Hi, Guys! Faysal again from binaryoptionsdoctorcom and today I'll be discussing about a viral software, binary trading software is called Ethereum Code

Ethereum Code claims that you can earn $10,000 every single week and it trades ethereum only and let's see You can see I'm on their website ethereumcodeco and they display some results They allegedly saying that live verified trade results

You can see members are profiting and no losses Every single trade is a winner But what they don't show is the entry price or expiry price of these assets This makes us skeptical about their so-called live verified trade results The creator of Ethereum Code is Marc Weston, alleged Marc Weston

This guy Our analysis says that this picture of alleged Marc Weston is a stock photograph and as you can see here His picture has used in many websites So, this so-called creator of Ethereum Code is not a real guy, he is a fictitious character That is the major negative sign because the Creator is a fictitious character

Then you will see some testimonials in their video and this guy appears as a testimonial giver on Ethereum Code testimonial videos His face is very known to us because he has appeared in many scam video presentations in the past In reality, he sells his gigs on Fiverr for $15 Anyone can hire him for promotional purpose This guy is not not the actual real testimonial givers of Ethereum Code and he has nothing to do with binary options trading also

Now you know that this Marc Weston is a fictitious guy and all the testimonial appears in the video presentation are fake They are showing some alleged member comments here and they are saying that this software is very good As for example Anna Sheppard Our investigation says that these pictures are also stock photographs You can see there's the so-called Anna Sheppard picture here and her picture has been used in many video, many websites and video presentations

This so-called Anna Sheppard is not real and she has nothing, no connection with theEthereum Code software Therefore, this Ethereum Code software is a scam and we urge you, we request you not to join this Ethereum Code scam Stay safe and don't get scammed!