You may have wondered if the mining of cryptocurrencies, it was still profitable today Because, yes, if you make an investment, it is to still have a return on investment

Well listen, what we will see in this video Hello everyone ! It's Rousseaux, the good tips And this chain is here to help you increase your standard of living so that you can spend more time on what you really like It was a question that came back pretty well in the comments and which I had not answered yet I was asked: is mining always profitable? What do I think of mining? And should we invest in it? And listen well, we will do all the calculations together in this video and you will be able to see at the end precisely your own opinion

Moreover, we will make the comparison between a minor and an investor In the very last part, I would make a small point on the possible scams that there is in this environment for a small warning So first of all, we will talk about cloudmining So, that means you're actually going to pay a subscription to a company and she's going to say she's allocating some of her mining What you need to know is a model that is usually quite seldom profitable for the user

Because what's going to happen is that you, you'll put your money all right from the beginning and after the business, she's going to use that money, for example to make a return on investment, on its equipment or use it when mining is no longer profitable for it There are very large mining companies that go for example, having only 10% of total cloudmining capacity mining Because good yes, it's true that, if it's more profitable for a mining company, why would she run her machines? You see ! So to do this I have prepared a little doc So in this doc in fact, we will see, I will put you the link just below I have someone who bought a contract to mine Zcash on November 7th

These are real numbers that I took on a French mining platform So the number of Zcash on the day of the contract is 0 If you are an investor, the price of Zcash was 22875 € So you have 0

008 Zcash So the value is € 179 if I take Then, if we take the value today at 29/01/2018, the value of Zcash is 37014 €

So, the minor precisely on the account had 000135 Zcash The investor always has 0008 Zcash If we convert to euros, I let you see, the minor him to 50 cents while the investor at € 2

90 Now that we've seen the rendering on cloudmining, it's only on a provider You can compare on many other suppliers and do your calculations And I'm going to show you exactly in this part how you can do your calculations for mining So, let's take it now if you buy your own machine

So, you branch to your home to undermine your cryptocurrency So, I'll take a machine that can mine 25MH Ethereum We will spend on the Ethereum and not the Zcash and that costs 925 € The pool fee is 2% on that, all right, and that consumes 200 watts So now, I'll go to a site called CoinWarz and on that, you put all your information

The price of the kilowatt in France is 15-16 cents, so if we put it in dollars, we will make 018 The power as I told you, here it's 200 watt and here your pool fee and there the cost of the hardware, so the cost of the machine that I converted also in dollars To achieve the return on investment, here it will take 381 days, which is more than a year It's still pretty huge because suddenly you will be profitable after these 381 days if the technology has not changed too much because let's admit, there is an evolution on the type of mining or other, Well, I do not know how you will do to be more profitable

Mining for an individual below $ 1200, Well, we'll have to avoid thinking about it I was just telling you about cloudmining How do you calculate it? Well here, you'll put the power you can buy with the service You will remove the power since it is not you who will pay for it It's the same for power cost

It's the same for the pool fee And you'll just put here, well the annual cost where the monthly cost I do not know what subscription it will be, but in general you put your annual cost So, if it's a monthly payment, you put it in annual mode It's good, you understand, you do what

Now, we will take something completely different, it's going to be a machine that's a lot bigger She € 16,000 It can produce 750MH and it consumes 3,750 watts The pool fee remains 2% So, I put all my information here in the table of course

Voluntarily, I left the same power cost why? So, it's true that on an offer like this, I would say maybe they have a business contract or they have a bigger contract at the electricity supplier But, there is a second parameter to take into account, is that on a machine that is like that, finally several machines, well it will enormously heat your room So, you're going to need to cool and that's why you might have air conditioning So, I will leave the same thing I put the cost in dollars

I click on calculate And there, it tells me that it will take 200 days almost to repay Finally 195 days Of course it's much better, it's an investment that's pretty big right off the bat Let's compare it again with an investor

So, I'm going to take someone who participated in my training, this is a real case, which has invested € 15,000 in a fund that has been presented This fund, it has already done more than 3 times and the person is already at 53 550 € So, I take it over a period of only 2 months for the fund We are still talking about something that has surpassed the evolution of bitcoin and surpassed the overall evolution of the cryptocurrency market So, it's not anything

It was still something with a diluted and fairly secure risk Well, past performance does not engage future performance, as you know it So on this case, again the investor has largely won So, however, and I must add to a point, it is that the minor has certain advantages He may resell his equipment

So in the case of a complete cryptocurrency crash, there will be a lot of materials that will be resell So, the value I guess it will have dropped dramatically But nevertheless, as we are in a period where it breaks out on crypto-currencies, we are still on an evolution that is positive in the long term, Well, you can even sell it with a surplus value Because there are people who are not going to do the right calculations and suddenly will buy and end up having to repay over 2 years or something like that Knowing that we stay on technological products

I do not know if you have already done a PC yourself, but for example a typical PC after 2, 3 years, finally, it is completely outdated in terms of technology So, you imagine on crypto-currencies where it goes even faster or you face companies who develop special components to mine faster who have insane mining farms, the balance will be a little unbalanced So, just the point on the scams There are some cloudmining offers that you can find which are actually totally wrong where people are just giving back a small percentage at the end of each month, but they do not have any machines at all So, always try to look if the company has a good history, if they showed their machines and others and if the overall opinion says it's good, they really have the machines

Then, try to look at profitability, either by doing the calculations on CoinWarz, either by looking in the forums and others Try to find as much information as you can on the internet To come back to the benefits I was saying about mining, Well, listen, there are still some questions where you might have the answer What are we going to do when we go to proof of stake for example On the Ethereum if we go to the proof of stake, there is more mining via the machine

How are the miners going to do that? There will be other crypto-currencies to be mined, but will it still be profitable? The second thing is how do we do if tomorrow there is a new system to undermine more simply than they found Because as you know at the beginning, the bitcoin that was done with the graphics cards, the same After that, there were the ASICs that allowed to mine much more quickly and consuming a lot less energy The third question is mining Is it profitable when you are self-employed? I mean if you compare against an investor profile

So, I know there are people watching the channel and who do the mining of the blow, I would like to know what is your opinion on it and especially when mining, it can be more profitable than investing Because I could be competitive in the mining industry, you have to have a cost of electricity that is much lower than everyone else or last generation components and others So, he really It's going to be really those two things that will allow to have a competitive advantage So, I hope this video you will have more What I advise is to always redo these calculations by oneself, always look before an investment and others Maybe a mining company running with an ICO So suddenly, we would have parts in it, well it would be quite interesting, since there is a distribution of profits that is done directly

So, a little information why it's the second time maybe you see this video This is because in the first version of the video, I made a miscalculation So, this happens to everyone especially when you are an investor, since every day you take risks Because if you do not take risks, it means you do not do anything So, what I did in fact, the mistake is that the service that I presented, I said that the subscription was monthly or the price that was shown was annual

It was not marked directly on it and I made that mistake So, I should have rechecked this source maybe and also have a site that says explicitly whether it's annual or monthly In short, I apologize for this mistake, it can happen Listen, me necessarily, when I saw the error, I did: ah I was a little upset with myself So I removed the video and I preferred to do another without the calculation error After, you see that's why I always say that one must always redo one's own calculations because it can happen to everyone But even if there are people who double-check, well, we are not immune to something or an error Which is normal since we are all human

Here you have the answer now, the question if you wondered why you see this video again But listen, what I would like to know, well that's what you think of mining and that you can say as I told you just below in comment I've put the sources in the description and with other links that I found useful While waiting for the next video, listen well, I invite you to watch this little video on it And I tell you ciao next time