holy cow litecoin going to the moon right now checking out like coin in this crazy move right now what's happening well what's going on guys so if you guys have been following me for the last month or so you know that I've been buying like coin all my videos I talked about how I was trying to get more like coin more like one I wanted to get as much like coin as possible below $100 so I was trading I was buying I was doing all everything I could to get as much like coin as possible you can see some of my first buys here $60 area $54 area 66 and basically just buying every single dip possible underneath $100 in it's paid off it paid off big light coin is up over 300% since I first bought in there and I've been literally sitting here just riding this wave right now and actually ended up taking some profit here I actually ended up selling some here basically locking in all the money that I invested all the actual US dollars that I invested in the first place took all that out so I still have a bunch of coins not an issue of not worried about it but I basically sold 20 coins last night and that covers my initial investment when I first got in there at the sixty dollar area so I'm really happy about that I can take that money out and maybe buy back in I think it's a big dip but it basically locks in my initial investment and more and then I still got tons of profit here to play with so really happy about this move I told you guys a month ago to start researching start looking into cryptocurrencies you can see the chart here this is the daily chart litecoin just going straight up right now wild to say the least so really really awesome to see this happening I hope you guys jumped in on this trade as well I'm telling you really do your research learn about these cryptocurrencies learn about momentum here learn about the opportunities and you can see litecoin paying off huge here paying the bills walking in some big profit I might look the lakhs of profit in today if we keep going straight parabolic here but overall like I said I'm long-term I'm holding these coins for the next 5 10 years looking for that three four thousand dollar move in the next couple of years so that's that's my goal right now that's what I'm looking for people might say being greedy but I'm happy like I said I took out all the money that I already put in took all that money out and now I'm sitting back and just relaxing and letting it ride so I've got some Bitcoin I sold all my aetherium I got a bunch of litecoin waiting and we'll see what happens here in the next couple of months but right now I'm walking in that first initial investment and more and I'm gonna walk away put that aside put the coins that I have aside and let those sit and let this train ride on into the sunset here beautiful but overall light coin really really paying the bills here walking this in and hopefully you guys kind of followed me along on this and you guys saw and you guys saw some of the opportunities that I saw when trading this light coin wind trading cryptocurrencies when trading light coin I've been telling you guys I've been telling ya I don't want to say I told you so but we got really lucky here if you did jump in below the hundred hour area like I was talking about for the last month or so there it is beginning at the beginning of December litecoin blowing up there up there to 370 right now this is amazing