So, for all the hateurs and those who do not believe, the video will be prepared specially for you so hello everyone in touch igor channel genius from the internet I welcome everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies namely, the earnings of cryptocurrencies in particular, without investments on cranes we see that at the moment bitcoin is growing again, it costs more than 10 thousand dollars and it cannot but rejoice continue on collect crypto currency from cranes also at the beginning I want to say to everyone that I created his site on which he created has collected all the best screens and which are at the moment I calculated that I have about them here 25 pieces here are mainly storage cranes on which I consider highest earnings also added here we see a block of four taps who pay instantly immediately to the floor of the Sith and is bold so I advise them to pay attention to the same thing on other screens as well special attention to menu banner advertising here I picked up all the best ways how to advertise how attract referrals to cranes have two services that this allows you to do without investments and also 14 services as on which you can advertise with attachments and I recommend crypto coins service separately channel information how to create here an advertising campaign I have an advertisement here from 10 dollars and that's it can attract two hundred and three hundred from there and 400 referrals that I think are very good results and today there will be a video that are dedicated to one of the faucet one and on which was who more precisely had some strange relationship even bloggers who record video on cranes and they are somehow skeptical belonged to this crane I remind you that the crane is fastened and distributes from 23 to twenty two thousand satoshi every 30 minutes plus I want to note that I choose cranes to work on which very simple and collecting satoshi requires a minimum of some action the same here to pack too i just click on the flame button have and collected 23 satoshi I have no shortcuts not some short shortened links everything is going very very simple at first think something remember I even have a video on the channel the video review on this crane was not advertised here and the crane somehow looked incomprehensible but now everything transformed advertising appeared one added advertising and see that here above it is written for first payment & blade that is, the first payments were implemented here the conclusion goes once a month that is, on the 1st of each month there will be a conclusion but the conclusion here is from 100 thousand Satoshi and it caused everyone some kind of malaise that they say the crane will not pay because a very large minimum salary yes a large minimum salary, but first remember that the crane handed out about 50 50 Satoshi handed out just at the click of a button thereby attracted new users to itself but now everything has settled down 22 22 to 22 thousand, well, basically, I remember even never dropped more than 22 satosh but 2 s 22 Satoshi for simply pressing a button believe that very good and Today I received the wasp payments of this crane 300 thousand satoshi came to the wallet which is at the rate of a little more than $ 30 everything came to the wallet here I will post payment screen with and of this tap so that the crane pays everything perfectly everything is like a clock but what I noticed about these taps I see that admin who creates a crane and he usually has more than one crane and there is another faucet that looks very much like a freebie yew I think it’s already but I’m guessing what kind of crane this is, the crane of battles and the mustache we even see that this menu is amount of satoshi on balance here in dollars it is still displayed here added remembers her for passing In principle, I’ve looked especially dressed there is nothing to do 22 22 to 20 almost two thousand satoshi these cranes are very, very strong similar we see that the design is similar I think that these cranes from one admin so I advise you to take a liking and sliver of battles outside but I think that many here already earn here was coming the beginning of the week but I have so far in processing here is the extreme payout of 2 0 9 135 thousand satoshi previous payments came generally excellent so I think that this crane does not disappoint and it will be possible here too earns so continue to earn on a freebie yew the crane pays so whoever doubts he can without a doubt share earn collecting satoshi the screen will pay what concerns minimum salary of 100,000 I think that with the help of these ad networks that I have on my site invite referrals no one will have any problems as free ways and paid as I say that referrals can be invited in hundreds or even thousands I personally have here on this extremely 898 referrals to the rest are also hundreds and thousands referrals so go on earn absolutely no box on today for now everyone who has any questions write in the comments subscribe to the channel be sure to click on the bell not to miss new videos also write in the comments which video clip you would like to see soon I will try all your inquiries bring good luck to everyone for now