Hello Today we are going to talk about Blockchain

What is Blockchain? Most of us have heard about Bitcoin Bitcoin is a crypto currency based on technology called Blockchain Bitcoin goes up and down, and that's not what we're talking about today Last week I was at the Visma Summit 2018 And Blockchain technology was mentioned there Visma is a great provider of software A few days ago I was at breakfast meeting with Digital Norway, where Blockchain technology was also mentioned

And why that? And what is blockchain technology? And what does that mean to you? It can mean the world without banks, accountants, signatures Blockchain technology gives us completely new opportunities in relation to the exchange of valuable information documents, money It removes intermediaries and allows users to send important data directly to each other Some call this a breakthrough of the 21st century the biggest invention that is comparable to the discovery of the Internet while the others look more skeptical What is Blockchain? Simply explained, this can be compared to a diary Where all you do is being noted

You have got up, you have showered, you have eaten And every note is encrypted in a special way However, if there is only one copy of the diary, it may be stolen, lost And if you are very unlucky, someone may break the encryption code and change the notes Because this does not happen, many copies of your diary are made All your friends and acquaintances have a copy And every time the diary is updated, all copies are updated

So the history of your notes is similar to all the thousands of copies To change your diary, an attacker must first break the encryption code Also find absolutely all the copies and change the entire history of all copies Theoretically, it may be possible, but in practice it is unlikely Block chain or Blockchain technology is safer than the banks There are many technical articles about the block chain, computer code, block network There are many good videos on YouTube that explain how blockchain works easily

So I just wanted to think and tell you very much what this is and how it will affect our everyday life Today, all information about you is stored on one server or another If you have bought a car, if you have married, you have transferred money information about this is stored on some server with public or private organizations So if someone really wants, you can hack into one of the servers and change the information about you With Blockchain technology, this is virtually impossible today How will Blockchain affect your everyday life? Today, we pay a lot of fees because there are people who register information about you That checks that everything is correct And keeps the information up to date

That is, when you buy a house or car you pay a lot of fees Document fee, re-registration fee and lots of other unnecessary fees But when Blockchain technology is taken into use, all this will happen automatically And all the history of buying and selling cars and homes is automatically stored in a very safe way which is impossible and change In several countries, the government has launched pilot projects to incorporate Blockchain technology in their daily operations

In Britain, the government has taken advantage of blockchain technology in the payment of student loans and to track the payment of financial social assistance Estonia is well on its digital citizenship program The Netherlands has adopted digital credentials based on blockchain Gem Health and Philips Healthcare have started a joint project based on blockchain which allows all medical institutions around the world to access patient information in a simple yet safe way This will make research based on patient data easier to access emergency information about illnesses and patient history Many believe that blockchain is the biggest since the internet

We'll see but beyond what we see and belong among the largest manufacturers of IT solutions in Norway everyone has a plan of when and how to apply this technology and introduce this into their solutions

If you want to read more about Blockchain, I have written a blog about this as you can read on AGS IT partner's blog Good bye!