Welcome to JAGTutorials This tutorial will cover “How To Sign Up On The Binance

com Cryptocurrency Exchange to buy dozens of cryptocurrencies A couple of quick items before we start What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and global payment system It is the first decentralized digital currency Coinbase

com is a Cryptocurrency Exchange that lets you Buy, Sell, and Trade in various cryptocurrencies Before we start i need to cover something to help save, some people, from themselves The number one rule to Bitcoin investing, like all risky investing, is to never invest more than you can afford to lose It could be worth 100% more tomorrow, or it could all be worth nothing at all I would recommend taking out your initial investment after it first doubles

That way even if it’s all gone you didn’t lose anything Please invest responsibly We now need to open a web browser and navigate to Binancecom The easiest way to do this is to select the “JAGTutorials Binance Referral Link” from the video description below This will automatically open your default web browser to the Binance

com website Signing up using this link will help this channel by Binance sharing some of the processing fees This won’t cost you any additional money If we look in the address bar we can see that we are at Binancecom and we can see the JAGTutorials reference code

If you don’t feel comfortable selecting the link, you can open your favorite web browser and go to Coinbasecom, then select the “Sign Up” button in the top right of the screen Select “Register” in the top right hand corner of the page Create Binance Account On the Binance register page we need to enter the following information

Enter an “eMail Address” to link to your new Binance account This needs to be an email address that you have access too Enter a “Password” for use on Binance in both of the password fields Make sure that the password contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters, and is at least 8 characters long Although more is better

Below the password is the ID that will be associated with your account Below the ID it says “I agree to Binance’s Terms of Use” Read the “Terms of Use” and if you agree to them, select the box to agree Select the “Register” button to create the account Your web browser might ask you to save the password

I highly recommend that you never save any banking or trading account passwords We should select “Don’t Save” A Captcha window will open to verify that you are a human being Drag the slider to the right until the puzzle piece aligns with hole, and release it A new web page will open to the Email Verification page letting us know that they have sent an email to our signup email address that is required to complete the setup process

Verify Email We now need to open our email client to find the new Binance email In this case we signed up with a GMail account We will open a new web browser and navigate to “gmailcom” There should be a new email from Binance with a title of “[Binance] Confirm Your Registration…”

Select it to open it If necessary scroll down, and then select the “Verify Email” button If it succeeds you should see the “Your account is activated” Select the “Login” link

On the “Login” page, enter the email address used during signup, and the password created during signup Select the “Login” button Your web browser might again ask you to save the password We should select “Don’t Save” A Captcha window will again open to verify that you are a human being

Drag the slider to the right until the puzzle piece aligns with hole, and release it You should see “Success” Enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Upon first login, you will be presented with the following window asking us to setup 2 factor authentication 2 factor authentication is an added layer of security on your account that requires a special number from an app on your phone to login

After this is setup someone can’t hack your account unless they also have your phone Everyone should setup this up immediately, especially if you plan on investing a lot of money I define a lot of money as any amount that would cause you financial distress if it disappeared tomorrow Select the “Google Auth” link to setup the “Google Authenticator” app The “Enable Google Authenticator” page opens

We first need to install the Google Authenticator app on our smartphone They have versions for both Android and Apple For this tutorial we are going to install and use the Google Authenticator app from an Android phone From your Android phone, select “Apps” in the bottom right of the screen, then find “Play Store”, and select it Enter “Google Auth” into the search field, and then select “Google Authenticator” from the list

Select the “Install” button to install Google Authenticator on your phone Select the “Open” button Now that it is installed we need to use the app to scan the QR code on your screen To add Binance, or any other 2FA site, select the “Add” button in the bottom right of the screen Select “Scan a barcode”

Use the phone to scan the QR code on your signup screen You can print a physical copy of the QR code or write down the code here and save it as a backup You should never take a picture of either of these, send them in a test or email, or save them digitally in any way The last step is to enter the password for you Binance account and the 2FA code from the Google Authenticator app Select the “Enable 2FA” button

The initial setup is complete If we look next to the email address, we can see it says “Level 1 Unverified” A level 1 Unverified account is able to withdraw 2 Bitcoin in a 24 hour period Currently this is over $30,000, so unless you have a need to withdraw more than that in a day, you don’t need to verify the account Verifying the account consists of sending in a picture of your Photo ID and taking a selfie of you holding a piece of paper with the word Binance on it

I may create a video on how to do this at a later date, if the need is there Using BNB to pay for Fees Every time you buy, sell, or trade on Binance, there is a fee associated with the transaction The cost of those fees is reduced in half if you have some Binance Coin (BNB) in your account How to transfer Cryptocurrency from Coinbase to Binance

Binance does not allow linking Bank accounts or Credit/Debit cards to the site This means you cannot directly buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies You need to buy Bitcoin from a site like Coinbasecom, transfer the Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance, and then use that to buy and sell in other cryptocurrencies It sounds more complicated than it is, and I will walk you through it step by step

If you don’t already have a Coinbase account, you can sign up by watching my video titled “How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Litecoin using the Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange” There is a link in the “Cards” in the top right of the screen, and a link in the video description You can buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin on Coinbase and transfer it to your Binance wallet, but for this tutorial we will be demonstrating Ethereum only The reason I recommend Ethereum, is because the fees are the cheapest At the time of writing this, a Bitcoin transfer from Coinbase to Binance would cost $36

Litecoin would cost $169 and Ethereum would cost $67 From Binance, select “Funds” and then “Deposits Withdrawals” Here is a list of all of the cryptocurrencies traded on Binance

By default it shows all cryptocurrencies, you can find Ethereum in the list, or you can enter “Ethereum” in the search field We can see that there are two entries for different cryptocurrencies with Ethereum in the name “ETH Ethereum” is what we are looking for “Ethereum Classic” is a different cryptocurrency so don’t select that On the right hand side of each cryptocurrency is a “Deposit” button and a “Withdrawal” button

You can think of each of these as an individual bank account used to keep each individual cryptocurrency The “Withdrawal” button is used to send from Binance to another wallet or to make a purchase The “Deposit” button shows a unique code that can be used to send cryptocurrency to this wallet Select the “Deposit” button for “ETH Ethereum” Here we can see the “BTC Deposit Address” associated with our Binance Ethereum Wallet

Make sure you only send ETH Ethereum to this address or it could be lost Select the “Copy Address” button to copy the code to the clipboard Login to Coinbasecom Now that we have the “BTC Bitcoin Deposit Address” we need to login to our Coinbase account Open a web browser and enter “Coinbase

com” in the address bar, and select enter’ Enter your username, password, and Google Authenticator code to sign in On the Coinbase Dashboard, select the “Accounts” tab Under “Your Accounts”, it lists your Coinbase Wallets and any funds available in them We are interested in the “ETH Wallet” to send Ethereum to Binance

Select the “Send” button to send Ethereum to Binance The “Send ETH” screen opens For “Recipient” we need to enter the “ETH Deposit Address” we copies to the clipboard earlier on Binance We will right click and select “Paste” If it is correct, you should see a green circle next to the address

Below the Recipient we see that we will “Withdraw From” the “ETH Wallet” We can see how much bitcoin we own, and how much its worth in USD We can either enter the amount of bitcoin we want to send, or we can enter a value in USD Enter either field will auto complete the other For this test we will enter “$100”, although you will enter whatever amount you want to transfer from your Coinbase account to your Binance account

We can optionally write a “Note” to send along with the transfer After verifying all the information is correct, select the “Continue” button Under transactions we can see the receipt for our new transfer The receipt shows information about the transfer in addition to the status at the bottom While it processes the transaction it will show as “Pending”, and after it completes it will show as “Completed”

Let’s check Binance to verify the transfer has completed Back on the Binance webpage, select “Funds”, and then “History” Here we can see any completed Deposits or Withdrawals Here we can see our completed order for Ethereum Now let’s select “Funds” and then “Deposits Withdrawals”

To only show the cryptocurrencies that we own, we will select “Hide 0 Balances” We can see the amount of each cryptocurrency that we currently own This includes the Ethereum we transferred earlier How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Binance Now that we have purchased cryptocurrency on Coinbase using our Bank account and transferred it over to Binance, we are ready to trade in other cryptocurrencies

Select “Exchange” and then “Basic” This is the exchange we use to trade one cryptocurrency for another This isn’t like a stock exchange where you buy and sell the stocks for USD For instance, you sell Apple stock for USD and then use the USD to buy Microsoft stock This is like a stock exchange where you trade one stock for another For instance, you trade Apple stock directly for an equal USD value of Microsoft stock

In the top right there is a section used to find cryptocurrencies to display in the rest of the window If we select “USDT” in the top right we can see several of the largest cryptocurrencies listed in USD Selecting any from the list will display relevant data on the rest of the page To buy and sell other cryptocurrencies we need to select the one we transferred to Binance, which in the case of this tutorial we sent Ethereum Select whichever one is appropriate for you

We now need to find the cryptocurrency we want to buy in the list You can also enter the name in the search field You can’t enter the proper name, like “Tron”, you would need to enter the trading symbol, which in the case of Tron is “TRX” Selecting the link will display the data The current price is listed above, which in this case is $0

04 each In the center is a chart showing the price over the last hour You can see the last day or week by selecting here When you are sure you want to buy the cryptocurrency enter the appropriate information below You will see the ETH Balance if your account

It shows the price in ETH Enter the amount of the cryptocurrency you want to buy If you want to buy a percentage of the Ethereum in your account, select one of the percents below After verifying the data, select the “Buy TRX” button Select “Orders”, then “Order History”

Here we can see all orders, including open, filled, and cancelled Now if we go back to “Funds”, and “Deposits Withdrawals” we will see the cryptocurrency we just bought In the top of the screen it shows an “Estimated Value:” of the account The value here is determined by converting all of your cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin and then converting that to USD If you want to cash out, you would need to sell your cryptocurrencies for one of the supported ones on Coinbase like Ethereum or Litecoin, then transfer from Binance to Coinbase, and then sell that cryptocurrency on Coinbase for USD

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