Hey everyone i'm max The last time I did a review of the A9 miner launched by Innosilicon And I do n’t know what everyone thinks Then today, I suddenly received another box from Minershenzhen Then I thought that after I finished the last time, there would be no evaluation of the miner

Then it ’s amazing that they sent me a box of things again "And will ship after 72 hours after placing the order" "And will be at 72" It is estimated that this size should be a miner again because they seem to be only miners Right then If you are interested in mining machines, you can log in directly to Minershenzhencom Enter my Coupon (coupon) below: MAXBIN and each miner can get a discount of $ 50 Isn't it tempting Ok nonsense, let's take a look today what exactly the product we are evaluating today What kind of mining machine Ok Ok then let's unpack this box now and Take a look at the brand and model of this one today Feels a lot tighter Did the packaging improve significantly? Look at wow So big this one One more thing here Also power for this piece Then he already plugged us all those sockets It means that this miner can be used immediately after getting started Then I want to ask what kind of mining machine they are Just now I asked them and they replied to me It ’s amazing that they did n’t tell me in advance what this thing was and then it did n’t say This one is also launched by Innosilicon But it's different from the last A9 This one is called T2 Then they also said that this T2 is specially used to mine Bitcoin Then let's test how powerful this miner that specializes in bitcoin mining is OK, let's go back to the appearance of the miner first First of all, the body is a single-tube body Then there will be a fan in front and back On the side is its control board and three hash boards Then above is one of his power sources It is worth mentioning that T2 is a mining machine with a power supply and a fuselage

Emmm, I think this design I just said, it ’s very convenient, especially for novices Then he only needs to plug in the power and connect the Internet cable to start working directly In this way, novice mistakes can be largely avoided for novices For the mine owner, it can reduce the time of listing So this design can minimize many hidden costs OK then we have to prepare these two The wire and the network cable are so simple that I can't make it easier I'll tell you Then a socket OK, let's start work after these things Ok everything is ready now let's listen to his noise 诶 He doesn't have any sound 诶 This sound is so good Is the voltage insufficient? Is it plugged in? wocao operation error Here comes here Come here but he doesn't turn He is always going up Feel to feel to feel to Wow so noisy this machine feels a bit fierce He ’s like this

He was warming up at the beginning And then waited until the voltage went up and he turned it on all at once Wow so loud so loud so loud I just thought it was a problem, so now this miner should be fine Ok just now we said it was 20 minutes but we think it's been too long After walking around for a while, I found that 47 minutes have now passed But it does n’t matter how much he can calculate Then we log in to the background now The background above shows that there is a computing power of about 165T

Then we go to see how much the actual computing power of the mining pool is Here it is also written about 165 Then his approximate computing power is 165T Then let's see how many watts he actually uses Then we can see that the power of this miner is about 1600W It is very high than the 800W 600W we tested last time OK, we just calculated it through Whattominecom

T2's daily gain is about $ 671 What can be mined is 000081 Bitcoin A few zeros Okay, let ’s use 01 US dollars as the prerequisite for electricity After we remove the electricity bill, We figured that the net income was about $ 2

87 one day Ok We have hope Bitcoin it will rise You know don't be afraid Well, in that month, we can earn about 90 dollars like this Is it still good to know Yes better Ok then we talk about his price Is the price of this miner Now on Minershenzhencom, it sells for about $ 924 You can dig for about 11 months and you can return to the book Ok that said so much so this review is over Then I hope that this evaluation can let everyone have a certain understanding and understanding of the mining machine At the same time, I would also like to thank Minershenzhencom for sponsoring this review Thank you So if you want to buy a miner, you can use the coupon below the video: MAXBIN If you buy it at Minershenzhen

com, there will be a discount of $ 50 per unit I hope this helps everyone Then if you have any questions or comments, you can leave a message below my video Do n’t forget to subscribe to my channel See you next video, bye