hi everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister and I have some big a Bitcoin news out of Australia and no this is not about the upcoming Australian Bitcoin auction that's going to be huge in the middle of June before the having that is going to be big no this is about now in Australia you will be able to go to news agents basically new stands are places in a 7-eleven type place and use cash australian cash to purchase Bitcoin and it's going to be done through the website bitcoin com

a you you can go there you go there first you place your order there and then you just go into the store the physical store give him some cash and there's a four percent charge but the price still ends up just slightly over what a person in the United States would pay for buying bitcoins coinbase so it's great and you can just it its cash and you don't need a bank account obviously i'm sure in Australia most people do have bank accounts but it it's a it's a good idea is going it's easy it's going to get people into bitcoin I love it I love it its innovative and it does look like they can ask you for identification online show you can't do this anonymously per se maybe you can for a little bit amount of money i don't know i couldn't experiments in the United States something I wonder is if you are a foreigner in Australia and you're about to leave Australia get on a plane and get out of there would you be able to use the little bit of Australian cash you have left let's say a hundred dollars in Australian cash and buy some Bitcoin before you leave instead of getting ripped off at the airport trying to exchange your money four dollars this is a great question someone should ask these guys that this is this is a great model to for the unbanked in in many other countries if they if someone were to establish something like this in a country that was not as modern and western as australia i would be great so hopefully so serve as an example for countries all over the world and it's just it is going to be also more Australians are going to be buying bitcoins because of this more Australians are going to be using Bitcoin because of this and this is going to boost the demand boost the price boost everyone's interest all over the world in Bitcoin because Australia is a i have spent a lot of time in Austria the last year in sydney and melbourne and it is a great western country it is a leader it is the super power in that region down there okay and so people will look at them down New Zealand maybe they'll say what we got to do this now we got to get more into bitcoin anyway is it is a good example and in terms of buying bitcoins for cash they are way ahead of the United States of America and that is great for them hopefully we won't be as anal about buying Bitcoin for cash as we currently are united states and learn a little bit from the great country of Australia so congratulations guys in Australia spread the word throughout your country get people to use cash to buy bitcoin i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister I'll talk later