How's it going guys? So, we did a little tutorial on how to mine Bitcoin Gold for you I did it right before the network went live

I decided I needed to do a little bit of a different intro for you guys because the network did go live We mined on it for a while and after that, things did change a little bit So the tutorial you're about to see is still completely applicable Everything that I show you will still work for setting up mining Bitcoin Gold, but we got a little message after the tutorial for some things that you should take into consideration before jumping in [intro music] Alright, so I'm gonna jump in here and show you guys how to mine Bitcoin Gold

I've gone just a couple of different ways myself just to see what really the easiest and most efficient way to do it was Now, something to keep in mind is that currently, the Bitcoin Gold mining network is not live It's a test network right now, but the steps I'm showing you are going to be the exact same as when it goes live and the only difference is it's gonna be hooking up to the actual network rather than the test network So, as I said I wanna make this as easy as possible for you guys I'm not gonna do any hotlinks or anything like that

We're just gonna go straight to Google or your favorite search engine and we're just gonna type in �Bitcoin Gold� and we're gonna be taking this straight from the source We're just going to go to the Bitcoin Gold website We're gonna open up here and it's going to show you a little bit about the currency, some background on it and as we come down here, we got the team, the ecosystem, which is your different exchanges You got your wallets that support Bitcoin Gold and then down here we got the different pools Now, there's a number of different ones here

I've tried out a bunch of different ones I think that poolgold is really the easiest setup It's got all the links right there for you, so let's get mining So we're over there on Bitcoin Gold pool

gold, so we're gonna go to Testnet mining and when this loads up, it does take a little bit As I said, there's a lot of people testing out the network right now, so it's gonna show us our network stats As you can see we got a bout 184 miners and 246 workers on the network At 264,000 hash per second, that's not huge, but Bitcoin Gold as I said hasn't gone live yet, so this is mainly just people testing it out and we're gonna go over to Getting Started As I said, this really is the simplest setup that I've seen out there for setting up Bitcoin Gold mining

So, if you're on AMD, you're gonna go for the Claymore Miner Now, personally I'm using Nvidia cards, so I'm gonna go for the CUDA Miner It will take you over to the Github page There's a couple of options here You're gonna want to download the BTG-nVidia

miner034b if you're on Windows There is a Linux version and there is the source code if you're one of those guys that wants to take every little piece and compile it yourself

I'm not gonna go through that It's much simpler this way for you guys So we're gonna download this Alright, so we got our Nvidia Miner downloaded Now, something to note is that I did download it on Chrome originally

It did give me a virus warning I scanned it multiple times I've used different programs There's absolutely nothing wrong with the file The issue is that there is a dot bat batch file held within a zipped file folder

Chrome it automatically flags anything with a batch file because it's an instant executable program There's nothing to worry about Just to show you guys We're gonna unpack it here Alright, so we got our Bitcoin Gold Nvidia CUDA Miner unpacked here and just to show you guys it really is clean, we're gonna give it a quick scan

We're gonna select the file we're looking for, which obviously is the Bitcoin Gold miner Come over here, scan it Literally it takes two seconds There's only thirteen files in the thing, as you can see Zero threats found

As I mentioned before, it's just a factor of having an executable file inside a zipped file Many browsers will pick it up There's nothing wrong It's completely safe So now we're gonna come over here and I'll show you just how easy it is to get this setup

So you're just gonna open up the folder and right here where you have miner, it's a CFG file Now, I've open many CFG files before because I've set up multiple different mining programs, but when you get in for the first time, if you haven't opened this CFG program, you may have to right click here and hit open with and you're gonna select Notepad So I've already done this, but we're gonna open it up here and we're gonna take a look at it When, this pops up, right now as you can see, we've only got three servers Now, pool

gold did mention that when the Bitcoin Gold network goes live, they will be adding in a few more servers There will be at least a US West, another EU server coming and another Asia server coming So keep that in mind You will have a little bit of better options when that comes around So, in here, all you're looking at is same thing as the other mining units

It's just a simple text file that tells the miner what to do Now, the only things you really have to worry about here are the CUDA devices, depending on how many GPUs you have, you'll see multiple ones show up Personally, my home rig here I have a GTX 1070 and a GTX 750 Ti both in here, so we're only gonna be using CUDA devices zero and one Obviously, if you're using a mining rig, you'll pull that out to two, three, four, however many cards you have in there Now, the other one that concerns us is the intensity

Sixty-four is your maximum value This is being mined on Equihash That 64 intensity is universal across all of the Equihash currencies that is the max you can put in Pretty much anything GTX7 series and above, you'll be able to put it at 64 intensity and you shouldn't have any issues, but if you mine while you're working or anything like that, you might wanna have it a little lower to keep your temps and your fans down So, we've got those two set it

Now, when you get this, you are going to have a blank space or the Dev wall in here All you gotta do is create your Bitcoin Gold wall address and you're gonna plug them in here and there you go We are all set up and ready to mine Bitcoin Gold, so we're going to close down our configuration file and it's as simple as this Just take your miner, run as administrator so it has all the permissions it needs And there you go people! We are officially mining Bitcoin Gold! It's really that easy

We'll get a second here As you can see, we've already got shares coming through and something that I noticed If we really can maintain the Testnet difficulty and speeds for a little while once the Bitcoin Gold network officially launches, this could be huge for us GPU miners We've seen a heavy drop-off since February/May in terms of profitability Granted, we're still outpacing the ASIC units, but this is showing me numbers I haven't seen in ages

It is really a truly profitability currency It's a great algorithm Equihash is one of my favorites to go to And something interesting that I've noticed that will be a really big one for those of you that mine on your personal computers, the hashing algorithm is actually not eating up that much of my processing power and I found that I'm actually still able to go in with my web browser and I'm having no graphical issues I'm still able to browse around

Alright, so that's how you mine Bitcoin Gold guys I mentioned that I've been seeing some really good profitability For point of perspective, it is a new network, so obviously jumping in early is gonna get you higher profits, but I have been seeing nearly double the profit on this test network than I have on the other Equihash currencies for a number of months at this point, so it's really exciting We can't wait to see this network go live It's gonna be huge for us GPU mining guys

Now, over here I've got one of the three 1080 Ti GPU miners that we have for sale as well Now these are based off a Linux distribution, so I figured a lot more of you are probably on the Windows platform I wanted to show you that I'll make it a little easier, but if you reference our other video on setting up one of our three-GPU miners, it is just as simple to start mining Bitcoin Gold on ours If anything I'll actually say it's easier It's running as the same algorithm as Zcash, so all you need to do is go in, open up your config file, and just go to our preset Zcash setting and basically, you're just going to enter in a Bitcoin Gold wallet key instead of Zcash and insure that you're on a Bitcoin Gold pool instead of the Zcash pool and it will hash Bitcoin Gold on the exact same algorithm, same settings

Very simple Anywho, if you guys liked this, give it a like Send us a few comments We'd like to hear from you on what you're excited about with Bitcoin Gold coming live I know there's been a little bit of controversy in the crypto community about it

We'd like to hear from you guys Are you excited? Are you a bit tenuous about it Let us know what you think Alright, so now that I've run through things and I've kind of showed you how you can set up Bitcoin Gold mining on your Windows system, there is something that should be said I did the tutorial right before the network went live and it did go live Sunday night [11/12/17] at 7:00 pm, so we directed one of miners over to it

We were getting about 3000 hash per second with the Equihash algorithm, as Bitcoin Gold is mined on and for a point of perspective, on that 14 hour time cycle, if we were mining Zcash of Vertcoin, we would have mined about four times what we saw out of the Bitcoin Gold mining Now, this is a real big red flag because, when I mined on the test network When I was looking at the other works on the network, the numbers they were showing us really should have been outpacing these other Equihash currency, but it clearly did not So after about 14 hours, I saw that not only did I have no payments, none of my transactions had even begun the confirmation process and my immature balance that was sitting in there waiting to be confirmed was so low that it was just not even worth continuing to mine Now, right before I filed this, I was ready to really throw into Bitcoin Gold, kind of bashed them a bit

I will say, I finally got my transaction through Fourteen hours on 3000 hash got us a whopping $3, which is not even close to what it should be, but even more concerning than that, it took nearly 36 hours for that one single transaction to process Now, the network is new It just went live There was a little bit of concern in the community that the blockchain code wasn't quite up to par yet

I can definitely say I have some concerns for that So, if you are gonna use this tutorial and you are gonna jump in and start mining Bitcoin Gold, keep that in mind Keep your eye on your hashrates Keep your eye on your earnings and, you know, things could change as they go forward and they fix the code, but we have seen even some pools saying they are gonna stop hosting the Bitcoin Gold mining, so keep that in mind while you do this Anyways, if you liked the video, give it a like and subscribe to the channel

We look forward to hearing from you [ending music]