Hey guys and girls! Welcome back to the Millionaire Mindset Hub Channel This is the Bitcoin Mining series

In this episode, I'm going to show you a time-lapse of mining Dashcoin using MinerGate to see what average Hashrate we can achieve using a standard computer and how much money we can expect this currency to generate in USD As I said in the last time-lapse, if you're mining it's essential to have a CPU and GPU temperature tracking software I personally use CAM The link to it will be in the description below Make sure you use one when you're mining so that you don't risk overheating your hardware and probably damage it to the extent it will stop working as that's really expensive

So bare that in mind Because of this overheating reason, this is why throughout the video you'll see me turning the miners on and off depending on how hot my hardware gets If you haven't subscribed yet make sure you hit that button below, and let's get into the video Okay, it has officially taken 3 hours and 58 minutes to mine $001 US

That's insane! No way is this profitable I probably lost about $150 in the mining process and bade back $001! As you can see in the video, the share difficulty fluctuates This means at different times of the day it's easier to mine Dashcoin and your results can vary from mine depending on your own hardware specs and current difficulty and value of the currency

Just bare that in mind The other thing to keep in mind is, I was using TinyTake, a screen capturing software which was using some of my computers processing power which means I wasn't able to allocate 100% processing power to MinerGate which if I was my results would have been slightly improved I'm glad we've figured this out At the moment, I won't be mining this currency again In the next episode, we'll do a more in-depth analysis of the results

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