Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to tonight in crypto dividends and bitcoin today is still October the 11th 2017 on the East Coast it is at least strong hand people crypto dividend news people that's what you get here original type of stuff anyway I'm still an out beer Spain this is my third video in the last 24 hours or so it actually is already the 12th here but we're gonna have in the morning the 1 Bitcoin show and we're going to talk about Africa that'll be the topic Bitcoin in Africa in South Africa so tune in at 8:45 am

in the morning but hey now it is time to talk about crypto dividends because there's been some breaking news and if you're a follower of mine on Twitter and you should follow me at Tech Balt you know already will know about this news because I posted it on steam it and then tweeted it out so where is it oh yeah ethereal Vega yeah it's called etherium Vega now the community activated hard for people the people who were who said they were going to fork aetherium before aetherium does their fork in a few days well they've changed their name from community activated hard fork to aetherium Vega and now they have a a website aetherium Vega org and it's got like a Las Vegas theme to it thus the Vega not the best time to have a Las Vegas theme on your website but I think these guys are in China and who knows adil there except that they change the name but obviously there's they appear the best and they want to keep having a theory on that proof of work so check out that below exciting stuff right yeah and by the way yeah I'm trying out different times here this late night thing what the heck people in Los Angeles are happy with this time I'm sure hey man if you're in New Zealand right now pound that light but because hey it's like air even though it's the middle of the night in Spain Oh and with this crypt of dividend thing I was thinking like you know some people are like yeah I don't want my free coins buh-buh-buh-buh imagine it's the year 2024 are you gonna look back on this period of time and be like wow I'm glad I missed out on those crypto divin I'm glad I missed out on free coins that I could have turned into Bitcoin immediately think about that think about the future what well how will you look back at this time period in the year 2024 you'll probably is smiling a bit god that was awesome they were giving away free coins if it's your logical you mean they were giving away free coins then I was just picking up all these free coins turn on mean the Bitcoin and then it you know 2019 came along and it wasn't the trend anymore they weren't crypto dividends were a little bit harder it wasn't as you know I didn't get as many coins dude we're lit you know you gotta take advantage of the unique times that you live in people and try to get you know there's nothing wrong with earning interest I mean that's earning dividends whatever you want to say it is it's it's it's old school when you brought to the news school here our savings accounts get us some interest one could interpret it that way anyway so yeah again a lot of people are very enthused about all sorts of cryptic dividends but specifically be gold I get a lot of questions about that and it's up to you the people I mean you can just be quiet and be scared about the fund or you can be proactive like some people have and ask the wallet providers tweet out to them email them ask the treasurer or ask all sorts of coinbase anyone are you gonna make this easy for us or you're gonna make this big old thing easy for us hardware devices come on hardware people leger nano or you're gonna make this easy for it there's no harm in asking no harm and asking it all and if things are easier hey you don't have to worry as much if you're a worrier I mean if they make it let's say Tresor makes it as easy as they made the be cash thing that would rock now Jimmy song has an article out there and he talks about how if it's over 001 Bitcoin in value at B gold is worth over point o one he foresees uh before see some of these people making things easier on them on everyone and you in your tweet or your email you can say hey you guys really have to if this is over point o one maybe you should make a statement saying hey if beagle gets the point o one we will do XY and Z and I think if companies actually do that if they actually make up a goal that where they'll start to like service be gold easily that the market will naturally pump up the price to whatever goal they set whether it be 001 Bitcoin or 0005 Bitcoin whatever they choose it's it's interesting that Jimmy saw uh a pic point oh one Bitcoin I I'm not making any predictions who knows that's the first uh that's the first number I've heard anyone say and when ever take it as I mean I would be pleased if they like it if Tresor did come out with a statement and said we okay well if the market values this at point-o one or more we're going to do X Y and C come on trays are step up to the plate here bring it bring it bring it up there alright so yeah Jimmy song has an article I link to that below Aaron Vaughn weird I'm just came out with an article in Bitcoin magazine about P gold these are written and these are good in from this is not fun stuff people don't again you can believe what you hear in chats forums and whatever or you can read well-thought-out articles by these wise people air van weirdos been on the show before Jimmy I would love to have on the show obvious that talked about to me all the time pound that like button if you like Jimmy saw and then there's also the the Beagle people released a statement that answers basically all the fun rumors that are out there and I'll link to that below also so again yeah Compaq your exchanges also not just your wallets only on saint come it's 4 am

in the morning here people give me I can't come up with words here ok one final lock crypto dividend update here it says I decided to a crypto dividend show in the middle of the night because I love you guys you never get poked in the middle night took a nice shower and the thing is when you work for yourself people man I could wake up whenever I want to in the morning and I can go swimming in the pool here in our beer stain or I can just go to the beach but I'm gonna make sure that it you know no matter how late I will wake up tomorrow I am gonna get in the one that coins Joe you in Eastern Standard Time okay to eat or we're the third here's here every dress was a quote cream of 20 in act big app shot coin will be a Bitcoin with 40 Oh the big Ernie yes debate core that you can big bit core it's sort of linked in his Elise where's it Becker on you condone but now there's a second offer and twenty-one million uh 21 million club he's got a great web page she told me about this thanks dude is vention in his vention over there in the chat I think I see a simple hey vention man tension I listed you as one of the top people to follow in Bitcoin on a recent video of mine that everyone should check out my who's who in the Bitcoin space that's a really important video for everyone to check out because I listen I list all the people who I consider really legitimate in this space that I get it because there's so many illegitimate people now it's it's really unfortunate anyway I'm going back to what I was saying about big core yeah so now they have this new offer Leitao well they're gonna it whatever amount a Bitcoin you have on October 30th you're going to be able to come you're going to be able to get 40% of that in bit cores even if he did the first claim äj– like I did I thought it was easy you're gonna be able to do the second one soon after that for a while apparently so that's nice to know right now bit core is worth about six dollars for those of you who care alright I'm going to sleep now i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video pound that like button and i'll say hello to you guys in the chat bye bye