Do you wanna get all of the weekly tech and PC gaming news without having to sit through a 1 hour talk show, listen to 10 minute sponsor spots, and just get it all in about 5 minutes Well if you do then you’re in the right place because today on Weekly Download episode number 88 I’m gonna be playing some Assassin’s Creed Origins when I give you this news, I got my cup of coffee right there, make sure you guys let me know in the comment section what you’re sippin’ on

Let’s get into it To start off the tech news for the week, gamers have a little bit of news to get excited about in terms of graphics cards, and that’s because a new Ethereum ASIC miner is coming to market here in a few months It’s the Antimner E3, it’s setup to target the Ethhash and DaggerHashimoto algorithn, and it’s set to release in July I’m not sure exactly how much we can get excited about this, but Etherium mining is what started this entire GPU apocalypse last year so maybe these ASICs can start to take over We can only hope

Next up Intel has finally, and I really mean finally released their budget chipsets so that we can start to build Coffee Lake based systems without the expensive Z370 motherboards The H370, H310, Q370 and B360 are all available now, although the prices don’t really seem that great in my opinion It really wasn’t that hard to find a Z370 board for around that $110 price range, and these new motherboards from MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and a few others are only a few bucks cheaper so hopefully we see them drop down even more And in more Intel news, they also announced their new processor lineup coming to laptops, and yep, it includes their new 6 core 12 thread Core i9 beast and a few others This is the first time that Intel has brought a core i9 into laptops, and there’s even a couple cheaper options for 6 core 12 thread processors too

And to wrap up the tech news with some VR need, HTC is now selling their new wireless Vive Pro starter kit for $1,099 This starter kit comes with the new headset, abase station, and 2 controllers There’s nothing new about the base and controllers, so if you already have them then you can purchase the headset by itself for 800 bucks, which is still obviously a pretty high premium To kick off the PC gaming news but staying with the VR theme, Skyrim VR launched on PC this week and I’ve been dying to talk about it It ported over from consoles which released their VR version a few months ago, and OMG it’s almost a perfect port

The community, including myself, seems to be very happy with the game even before improvements are made, and there’s already dozens and dozens of mods that are compatible with it I’ve only put it a few hours so far this week, but you best believe I’m getting lost in the world of Skyrim VR this weekend Moving on Razer has opened up their new digital game store, and they’re gonna be using their made up zSilver and zGold currencies In a nutshell, they’re selling both Steam and uPlay keys but by buying through their eco system, you can earn yourself credit forwards Razer products, extra promotions and things like that So far they have some pretty hefty discounts on games like Assassins Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, so well definitely have to keep an eye on that

Another game hits the limited time only Free list and that’s Crusader Kings 2 over on Steam CK2 is a grand strategy game that released back in 2012, but apparently there’s a fair amount of players with crazy amount of hours invested From my quick research, it seems like the type of game that you either hate or spend your whole life, so make sure you claim this to your Steam account by tomorrow, April 7th Next up I feel obligated to tell you guys about Fortnite now officially being available on mobile, no invite needed anymore, but I honestly don’t care about it There aren’t many times in my life where I have the itch to play Fortnite and I’m not next to a computer, but hey, if you’re into it then it’s available right now on iOS and apparently is coming to android working the next few months

Valve was in the news this week again because they caught a little backlash by removing their Steam machines from the Steam Store page It turns out that they were doing some routine navigation cleaning, but because of the attention it got they made a statement Basically they said that their vision and mission for Steam machines is still the same and they want them to be a viable gaming option As far as my opinion, I still think they are a great idea for people who wanna quickly jump into pc gaming for the first time, but I’m definitely not supporting it until most games are available on Linux The Overwatch Uprising event is bringing another PVE mission this year, and it’s set to be available from April 10th through the 30th

Just like last year, it’s gonna be a relatively short PVE mission for 4 people, and you can either do the preset 4 hero combo or free mode and select any heroes that you want And finally to wrap up the PC gaming news, the developers of LawBreakers, you know the super hyped arena FPS that has an average player amount of 1 right now, says that they are now working on a passion project It’s a pretty bold move coming right after a miserable failure in LawBreakers, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for that Well that wraps up Weekly Download episode number 88 Don’t forget that the Weekly Download podcast is also available if you rather not watch my face or terrible gameplay videos, and that’s available on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and a few other platforms

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