Hello Friends In this video i tell you how to get free bitcoins but before continue if you haven't subscribe my channel yet then consider subscribing & also click on bell icon so you get an update regarding my new upcoming videos so let's start talk on how to earn free bitcoins it's a new website you'll get link of the website in the description of this video simply click on it a this website'll open up now here you only need to register an account & you start getting bitcoins on daily basis next click on join button then you can login here with your facebook, google or other social media accounts apart from bitcoins you get upto 14 different coins for free here on daily basis Once you register and login here your receiving daily tab unlocks automatically & you start getting your bitcoin & other cryptos pie on daily basis in order to withdraw from here you need to left click on wallet tab then left click on transfer minimum & fees tab & page like this'll show up and you can see here a table of minimum amounts that you can withdraw here & you also see their transfer fee here you can withdraw a minimum of 0007 btc here whereas you can withdraw only 1

34 dogecoins here similarly you get other coins minimum cashout amounts here Once you accumulate minimum cashout amounts in your wallet then you can withdraw them you don't need to do anything just register an account and a fixed amount adds up on daily basis once you reach to a minimum withdraw limit next simply click on withdraw tab next to bitcoin enter your btc wallet address and amount here then enter your password and click on submit btc withdrawal tab then you get your withdrawal in 1 to 2 days Now in order to increase your earning simply left click on referrals tab & you get your referral link simply share it with your friends & with every new users you bring to this website & he register an account here then you starts earning more here & this website pays you upto 7 level deep referrals earnings if you are not capable to bring in referrals then no problem simply register you account here and you start earning upto 14 differnet coins here instantly but the more you share your link & the more peoples come here and register accounts the more you earn here if you find this video helpful then don't forget to like it & if yet you won't subcribe to my channel then consider subscribing & also press the bell icon so you don't miss any update about my new video Thanks for Watching