ok in the last episode of I looked at why the blog really scenes a lot useful and what are the three basic elements that serve for his operation in this episode instead we will talk about the cryptography that serves precisely these three fundamental elements and mining which completes the puzzle of cryptography there are essentially two things to understand the first is the function of ash or us we take a data input that can be extremely long and complex let's go through this function of ash 256 is the result will be a string of 256 digits that for the same input will always be the same but for an even slightly different input will suffice to add a dot at the end of the result will be completely different the beauty of this function 10 and that is impossible to get the input by only having loud because it sees how much impossible because nothing is impossible and easier to take two atoms of the entire solar system and compare them to find out what they are the same then if one wanted to find the input from the output it would take more o less a billion years the second fundamental thing is instead the functioning of the public and private key that we are already using today because it is a system protocol for internet operation so we are eternal and you and I want to exchange information without anyone who can read it to do this I will create a pair of keys that are complementary that are a public and a private one and that private, of course, remains private, I only keep it myself while that publish the message with this public key to crypt the message is a this point I refer to, even assuming that someone reads the message being this scrambled is like reading a series of random number digits that they have no means in fact the only way to read the message encrypted with the public key that I sent you and use the private key that I only have now that we have understood these two fundamental elements we go To understand what mining is the main purpose of mining is to confirm the blocks or confirm the transactions within a block and then insert them into the chain to do this the safest and most secure method validated is that of the roof of work or the work that generates a test now follow me for a moment because it makes a more complicated to ensure that everyone is examining the same block of transactions what needs to be done is a former transaction block that will bring out a result of just 256 digits something that goes to complicate that the protocol of the blog chain requires a certain number of zeros like initial digits of this come out to get this result will have to simply add a certain amount to the bottom of the block, therefore never black they are all competing to be the first to find this number magical because the moment I find the magic number I share it with the whole blocks in all the nodes will flash the block with the magic number that I have published saying that it is the right one and if the result of the function it is actually a number with 30 0 before this point the block is closed and I gain bitcoin in case more is right to make one clarification bitcoins are from block chains but a block chaining is not for force bitcoin in fact there are so many ways to develop the glock chain now we arrive at the last step that is the digital signature in this case they go to combine the discourse of those who publish them and private with the speech of the function comes out then we hypothesize that I want to send a message within the black chain must somehow be verified that it is mine that the message I sent the same as I wanted to send is that there was no one to enter the method in this case what I have to do are two steps: the first is to do the nash function of the message and the second is to encrypt the message with my private key and then send the message along with the written toe so that the blow xvi lo can then read the senses blog receives the message with encrypted nash for my private key and praise crypt with my public key that is precisely and publish this way should find the hash of the message and if the message that I have sent and corrected by making these two should combining this way ensured that the message was sent by me because I'm the only one who could have encrypted that message with the key private that matches my public key and confirms that the message that I sent him is the same that I wanted to send because the two come out then match in this passage I know it's not really simple so if something is not clear write me in the comments provera answers the next video instead will be about the applications of the bluff hundred world It seems to me some examples so we realize what are the real ones potential of this technology