what's up everybody Jacob Jones better known as crypto Fomo Pro yes that's pretty funny I'm gonna stick with it for the time being but I'm gonna start doing YouTube videos start with bit connect all right wouldn't go over you know how I got this that dive right into a big connect I four days deep alright so far so this is my day one not really as you can see here I invested two hundred seventy dollars of BCC come a few days later after uh you know my research that I'm doing seeing how it's working for the this and that Trayvon James thanks again man shout out to him of course go check out his page she's got some great if you want to know as to how big Kinect works a lot of skepticism behind it a lot of you know thud I don't mind it it's keeping the prices down it's just a matter of time before holy shit I can get a 1% return daily you'll see hey let me know if I could be wrong so as you can see two hundred seventy dollars on the third come a few days later I kind of sold off on a lot of my other Cryptos I was day trading for quite some time when I first got into it really loved the trading aspect I've always wanted to learn you know how to read charts just how to trade in general I thought stocks are pretty cool and I was like crap when I found out about crypto the opportunities here it's wild it's absolutely ridiculous But then I started to lose wa lot of money and then I got some back and then I've lost some more and I got some back so I pretty much stopped and just been holding which is a great tactic by all means hold all do it if you if you really don't want to mess with anything use just buy and hold my USD was staying the same however my BTC value was just it just little by little just going down down it would piss me off main goal is to obtain Bitcoin so that aggravation led me to sell off a lot of my portfolio and just go ahead and put it into big connect again if you want to know why I go ahead and watch those videos figure long dinners he's got some great stuff there plenty others out there but I think he does a really good job at it so yes three BCC thousand twenty dollars okay went ahead on the sixth got that $10 back okay that's right I actually got it back went ahead and reinvested reinvest it again and as you can see here zero release and so it shall stay for some time what am I at mmm 55 cents I do have three BCC behold some of that probably gonna hold that I probably messes it I'm gonna pull I would say out of my returns what I'd say 75% back vidal reinvest the other 25% I'll put my pic connect wallet I will really see as the times change you know I'm sitting here watching DCC climb you know yesterday to 71 now it's at 281 it just went up a dollar so we'll see you know I don't know if I don't know how long this may last and I'm hoping for quite some time but as you know you hear about BTC you hear about a little bit about crypto here and there it's just kind of past four years it's gotten more and more just wait and as times change is you know market cap grows and grows then this can really get big time just as I did you're gonna get your capital together now the minimum is $100 and do what you can to at least obtain that hundred dollars this is gonna slide chain you so obviously you're going to need to deposit BTC into your Bitcoin wallet then you're gonna need to turn that into good connect tokens I really wish I could take you Kings I was saying that before I found out about you Trevon but I'm not gonna do it that's your thing do it I'm not gonna steal it that guy such we'll see here 100 armed in increments of 10 I believe so 100 $2,000 right depending on the volatility of BTC that day it's going to do your trading the trading bots that they have right it's gonna earn you interest generally it's been around 1% it does vary does go higher I think it's around 12 how yeah see sometimes a zero now out of this they are going to take I think it's 20% mechanics keeping 20% giving you back 80% of the percent that it was for the day so as you see the last 30 days it's been a point nine percent that's pretty that's a pretty dang good that's been pretty solid every single video that I've seen of people doing you the estimations of compound interest is not compound interest bro nuts okay I got to find out what Einstein he said the smartest thing ever meant it was like compound interest matter of fact as I was saying Albert Einstein flippin genius compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world he who understands it earns it he doesn't he's right man said it himself okay that's pretty much that's what we're dealing with right at least want to if you're smart about it right so you're gonna put it in that hundred dollars to a thousand whatever you can do obviously at least a hundred I would recommend more because once you get this area is where it gets awesome right so after two hundred ninety nine days that capital that you invested is going to be released to you right plus the interest daily okay and that interest is on average 0

9% right realistically nuts you put your put your into any savings account with an interest you know they say you put the hundred dollars into savings you're lucky to see one hundred and three dollars at the end you know at the end of the year twenty nine six over the last six months so point six is pretty dang consistent all right past six months my last seven days Oh point nine nine you get it that's still it's crazy so let's go ahead and say my I think I'm a thousand three hundred plus I'm getting that point one as you saw once you put in I did a thousand twenty right so I'm getting the daily plus another point one percent and that actually can be released to me two hundred thirty five days which is irrelevant because I'm just gonna put that back in was it 239 I think it is right my heart off our eternity message is two hundred thirty nine percent now you can I mean you can find that coin and if you can just hold and you know not look at charts all day it's very easily possible however you know this is compound right my profit is gonna be four thousand four hundred seven dollars right with principal sorry that's crazy three thousand one hundred seven dollars in profit that's that's insane that's awesome okay and then if you want to reinvest that which you would do here once you get that once your lending wallet once you get that daily back it's gonna go into your lending wall what you can do is go to reinvest right increments of ten and you're gonna go over all imagine there's a 10 here reinvest in that it's gonna is what you see down here okay and obviously that number is gonna grow and grow grow every day now let's see if I can find Lord that took longer than I thought all right so I found this spreadsheet that I was speaking up let's go ahead and say you put that thousand ten dollars in just start off you have the capital you did it you know what I trust it kind of not really I trust I went with it thousand ten dollars right okay so compound interest this is what's gonna happen right Oh point nine percent my apologies okay that's gonna translate into just look at these notes this is your daily this is your daily return this is what you can receive daily right and you'll watch these you'll see these tens started turn into 20s and that's on top of your bonus payments because you've got that extra 01% already out $1,200 on day 21 right you're at a thousand six hundred and ten dollars okay $1550 daily all right that's every other day now you're getting whoo there's two 20s 10:20 that you're reinvesting which you should be reinvesting back we should get going the only way that they can work is if you the compound is if you put that back into where you're getting that on average point one percent sorry one percent plus the extra point one percent that's the only way it's gonna work but look at this seventy okay let's just go seventy thousand nine or $40 right insane now we're at 22 solid 20s that's what you get back every day then you start getting oh what's that thirty it's what you're reinvesting right because this is what you're getting daily daily okay let's just fast forward right and you should keep funding this if possible keep turning BTC into BCC and then invest that right 239 days who cares because if you keep doing that you're gonna get daily it's gonna be it's good day 350 365 sorry yes look look look okay look at this okay twenty-six thousand twenty dollars okay you're getting two hundred fifty-five dollars a day right that's not bad I by any means this isn't like you have to go to work you got to clock in you have to deal with assholes of them coworkers right you can sit on your fat lazy bottom watching TV making two hundred fifty five dollars while you sleep okay and that's gonna keep jumping tan keep jumping it's gonna keep jumping it just gets crazy insane membrane alright fast forward safe 500 days if you were to keep doing this every day you log in takes for three minutes takes three minutes just click a few buttons right here we keep doing that you'll be receiving a thousand one hundred and forty one dollars eight day honestly I fingers crossed that connect you stay true and strong because God bless you and this thing is gonna you're doing it right you're blowing up your own coin is it's literally gonna be blowing up within the past weeks months this coin is again my opinion who knows they could go in circles up down you don't know but the way they're doing this this is this is just their lending right they also have a referral program right this is where people start to get always pyramid scheme you know someone at the end of that thing gets screwed right I get it you know there's it's good to have some hesitation some be concerned because this is honestly this is too good to be true it's legit right there's so many other people go check it out YouTube so many other people that are getting these returns getting these investments and that's one if the housing ten dollars imagine if you have some capital put into this it's insane right this is only five hundred days five hundred days hundred four thousand dollars it's what you invested right okay let's so at that point nine average it could go up some days it's more some days it's less but on average let's just say that two hundred and three dollars and then look at this craziness guess $416 around 552 right Oh 475 what's going on here though I'm get this is just for example this person's waiting til they get to that a thousand to put it back in so they get that extra point one percent so this is you know this is crazy sorry to jump around at you let's go back let's just go you know seven or dreads that's pushing all right I mean that's that's going good for you if you can not pull a dime out props because you're looking at 15 grand a day okay that's a lot of money that's a lot of WAP okay alright anyways that's how that works that's how that goes okay they've been giving out these 09 percent averages right since November 2016 so they've been doing this for a year stay strong to connect for the love of the Lord all right so that's my day one I hope you enjoy I hope you stay tuned I'll be going over every day just krypton news giving my opinions stay tuned all right well that's it for today let's go ahead and call this day one even though it's like day four but yeah please stay tuned be going over crypto information daily and if you didn't know I don't give out point one thing I'm sorry much not yet but I could and most likely it will be with the help of y'all now of course I'm gonna plug go ahead sign up for bit connect if you haven't please do so do it with my link in the description I really appreciate it we'll get this growing and really motivate me to do these videos which I look forward to what I'm gonna do anyways but again I'd really appreciate it go ahead and subscribe like as always with everyone every youtuber and comment if you have any questions recommendations if you really like the name go ahead and let me know by all means please do so until next time peace