Ethereum – Claymore dual GPU Miner on Linux (RX 580) This video will demonstrate how to create an account on the minergate website and how to mine ethereum using an AMD Radeon RX 580 graphic card and a computer running Ubuntu linux version 17 Follow me on steemit: @virtualcoin Open your browser, access the Minergate website and create a new account

(Link in the description) The instructions presented in this video were tested only on Ubuntu linux version 17 update your apt-get database, using the command below Create a download folder to the driver in the linux computer Download the AMD Radeon RX 480 installation package (Link in the description) Transfer the RX 480 installation package to the downloads folder in the linux server I used the WinSCP program to send the file from a windows computer to the linux server

Extract and install the RX 480 driver package: Download the Claymore dual miner software Extract and prepare the miner software Use this command to mine ethereum REMEMBER to replace the e-mail virtualcoinvideos@gmailcom for the e-mail account you used to create the minergate account