Hi, Guys! FAYSAL here from binaryoptionsdoctorcom and today I'm going to talk about a binary options trading software called Moscow Millionaire and Moscow Millionaire claims that you can earn a huge amount of money within a very short period by using this Moscow millionaire software

This guy is the creator ofMoscow Millionaire His name is Dimitry and he claims that how he became a millionaire by using his method and he wants to share his software with you But the main negative side we have found that by looking at Dimitri's picture, we immediately recognized him He is actually an actor and professional actor He sells his gig on fiverr

com for five bucks There you can see the so-called Dimitri selling his gigs on Fiverr calm and he says, ''I will produce an office video presentation as your spokesperson'' So, the alleged creator mr Dimitri is not a the real creator of Moscow Millionaire or he has nothing to do with this trading software/ That is a major negative sign and can you remember that we have reviewed a software and marked as a scam by the name of Ethereum Code? Interestingly we found that there is much similarity between Ethereum Code software and the Moscow Millionaire software How do we know? See this pop-up appears in every seconds and tells you to be hurry to claim your spot

See this pop-up widget and now see the etherium code website pop-up widget Everything is same only the logo is different you see the Ethereum Code widget & and Moscow Millionaire Widget Now, this made us skeptical about this Moscow Millionaire software and you see Moscow Millionaire shows some live verified trade results There is no entry rate or expiry rate

Only the asset and every single trade is a winner Now go to Ethereum Code website and see the exact identical display of so-called like verified trade results No entry rate and no expiry rate Only winning trades are there So, this made us skeptical about this Moscow Millionaire software and we are pretty sure as their creator is a professional actor

This software is definitely a scam so we will never ever suggest you to invest in this Moscow Millionaire software Therefore, stay safe and don't get scammed!