis it is Pffff, it's good

And I know you still want some So I'm going to give you rabbe Revolut Allows Apple Pay to be used in 16 new countries which brings you back to one of my previous videos when I talked about the new Apple card I also talked about Apple Pay We know that you can use cryptos via Apple Pay which will also be the case with the Apple card So 16 new markets is bullish too It's bearish in the sense that it's a direct challenger with cryptos via QRCode But on the other hand It's bullish too because if you use Apple Pay you are also able to use cryptos Therefore Bullish;) Before the last bullish news of the day Who is also the biggest (Size question

?: O) Do not forget to click on the like button To subscribe if you have not done it yet And click on the little bell Because it allows you to receive a notification as soon as I put on line a super video And I will publish one on 5 theories about Satoshi Nakamoto So stay tuned And so for the latest news, the super bullish Well It's about Coinbase Who launches their debit card in 6 countries in Europe And the nominated countries are

(Drum roll) It is In Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands So what does it mean ? So basically as their communication manager said Their employees so That you could pay a I do not know say a CD Who is buying CDs of our time ? Let's talk about a pair of shoes with your BTC using your Coinbase card and after that, have a coffee using your LTC on this same debit card So it's Bullish is not it because more use it's better, it's super more mega giga better So let's say it's supra bullish If you have questions If you have any ideas videos Do not hesitate to comment I want to say, of course, to comment ! And

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