I I Have been mining with antminers for years now And I can tell you that the only way to increase your total hash rate is to keep them healthy and online full-time There is no single hack firmware boost method overclock or unlocked for faster Hash rate than the default speed as far as I know however uptime and efficiency lead to more time spent mining which can be worth a lot more than a speed increase I Can tell you this you can increase your net profitability and retreat reduce return on investment times by keeping your aunt miner healthy online 24/7 and have three pools to choose from Uptime is about keeping the machines running with backup hardware and spare parts My day job is in manufacturing Operations, and I can tell you that our factory is not making money when the lines are down or running poorly It is the same for your mining gear First keep your miner cool and clean with good airflow Second find a reliable pool And at least one backup most pools have only around 90 to 95 percent uptime Which is low if you count that in two hours of mining time so have backups in your miner setup? third use a reliable internet connection Some internet providers also only provide 90 to 95 percent uptime I have found this as a real problem scheduled and maintenance Service outages can add up to hours per month, so choose high quality internet provider also Try not to mine over Wi-Fi as you may experience packet loss Fourth keep spare parts the time to send your amp minor hashing boards main boards Fans power supply out for warranty repair will likely be between 1 and 8 weeks based on my experience That time when you are not mining to cost you thousands of dollars I recommend you keep a spare fan power supply hashing board mainboard and cables on hand as spares Now do you have any other ideas to keep your mining equipment healthy and online or? Any other tips to increase profitability or hash rate? please let me know in the comments and as always thank you for watching subscribe and stay tuned for more crypto mining videos on this channel