in this binance exchange tutorial I'm going to show you how to buy cryptocurrencies on binance now finance is really cool for many many reasons the first reason and you know I'm just gonna give you a few of the reasons but the first reason is that by purchasing cryptocurrencies on by Nance you're actually gonna save quite a lot of fees in comparison to go through sites like coinbase now another reason why buy Nance is really cool for purchasing crypto currencies are it's because there are a lot of aetherium pairings and you may or may not have noticed bought whenever you are dealing with Bitcoin right now the transaction fees and speeds are incredibly high an incredibly slow and it's frustrating what will the theorem the transaction fees are much lower and the speed of transaction is much faster so binance exchange tutorial Nance you can make faster transactions are cheaper transaction fees so that's a you know a double win there finally another reason why by Nance is a cool thing to get your head around and don't worry I'm gonna make this very very step-by-step it's because there are a lot of different crypto coins you can purchase on Finance so in this video I'm actually gonna show you how to purchase something called a DEA card on o with aetherium so just for a second kind of going off the topic let's just close this out I'm on coin market cut right now and I'm just looking at card oh no it's currently 39 cents and it's a coin that I've been looking at for a while and last night I actually purchased some myself and basically the reason I'm purchasing this coin right now is because from the due diligence I'm doing I believe that Cardno has a great chance of going to about $8 a coin by the end of next quarter it's currently sitting of 39 cents a coin so I plan on holding this till the end of next quarter cashing out my initial investments and taking a little profit too and then deciding what I want to do with the rest of it now I've got to say at this point before we actually just dive into this tutorial that anything I'm saying to you right now is not financial advice this is just what I'm doing I'm simply sharing you know what what I believe in but by no means am I saying you should do this or you will make money that's down for you to decide you got to do your own due diligence anyways let's go back over to coin base so the first thing you're gonna need to do is if you're gonna use by nuns is you're gonna need some etherium now I used all of mine last night so what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to click buy and sell I'm gonna go to aetherium and then I'm gonna go and I'm actually gonna sell out the good old credit card and I'm gonna buy max I'm gonna purchase 300 bucks worth of ethereal and then I'm gonna click buy aetherium instantly and then I'm gonna click confirm bye and then I'm gonna go about to view – and you can see that my firm is now in my fear and wallets so from there what I'm gonna do is because what I want to do now is and what you're gonna want to do for whatever coin you're looking to buy theorem with on Finance you're gonna want to send over your fear 'i'm to finance so what we're going to do to do that is we're gonna go to accounts and we're gonna go down to our fear and wallet and we're gonna go to send and we need to now go over to buy none and we need to grab our aetherium like wallet address on by non so let's go let's just close this window and to do this obviously gonna have to go to buy Nance and set up an account now I'm gonna put a link to join Finance in the description box below and I'll also put a link to join coin base now please if you don't have a coin base account already and you don't have a buy an ounce of count please click on the links and set up an account through my links because that just helps you know to fund my channel basically when your join coin base and you spend your first $100 you know you buy or sell hundred dollars worth of crypto I'm gonna get ten dollars in Bitcoin you're gonna get ten dollars in Bitcoin and when you're joined by Nance they're gonna give me a little something too so please that would be awesome if you supported the channel in that way that would be great you know really appreciate you doing that anyways you're gonna want to set up a Finance accounts now in a minute I'm gonna pause the video and I'm going to log into my buy now to come but first I want to let you know about a little problem that I had see to get into your balance account you're gonna need to use something like Google Authenticator you can you can download the app to your phone and basically what Google Authenticator does is it generates a random number I believe every 30 to 60 seconds which by Nancy's going to ask you to enter to get into your accounts now when I was trying to first do this I had a nightmare I kept entering in the number and it just kept saying not recognized not recognized not recognizing it was a headache and I had to spend an hour late at night going through a load of different forms trying to figure out what the problem was well in the end I realized that when you download Google Authenticator sometimes the app isn't synced with the time zone you're in which causes a problem now what you want to do is once you've got Google Authenticator on your phone you'll find a setting inside the app where you can choose to sync the app with the time zone your now once you do that you shouldn't have any issues getting into your by announce account you know no problem so I just wanted to highlight that because it was a nightmare for me and it took me ages and what I'm gonna do is real quick is pause this video I'm going to log into my binance exchange tutorial announce account so just hold on stay tuned for a second ok so I'm now inside of my by Nance account and as I said the first thing you need to do is you need to send your theorem from coinbase over to by nuts so to do that you're gonna go to this tab where it says funds here and you're gonna go deposit withdrawals and you are going to find you can see also I already purchase some AED a but you're gonna find aetherium and if it's not showing here you're just gonna type in ETH into the box into the box right there and pull off of the area you're gonna find aetherium from this list and you're gonna go over to where it says deposits and you're going to get this deposit address right here you're going to copy that deposit address I'm gonna go back over to coinbase where you pulled up this remember let me show you again you've clicked on the accounts tab you've come down to aetherium you've gone send you're going to enter the address from Finance right there and you're gonna click on this box and you're gonna decide how much you want to send you know if you want to send you can do it in US dollars too but I always click on the etherion box and in this case I want to send the max over you're gonna make sure that this address is correct double check it's because you know if you screw up then on doing it I have no clue how you would undo that at this point so double check everything and then you're gonna click continue I'm just going to double check again and you're gonna press confirm and my transaction is on the way and I'm gonna say that my transact will will basically reach here in a few minutes and what you want to do is maybe after 5 or 10 minutes if you want to refresh the burnout screen and eventually your theory imbalance is going to show up there now once you've done that and you've decided what crypto is you want to purchase you're going to click on exchange and you're going to go to basic because the advanced is for people who basically are more knowledgeable about trade and you know III don't I don't mess around with advanced I've looked at it before but basic is good enough for what you're gonna need to do here so you're gonna click on basic just click on a second it's gonna let it load up and let me just move myself down to the bottom of the screen what you would do is you would type in the initials of the name of whatever cryptocurrency you were looking to buy and whatever you were wanting to exchange for it so in this case I want to exchange aetherium for ad a so I would select will select that what you could be doing let's say you're doing BTC or let's say you're doing LTC if you wanted to exchange you know a theorem for like going what whatever Finance does you can do so I want to do a DEA or theorem for a DA so I'm gonna select that and then what I would do is I'd come down here and where it says where it says price I'm basically in the box here I'm gonna take one of these numbers here preferably like one of these top numbers which says zero point zero zero zero five six seven six six in the box I'm going to try and catch one of these I'll try and catch like this top number entering five six seven six six five six seven six six and then it's going to ask me the amount so it's gonna ask me know how much do you want to buy and you would just basically enter how much aetherium do you want to exchange for a DA now I would be clicking the max amount here but obviously my fee room hasn't hit my buy announced account yet it's gonna take a few minutes now I always select max amount because I only send over to my buy announced account and not for fear IAM for what I'm looking to buy if that makes sense so you know if I send one etherium coin over to buy an ounce it means that I want to buy one of the coins worth of whatever creature I'm gonna buy so I always select max amount and once you've done that you can just hit by a DA now down here you can also like click okay I just want to buy 25 percent of my theorem bounce for whatever crypto one or fifty seventy-five percent of one percent I always click a hundred percent max amount and then I click buy and then you are gonna get your a da or whatever coin you're gonna get at this exchange rate here now when you've clipped when you click buy let's just go back to I see orders you can go over to open orders excuse me for a second open orders and right now I have no open orders here so obviously nothing showing up but if you just ordered that it would show you the dates the pairing it would tell you the price and the amount and it would tell you basically that your order was like you know taking place and if you give it 10 15 20 minutes and you refresh it would show you that this order was now complete and also if you wanted to double check that whatever crypto addiction bought in exchange for your theater theorem was there you could go to deposits withdrawals and then you could actually see your balance so let's say you'd switch to theorem for a DEA card ah no you would see your balance of card on over there and you see your available balance and then from there obviously if you want to you can transfer it into hard while it's paper while it's or some type of wallets you know I don't believe a DA has a paper wallets at this time which is my favorite type of way of doing things but I will be transferring this into some kind of wallet today so anyways I hope you got some value from this buy enhance exchange tutorial this was just some of the basics the bullish is enough to get you started if you do have any questions please make sure you drop your questions or comments below I remember if you don't have a coin base or finance accounts at this mountain time please click on the links in my description and you know how help me fund this channel keep it going and keep it growing and keeping more value coming to you on a daily basis besides that don't forget to subscribe to my channel by hitting the subscribe button push the notification bar if you want to get updates on new content I release on my channel which is pretty much on a daily basis right now and that's pretty much it besides let's make your next clip to remove your best clip to remove I'll see you in the next video you