Yesterday I withdraw 1030 points from Bitcoin lust Now we will check my coinbase account if you receive my payment from Bitcoin blasts Click accounts and open BTC wallet I Received 103 Satoshi from both strop legal incorporated So therefore this is 100% free legit paying Bitcoin mobile application Everyone today

We install new mobile application that you can earn free Bitcoin by playing games First you must have a coin base account because they will pay only in coinbase If none just check my description below for the tutorial Open Play Store application And type Bitcoin blast and install Open the application And next click register here Type your email ad Take note your email id should be the same as your coinbase email address because they will pay only through your coin based around Next type your password click register and after register we can sign in now To start the application you need to watch the advertisement on This the application observing through advertisement just click watch I Agree It's very easy just swipe on the points of the same color to destroy them You you Currently I have five loyalty points To start again Just repeat the first method click watch and play the next level Once you reach 1,000 points the next 24 hours You can start to play again the same time you can also cut out your points The events and family don't forget to subscribe and get the bell bottom to notify you on my next video You