What's going on snipers my email a baby here, hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let's go and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content for today I think this is gonna help a lot of people and I get this question a lot now How do I prevent myself from losing profits when there's a sudden drop in the market? So I'm gonna talk about a universal principle called stop-loss orders and teach you guys exactly how to implement this in the cryptocurrency Marketplace where we see so much volatility as you guys can see our current market is pretty much all red with a few exceptions here Ripple just killing it at one dollar and seventeen cents But let's go ahead and show you guys exactly how I actually prevented myself from losing profits with this recent Bitcoins sudden drop so we saw this pattern form here it all started with our discord if you guys aren't on our Discord go into the link in the description below download discord on your mobile application as well as your desktop It's a free resource that we have open for all of our members There's also a website version, and you guys can actually go down here and look at our resources We also just added some new coins to our coin area, so I definitely check that out if I were you guys But when you go to trading 101 you can actually go down and look at what a head and shoulder top really is It will show you exactly how it's formed and where the breakout and trend reversal occurs As you guys can see there's a left shoulder head right shoulder and there's a neckline I'm gonna show you guys exactly How you can draw this out? So this is where I saw this forming here I actually posted it to all our discord members So if you guys are in discord you actually get those alerts when I make those sudden trades And I sold all of my positions right here I'm gonna show you guys how I sold it in red, so I sold my positions at this exact price point right here, I sold 25% I sold another 25% I sold 50% right over here Thus preventing me from losing any of my profits? Because at this point we would have been a lot lower than I was to actually have the exact chart pulled up here I did it on one of our live streams we do a live stream every single night as you guys know and I talked about all the pricing I take your requests, and I actually saw this break right here in this channel They had in shoulders form and the trend reversal

I knew right there I need it to sell I actually set up my stop losses, so I was completely safe I'm gonna show you guys three of my favorite exchanges and how to set up the stop orders on these exchanges Number one is where you purchase your Bitcoin your aetherium now They've I did Bitcoin cash as well as litecoin, and that's a G Dax, so that's a coin base Subsidiary, and if you want to sign up the link is in the description below But I would recommend using G Dax for altcoins I recommend buy Nance By Nance is one of my favorites because you can use their b and b token and their BN b token actually lowers a lot Of fees and then they also have the ability to use stop limits And then bit tricks is very popular with a lot of people as well You can actually set them up It's actually called a conditional order on bitch Rick, so it's a little bit different But I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to do this if you guys don't know pretty much It's very simple you go to stop here, and there's different types There's stop limit orders and then stop losses I'll show you exactly what that means here if you go to our discord just go to trading 101 on the bottom and just look here says stop order can be used to get in and out of the position at a set price Once the price reaches the stops price level you order will be converted into a market order since your order turns into a market or it is also prone to Slippage if the price never reaches the stop then your order will not be executed so what I always recommend is a stop limit order Because the limit order gives you a set price Threshold so it's not necessarily one specific price, so you can ensure that the trade is executed So that's all in our trading 101 on our discord guys, so let's go ahead and pull this up here And show you guys exactly how this would work, so let's say I was gonna buy Let's do a stop by order of 10,000 US dollars Worth of Bitcoin and let's say my stop price was Let's say theoretically I saw a channel forming here at fifteen thousand four hundred I would set it up at fifteen thousand three hundred and fifty, and I would probably do like 25 percent of my position So let's say we do Fifteen thousand three hundred and fifty dollars is the stop price and you can do a limit order so a limit is going to be The threshold so that it is ensured that it is executed so I would do three hundred fifty all the way down to like maybe even three hundred so fifteen thousand three hundred and There you go total BTC that will be at this point purchased, so here's sold, so there's a sell order We'll be done right there now it turned into BTC That's why it's a crazy number So that's pretty much How you set up your stop-loss orders, and then there's also another method that I use to actually make profit during breakouts And I'll show you guys exactly how to do that on one of our other videos But if you go to bit tricks

It's the same exact concept I'm sorry by Nance so you've got the stop limit here by BTC sell BTC and the same thing with bit tricks It's just under a condition order so I hope this helped out guys if you want more of these types of videos Put that in the comments below But my question to you guys is How do you guys utilize your stop-loss orders because I know there's a lot of different ways to utilize it What are your different methods? I like to use a try layer strategy where I have three layers of? price points so that I can ensure the maximum amount of profits, or ensure the prevention of You know losing a lot of money, so hopefully this helped out guys other than that it was an awesome video guys We'll have a live stream tonight Thank you guys for all making the discourse such an awesome community I think we hit over 2500 members, which is awesome guys so with that being said guys That's it for today and until our next video snipers