After uploading my previous video to YouTube "Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin right now with the latest ASIC?" and before my doubt of why Carlos Tillero subscriber and commentator of the channel I wanted to do the 11-month bitcoin mining calculations he answered Hi Javier, I'm studying the possibility to diversify my investments in mining but trying to buy Antminer teams here in Venezuela there are certain points that do not add up to me for example, the S9i of 145 TH / s at $ 580 when using the calculator this team gives me a monthly profit of $ 67

24 Now if I divide the cost of the equipment by profit for this particular case since with the volatility of the market it gave me an opportunity 11 months I don't know if the formula I use to determine the recovery time is bad whereas the cost of electricity is almost zero but with the limitation that our internet is bad my intrigue is that these devices are already obsolete and be damaged without having completed the recovery time Hello my name is Javier Saavedra and I have a few months venturing into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies My idea when making this kind of videos is to didactically help people that are being incorporated into this space That's why if you are a lover of new technologies I invite you to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell so that don't miss every new video that will be coming out We already know then that calculations that Carlos wants or needs to do are specifically for a Antminer S9i of 145 TH / s as it is one of the few models of Antminers currently available in Venezuela at a cost of $ 580 There are two things I want to do in today's video The first thing I want to do is revalidate the calculations that Carlos has already done for this particular team that is to say an Antminer S9i of 145 TH / s The second thing I want to do in This video is to remember the typical problems faced by homemade miners that is to say the problems faced by those people who buy these ASIC equipment to mine from their own home or office With respect to revalidate the calculations: As we know there are several pages specialized to make these calculations of ASIC's mining equipment Among the pages that make these calculations are: CoinWarz CryptoCompare WhatToMine and AsicMinerValue Where do you enter variables such as the Hashrate in TH / s that the team of which we want to do the calculations has as well as the cost in dollars per kilowatt consumed of electricity and the page does the calculation To specifically do the calculation of Carlos Tillero who lives in Venezuela and as we already know that electricity for Carlos in Venezuela it is so cheap that we could even say that it is almost free we will enter this data in each of these pages The results of the calculations that these pages gave us today are: According to CoinWarz This is the profit or net profit per day for this particular ASIC model According to CryptoCompare This is the profit or net profit per day for this particular Antminer model According to WhatToMine This is the profit or net profit per day for this particular ASIC model and finally according to AsicMinerValue This is the profit or net profit per day for this particular Antminer model As we just saw for the particular case of Carlos where his electricity consumption expenditure is close to zero and with the variables or factors that are up to date for bitcoin mining an Antminer S9i would produce an average of this dollar amount per day This now allows us to calculate the ROI that is the period of the Return on Investment And as we remember that the Sale price of this equipment in Venezuela is $ 580 then the ROI is the period of the Return on Investment for this team is this amount of days Regarding the typical problems faced by home miners Basically there are 5 problems at faced by people who want to do mining from home or office These 5 problems are: 1) Increase in electricity bill 2) Noise 3) Heat 4) Equipment breakdowns 5) obsolescence Regarding the increase in the electricity bill we already know that for the purposes of Carlos's estimate that he lives in Venezuela that electricity is so economical that we could even say that it is almost free then this would not be a problem for him Regarding noise, I would like to remind you that typically ASIC equipment emits a lot of noise With regard to heat I would like to remember that typically ASIC's equipment emit enough heat Regarding possible equipment failures or breakdowns I would like to remember that you have to ask first if the equipment has any type of guarantee and in case of a possible failure or breakdown who is responsible for it the seller? or the manufacturer? Continuing with the issue of possible failure or equipment breakdown I would like to remember that it could be difficult to get some part or piece of a team that is up to now even for the same manufacturer is considered a discontinued model Finally regarding the obsolescence of the team I would like to remember that this particular model It is already considered discontinued because in many parts of the world including China which also has quite low electricity costs the team does not give any kind of profit or profit To conclude today's video I would like to say: Personally I see high the time of the Return on Investment which is a consequence of the profit or profit is low To emphasize this point I will say exactly the same but vice versa As the profit or gain of this equipment is low ROI or Return on Investment time is high Definitely buy a team of these to put it to produce so be it in Venezuela and when he used the expression "so be it in Venezuela" it is because of the electricity issue that is quite economical It is a multi-month bet the one that the person has to assume if he decides to buy it For more forecasts than they want to take and for more calculations that can be done BEFORE making the purchase of the team there will always be factors or variables that can and will change in The time AFTER you have made the purchase of the equipment And typically these Factors or variables that will change are: The price of Bitcoin and the mining difficulty If during the next months the Bitcoin price falls even more likely the computer even though it is mining in Venezuela will cease to be profitable Yes during the next months Bitcoin price remains similar to today's price BUT mining difficulty is increased the team once again even though it is mining in Venezuela it will also stop being profitable This combination of variables or factors (bitcoin price and mining difficulty) that escape the control of any of us could make the profit or profit of this team in particular in the coming months it is increased or that the profit or gain for this particular team simply disappear completely Our best wishes to friend Carlos Tillero in the final decision he makes If you liked today's video remember to subscribe to the channel give the bell so you know when the next video comes out give me a like or like to support the channel and share this video with a friend or relative So see you in the next video!