So, this is my KNC Jupiter It is the November batch

I had some little MODs here This fan, that fan I had to switch them because the original ones They are very, verythey don't have a good airflow They are this ones I just changed for this two because they are just faster, and better they have better airflow Since I'm in Brazil I have to use an air conditioner full time just for this little thing It is connected to this PSU It has 1250W And here is the hash rate 679Gh/s, it's pretty stable

This is the local temperature and this is the temperature of the machines

So, it is pretty great, I don't have anything to say, I don't have any complains Actually, the only complain I have I have one It's the fan The fan It's definitely not made to Brazil It's made to cold places

So if you are willing to buy one you have to know before that you maybe have to spend some money with the fans This is the cover, it is also different from the October batch, it has this two things here They should make the hot air goes out through here and make the cold air go straight through the center to the two ones in the back

The plugs are here I have the internet cable is here, the other plugs that I didn't have any problems with them

and another plug that switch on the PCB that runs This little board here has a small version of a Linux version, I don't know witch one, actually I don't remember

It's beagle bone I think and it runs CGminer on it Here in the menu

CGminer and also using Putty you can seeCGminer So, that's all Thanks for watching