Hello, in this video I will show you how to configure a miner For any computer or laptop Even if it is weak or strong Just have 64-bit windows installed We choose a currency To have your wallet and address I choose the Elicoin example It's a very easy currency on the CPU I go to the official website Here we have the wallet We downloaded it and installed it This is how it appears Open your wallet Somewhere here, we have Addresses where we can receive coins I have for android, the address and the miners We can do here at the new addresses we want We will need this address to receive the coins The coins will appear here, where they come from First of all we have to go in here to look for a windows defender Stop protecting Because they are unknown exe he sees him as a virus I will leave this link in the description I'll show you on CP 38

72 here comes the last miner put up It was 3871

now is 3872 Here at windows we download it We open, he is archived, I extract it Here we have the unconfigured, empty miner I put it on the desktop to be easy So empty, unconfigured miner; Now let's configure it This helicopter coin has a pool (pool) pool More people are going to decipher a code Looking for: pool Elicoin We have here Official pool Even if it is not official, every minble has a pool We find these on the CPU very easily I'm coming in here The algorithm is yescryptR16 That's what we need to know The port is 3333 Here's the address of the pool How do we now do the mining We open a notepad file empty text file And let's take it from 0 Here we write: cpuminer-sse2 This is the file that will execute it exactly as we write cpuminer-sse2 After that, (the algorithm) What is yescryptR16 Space bar, and now we enter the address I can copy everything she writes -0 adress the port is 3333 I delete it here with brackets and put 3333 here at -u, the password is optional at this pool, it wipes out everything I'm in my wallet, on this address I want the coins to come children address and put it here so we have: the executable it goes to old and new computers -a is the algorithm -o is the address of the pool with the port that's how it looks for Elicoin, there are other swimming pools with different addresses -u is the address of the wallet where the coins come Optional for whoever he wants, he can write it -t -t (how many processors) for example on this laptop If I write dxdiag It looks like I have 8 processors I may not want to run to the maximum If I want to run to the maximum I do not write anything If I only want 4, I write -t 4 If you only have 1 or 2, you can leave empty and all the processors mining uses all the processors if I do not write anything, ok I'm putting on my -t 4 Now very important when we save the file Save as, I'm looking for the miner folder Here is selected: all files I save: elicoinbat be executable, and save Now I shut it all off to get it from 0 to understand Here we have the miner that was unconfigured Here comes the elicoin

bat that I saved earlier This is where we can edit it change the algorithm or address of the pool wallet, we have it here for now I now open elicoinbat my laptop starts to mine the processors are working So I tried 32 bit and you only have 64 bit And to make it easier if you want to mine the Elicoin Or if you want me to do something else, edit and modify it the address of the pool and the address of the wallet If you have the pool that will give you the user and your password, type here the address of the wallet -p (password) And just save the file The EU now leaves it, configured on the elicoin To make it easy, I archive it And I'll get on the mega And I'll put a link in the description of the video you can download it configured I'm coming up here, and if you want me to do something else, edit it you write another script, another pool address and another wallet usually many pools have user and password -p x or what password you have if I have a lot of processors add -t 2,3,4 CPUs you want if I let go, it works with everything for Elicoin no password is needed This address will put it down in the description So you can copy the configured miner just unzip it and put it out do not forget to put your wallet address To make a test, I copied the address This is how it appears download unzip extract here elicoin and start Do not forget to edit and write your address Spore to mine Test old PC So you have the address in the description Now copy the miner This is a desktop PC Intel To you, edit and place your address for elicoin click twice start to mine this old pc So we did some tests, it's okay To understand better This 2-core pc if I put -t 1 will only run with 1 with -t 1 va lucra doar pe 1 half