Hello to all and all his friends and welcome to this seventy-fourteenth but I hope you're fine because this week was my faith interesting enough we only have a drop that launches its debit card the Russian social network vkontakte who launches his currency crypt and the sail servers is electrum who have suffered a denial of service attack all complement by some brief numbers that I selected for you too i set up a poll come damn youtube as announced the last week so you can speculate on the value of bitcoin the next monday at 6 pm you help welcome to come vote top right on the screen and tell me your explanations in comment and besides place not usual every Tuesday is the market analysis of hakim and I can only recommend it to you in order to be updated on the evolution of sharks in the rising crypt do and finally your support is precious on the chain a like a comment a share you know the formula everything is appreciated and I count on your support this being said place to the newspaper first title is when a drop announcing on his blog the launch of his debit card this one is only for English users for now have been put in collaboration with p safe it will allow its holders to make fiat payments and make withdrawals using direct its soil in crypto currency on green bay this a dedicated application the cranberry cole app will monitor its spending on the other hand in the image of most competitors the creation of the card will have a slight coup contessi price of six euros and each payment made will be accompanied by 2 49% of charges we can expect to see a drop in prices and this map in other countries in europe in the months to come thus offering a new way to spend his crypts leading to a wider community second title is the launch of a currency crypt by the social network will contact after the discreet echoes of the development of a critot by facebook here we are an announcement more visible by the Russian counterpart of the American player we know little about this crypt the technology no information as to the use of a shine blocks we know just that this omnos crypt may have been undermined by network users and to do that it's very simple there's just to click on delirium and the share via an application that is provided for this purpose the more you accumulate ken rates your plus and strong is rewarded as much to tell you that the experience of mining leaves me perplexed the crypto ghosn happened very suddenly would already be undermined and swap by 4 millions of users are expected to know more about its potential of use because until then things remain quite blurred finally last big headline of the week it was extreme who saw his servers referred by a heavy denial of service attacks electrum flew light bitcoin so no need to synchronize more than 100 gigabytes of shy'm blocks could change the wallet connect to servers that communicate the status of the chain is here it's been serving been submerged with queries to be taken offline once all servers are online there are new infected servers that have been set up and these urgent and the veil holders is to put up to date electrum with a new version of the client who is infected who is going allow the extraction of funds from p users with this method this are about 250 bitcoin that were stolen last year and for today to prevent any accident the team electrum board of disable the auto connect option on the client so you do not download a erroneous or misleading version of the client of course is also advise you to download the wallet electrum only on the official website or the github anyway the ex young today are docked the rescuers trafficked milk and the danger is everywhere so rigorously choose its mode of storage for these crypto and we propose you on the site of the newspaper of the cone many wallet tests in the guide category I invite you to the watch it's time to follow up on patents the numbers but before that I take this opportunity to talk to you about newsletter daily which is ideal if you wish to have a condensed of relevant information at the end of the morning to register it is very simple appointment on any article went to the bottom of this one enter your email address and you're going to receive the news it's now the time of the briefs and we start with the theme exchange beats which managed to get the sacro-holy bid license so that's the sesame for be able to work with the currency team in the state of new york and it's only the 19th time this pass is granted in the industry on the other hand for beat rex it's a failure after nearly four years their request is rejected and in a letter notifying the decision the Financial Services Department of New York presents several shortcomings especially level liked to write it here but also tocane listings doubtful and lack of capital so the file was dismissed and consequences of this bitrix decision must cease its activities in the state of new york in the 60 days that arrive and thus deprive 35 minutes there thater of this trading platform always speaking exchange the balance sheet woman's financial fell and after her recent $ 13 million hack in early clip the Korean platform announces losses of $ 180 million for 2018 the reasons evoked the fall of the course decrypts currency the hardening of pebble regulations here aida mails and also the cost of the workforce which explains the dismissal of about thirty employees in January and the company's intention to part with half are effective very soon imminent bankruptcy difficult to know in any case things seem to go much better at brave the browser recorded a 4,150% increase in the number of active users from January 2018 to 2019 the outlook is good and with the deployment recent phase of its system of equitable rewards between users and advertisers can be expected to maintain this growth it's the end of this edition I'm waiting for your opinion for this new format on patents numbers but also your opinion on the titles 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