So if you were looking to buy a nun – 9 they're available right now It is January 8th 2018 and they're available on bid main that come just go to the website go to the product I click on buy now and I'm gonna add to here's a test gonna click Add to Cart I'll be shipping on March 1st, so I'm gonna click on proceed to cart on the next screen you'll be presented with how many units you want to buy just click on I Have reviewed the terms and conditions from bid main click on checkout on the next I was a really logged in so it didn't ask for a username and a password and you'll Check your shipping method in this case I recommend USPS the one that I always use and Just proceed to the new to the next clicking submit down below You'll be presented with the CAPTCHA and Now you will have to choose a payment method within the next 30 minutes If you don't do so the order will expire, and it will never be on your cart You can do a USB wire or you can do Bitcoin cash? So just click Bitcoin cash and click Submit And on the next screen you'll represent it with your pay me a dress money within an hour Or if you're not the order will expire the payment make sure you have Bitcoin cash So get on to it right now usually they last about three hours on the site Happy mining I hope you can get