What do you want today, miners? Let's talk about the EMCDio pool, what this pool is about And how this pool has no fees What are the pros and cons of this pool Let's start right No pool fee in this pool Currently the EMCD

io pool It supports the bitcoin SHA-256 algorithm well And it also supports Lightweight currency, which is based on The related algorithm and their specific method are mined In fact, this is their operating system They have a pool with their own firmware We will focus on them later But the dedicated pool firm has a fee And this fee inside the firm A great source of revenue for the company Okay, they have a paycheck within the firm They removed the fee from the pool But their pool is not completely free of charge! (There is an optional donation option in the pool settings) By default they are a donation option In the pool settings that are normal And is on in the default account settings (can be turned off in the pool settings menu) This is a pool to use You need to create an account in the pool That means you have to have an account in the pool to use it, and it doesn't To enter the payment address on the device (such as some pools) And then start mining, they also have a referral program Which is very interesting, actually Basically you get 005 to 05% of You receive the hashtag of the invited user (payment is not invited from the user resources and pays for and pools its resources) So we also have a referral link in the video If you're surprised, be sure to check out the comments below That we got rich with our link: D You see we have got two Satoshi so far So don't think this A kind of envelope because you go here It's kind of profitable, but if the video Help you find this pool Thank you for using our links And today's video as always It's clear and transparent The EMCDio pool did this and sponsored the video And actually sponsors our work, anyway Pool made the payments, okay You can view the last 3 days with 24 hour extraction That's between 120,000 and about We had 150,000 Satoshi I think it got a little complicated (pointing to the difference between payments on day one) This is because we had a little more than 24 hours extraction on the first day And this was our first reception in the pool And the income was slightly higher than normal And then to Average income In fact, you get the income you expect Which if you convert it from bitcoin to dollar It can be worth every day About $ 9 But what mineral do we use? From the Antminer S17e device Compare more detailed sections now You know some calculators That these calculations predict the amount of revenue Or they tell you how much money you should have In fact exactly if you have a prediction of Make a profit on your calculators You have done a good job We can say that the amount of revenue On this pool Good as other pools If not a little better, a unique payment plan Called + FPPS have that abbreviation Full payment per share and more (plus) Basically the pool is paid per share and But this is their way and there is no fee for this mode of PPS If this is the case for PPS mode And normally, the pool fee (PPS) is higher You can click on the statistics page Check out our hashish rate yesterday Which is well uniform and stable (has a normal fluctuation chart) We can check our performance So we say that our average power is 65 cycles per second Which is roughly where it should be Give it credit In the last three days And compare average hashish In fact, we get exactly that credit It means we get exactly the money Which the miner has done for us 645 Seconds per second Then we see here That means we have a 64

5 percent reduction So it's a good thing Suitable for miners You will receive a reward and payment At least in the reviews we can say that In this pool you received It's not uncommon to be manipulated And things like that Undoubtedly one of the most interesting features of this pool The dark theme is that I'm a fan of dark themes For me the most interesting feature of this pool This is extraction Based on profit sharing pattern (exchange algorithm) By default it is done in the pool And it includes all the currencies in the pool So now for the extraction algorithm Bitcoin is the most profitable currency So, all of their hash power lies on bitcoin mining And now none of the bitcoin currencies (BCH) DGB (DGB) and Light Quicken (LTC) are not extracted If bitcoin value (BCH) rises rapidly Automatic Pool Algorithm (Automatic Switch Algorithm) Lies on it So in turn I hope so Make the best profit possible They also have a 24/7 support We just sent them a message Let's see how long it takes them to respond to us Oh, it bothered me, it wasn't in the recording box Because this icon was behind me There is still a way to prove it So: Is this the only thing in the firm? Very interesting, I mean I asked my question at 3:33 And I wrote this over and over Here But to be honest He responded very quickly I was really impressed here I am rarely impressed However, some people were not affected I mean it was very interesting There are many pools like this We ask them questions like these And we wait for the answer, and it's very clear I mean, from the beginning of the conversation to the end of it It took more than a few minutes Until I received the appropriate answer to the questions Honestly, that's very cool And this is not something that has been written before That means they knew I was going to do a video review Maybe they were very careful at that moment But this is nothing like the fictitious backstage It's not a pre-written thing As if to say hello friend I'm asking my question And you better answer, it's not Okay, I'm here in the classic menu of Antheminer And this is not a dedicated pool firm Rather, it is the main firm of the miner And here's the name of the pool connection address And enter your username and password That is, enter them to make a workbook This is actually the point Which I haven't explained yet So if you click on the Connect tab You friends will answer that You can click on the class of connection points Those closest to you, I'm in America So I choose America and you're in Europe And you choose it So there are different points to connect to the pool It's very interesting all over the world And there are different points to connect Turns it into a global pool You always want to connect to the nearest point Because then you have the best ping and in turn the best hashish And so you get the most profit on the boards cool stuff And very simple at EMCDio Such as the SHA-256 algorithm and its extraction script (automatic switching algorithm) I'm in the Bitcointalk community that ad pools Equivalent to pool information available here I'll link it below the video description I put together a referral link Just be aware of any other information We talked about it in this video Like the profit and loss calculator, below is the video description So you can go ahead and all that Get it and you evaluate them yourself Oh, oh we replied, PPS pay per share in I'm pretty sure that English is not her native language So I think there's a rift in the answer When I asked this question And the answer that I received afterwards However, you know the American dialect And of course everything that can't be native And the last thing I want to look at is that They use telegram social groups, check it out If you want to check the firmware and do so The drop-down menu is here Which is the basis of this Russian firmware (supports other languages ​​in menus) You can choose your own miner As I said, my Miner model is the S17e Which I believe should be the name S17e here I didn't actually download it So that means I didn't work with it So depending on which miner And what kind of frame do you use There is a different development fee We can get two Vnish and Mskminers firmware here That is, there are two options to choose from Which is interesting in its kind Here's the S9 Miner Which have similar options such as reducing power consumption And there's auto-tuning of the miner and the like As you know in the current perspective Mining is very important And we answered our question here Basically FPPS is the paid version per share that is interesting (PPS version) Which you just need to be clear about And actually by mining in the pool And here you get the answers Hope you enjoyed this video Please make sure Subscribe to our YouTube channel And like the video and comment below And if you decide to use it let me know about it This pool and its dedicated firmware what you think I'll see you friends in the next video just wanna be [Music] I just wanna dance [Music] now you know don't you know it [Music] I'm so [Music]