LanguageDeGeek: "I find myself with Mr TK You know him if you are a follower ", Mr

TK:" Hi everyone "LDG: cryto live, which comes from Belgium and made me the pleasure of coming to what is left of my studio in any case before moving and so he went through France in August to come and make short videos here Mr tk, you know him or you do not know him for his specialty which is the crypto currency oriented mining / mining if we want to say French or English Bitcoin is known on this subject of mining I want to say right now, is it still interesting to mine, to get into mining now? " Mr

TK: "Quite simply, I want to say that it is always very interesting to start mining Now, I think we can no longer mine like the old one, which means that we can no longer get into bitcoin mining Simply because we have specialized machines to do it But we can very well engage in the mining of any other cryptocurrency since there are Hundreds of thousands "LDG:" Here, I remind for those who are not in the know so we talk about Bitcoin; Bitcoin begins to be known and you hear it at the family meal or at the coffee shop but it's not just Bitcoin! So some people know the Ethereum but you'll see when you start to seriously look at crypto currencies that there are tens, hundreds, thousands

Is there too much? That's another question They each have their specificities their fans, their followers, their enemies, "Mr TK:" Exactly "LDG:" their utilities or not And so we can mine currently there are different categories, different techniques ", Tk:" Of course ", LDG:" to mine crypto currency

So, you can give us a little summary of the three major techniques? "Mr TK: For me, personally I think there are three main techniques for mining crypto-money So the first technique is simply mining using of a processor so normally any machine computer includes a processor and it is possible to mine with this one "LDG:" So, I want to say me who have for example here a Ryzen so from AMD since fashion is to go to amd because intel is a little bit to get screwed I want to throw the troll like that in this video, "TK:" it's launched, "LDG:" for those who know the technique

So I have a Ryzen 16 hearts which is still a nice machine for a particular or a semi pro Is it interesting right now a Ryzen to make him do something on my computer from particular who still has a nice machine, can I get something out of it? " Mr Tk: I would already say the first thing is already only for learning, understanding and really to be interested in the operating principles already there is everything to gain So will we win thousands of euros with a simple processor? No, that's clearly no Now, really to learn, to train and finally learn the basics and maybe eventually to develop you have to start at a moment given and why not do it with a processor that we have in his computer

LDG: "The 2nd technique" MonsieurTk: "The second big technique is the one that I practice personally it's simply GPU mining or also called mining to the graphics card So, just a computer is composed so we talked about it just before a processor but also usually a graphics card and it is possible to exploit this graphics card to solve relatively complicated calculations and for to carry out mining with its own machine "LDG:" And so the peculiarity of using the so-called milling often called gpu so graphic processor unit So the graphics cards can be put in a computer, it can be done for the slightly wealthy players who have even more screen than me or the 49 inch that's sitting there because they really want to play with the 144 hertz and all graphics settings thoroughly But it can be used especially in mining to put 2 cards, 4 cards, 8 cards 200 cards "Mr

TK:" The maximum limit on a single motherboard is 19 but there is already enough to please because if you go up 19 graphics cards, and that consumes, it makes noise, it heats up enormously but now, the more graphics cards we have, the more power we have since a graphics card has a certain amount of power in the process and the more you have, the more power you have and so theoretically the more you can accumulate and win from the corner " LDG: "So that, when we go up like that with lots of graphics cards often we do not put in a tower like I have here but we do in what is called a mining rig that is often in rectangular format with a floor where we put the motherboard ", MrTK:" the power supplies ", LDG:" and a first floor or more where we go like that pile up I obviously include many pictures about it And so we might be doing a rig editing video soon the call is launched

If, by the way, manufacturers want to send us I do not know any special graphic cards mining for you to ride a little rig to two four or eight cards Me, my rig two years ago was six " Mr Tk: "It's already a beautiful power" LDG: "Small 1050 I think from memory, yes it was a 1050 in low profile and it had amused me since here I already knew how to mount a computer, I had not mounted with six graphics cards it was an opportunity Something that I gave up because in an apartment obviously between the hot issue, the summer, energy consumption, "TK:" exactly ", LDG:" and I did not have enough time to dedicate to that and so I sold it but it's something I could very well come back and I would love to ride with you "Mr

Tk: And it will be a pleasure to make this video with you so here is the call of the big brands that are Gigabyte, MSI, Asus and company If you have special mining equipment and you are interested, know that we are super interested to make a video on the assembly of a complete rig from A to Z with all the material " LDG: "I think it could be really cool, the third technique came up because I had already made a video on the chain to present a little bit this material that is even noisier it's the Asic ones "Mr YK:" Quite yes, yes, asics are machines specially dedicated to mining

They have a big advantage is that they are specialized in a single type of mining so a single algorithm so they have a power of Hash / computing power extremely high compared to for example a graphics card or a processor On the other hand, the huge problem it is only possible to mine a single mining algorithm So simply, if you buy an asic to mine bitcoin it can only mine bitcoin and its derivatives but you can never mine for example Litecoin with You'll need another asic, another machine and so it would be necessary to multiply machines to be able to undermine all the crypto that interest you "LDG:" That's it, it's very specialized

When buying asic Bitcoin, it makes the bitcoin So we have some asics where we have a little bit of choice, "Mr Tk:" a little bit " LDG: "a little bit but most of the time when you buy a dedicated machine asic which is rather simple to install suddenly because we buy it, we put the electricity, we put the cable network, made the small connection, we put in bulk his wallet, so his wallet, his rib, his iban of destination crypto and then roll youth "Mr TK:" the machine is gone and it must be done by cons actually it makes even more noise, it consumes even more energy so these are all issues that need to be addressed but outside of that it is what offers the maximum power on the market

LDG: "Mr TK, we have here, of course over the subject because we are talking to beginners to try to broaden the audience and to make people who are not interested in 2017, which made a mockery of us in 2018, are interested again in 2019/2020 as you watch this video of digging the subject and saying to myself I would love to mount a computer, I would love to mine with my computer existing, I would like to try how I can do Well then I can only advise you to go see the channel Mr Tk who is really specialized on this theme, who will dig you, who will you do tutorials with really step by step to see the right software, how to install it, how to use it with really all the complete explanations So I invite you to subscribe to the chain to dig this theme and then we will probably end up in small lives and then cross-video ", Mr Tk:" of course ", LDG:" and so maybe mounting a rig 2 mining

Thanks for watching this video Do not forget the little blue thumb that pleases, subscribe and share it if you think you have friends who will be interested in the theme You are told to Ciao bye bye "Mr TK:" Ciao everyone "