what's up everybody welcome back to crypto lands where the charts are always greener and the Lambos don't have a speeding limit today I want to talk about a trading strategy that will make you a ton of Bitcoin in 2018 and it's a really simple one I will make more videos if you like about trading I will explain in those videos I will explain what all of these things mean here all of these indicators but I'm trying to keep the content that I have here bite-sized so you can take home more knowledge in a shorter period of time because I feel like for me the way that I learn if I watch a one-hour video I don't take home as much knowledge as I would like to because you know you can only memorize so much stuff so I want to do bite-size I want you to start looking for trends I want you to try to implement what you learn and then try to get results with it and then give me feedback in the comments how your trading week has gone you can go over to trading view calm here's where you can see most of the charts it's free to check out the charts here I use buy Nance to trade on and bit wrecks and other exchanges but for most of the coins that are on here I use trading view to use the indicators and all that good stuff to see where the market is going in this case we're looking at mana versus Bitcoin I trade in Bitcoin and not in dollars because you know if the Bitcoin Rises faster then you could be making gains in dollars but not in Bitcoin and I would like to make gains in Bitcoin because I think that Bitcoin will continue to go up while the dollar will continue to go down so that's why I trade in Bitcoin but what we're looking at here today is real simple support and resistance and if you look at the charts you will always see that the graph goes like this ups and downs and they constantly move between in support and resistance you see this yellow line here in the bottom is support you see it bouncing up hitting resistance bouncing back not crossing support and keeping between these lines sometimes it crosses resistance then it's going to look for a new resistance and then it's gonna come back down and find a new support and basically here you can draw out the support line I did it here what I want to look at in this video is triangles and it's all in the Illuminati the pyramids the triangles there's a lot of money involved there simple trade this morning mana Bitcoin I saw this pyramid right here you see here the support resistance you see the straight line here it it doesn't cross this line bounces support resistance support resistance once it breaks through here it's gonna try to find a new resistance it broke through this earlier resistance here this long one is red one right here and then it went on to look for a new place for resistance and it looks like it has found one and then it's gonna come down and find a new support really simple look for those triangles and you will make some profits with it because these are usually bigger breakouts so you can make some good profits if you would like by here you can set up by order here and then ride this wave all the way all the way all the way and then you can basically choose the exit strategy some people say you know never sell the peak always look for confirmation here's a little confirmation here it's a little confirmation could be selling here you could sell later on you could still hold looking at the moving averages here you could still hold it looks still it still looks kind of bullish so who knows obviously we cannot predict the future but we can always look for trends and the beautiful thing about trading is that everybody is trying to look for trends and there are certain principles that everybody like every professional trader looks at and then it kind of creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and that is what we're looking for because if everybody implements the same kind of strategies and rules then we can really find trends and see and and use them to our advantage and make some profits off of those so that's basically what I wanted to share let's see if we can find some more triangles and beautiful triangles here here's one drew a little support resistance there's one right here if it breaks out it could go high find a new resistance and if you're in doubt I would say this it should at least touch two times and the more time she touches a line whether it's support or resistance the more respect you earn and the more respected earns the more likely it's gonna be it's gonna translate into some good gains if you can anticipate correctly but if you're in doubt whether you have really found to support or resistance when in doubt zoom out and if you don't know you can always scroll left and you can see if it does two more times you see it touching here breaking here touching bouncing scrolling left here bounce back I'll break through no I mean just look for those patterns try try it out this week let me know in the comments if you want more videos on trading I will hook you up I'm training myself to again I'm using platforms like dick connect to get some capital if things goes go wrong I can always put more capital in because I'm getting a daily daily flow of Bitcoin coming my way so that's pretty cool and yeah so yeah that was the video for today hope you liked it if you did leave a thumbs up comment below if you have any questions like subscribe I'll see you in the next video and until then stop settling and start living in collage peace