Literally there was a massacre last night, and sometimes I tell you to put a very extreme purchase order on Bitcoin or on these videos and on my Telegram channel Do you know that last night, fellows Bitcoin snaps to exactly $ 1800? At Binance, 20 Bitcoins were sold for 1800 dollars and earned 3-4 times more money in seconds

In this section, why we crashed so hard, why we had so much carnage in the subcoins, we will talk about them, I will read the questions and comments from you, and more importantly what can happen at Bitcoin in October What are the important events and news that investors should pay attention to, could this fall have anything to do with Trump? There's even a hidden danger that could lower Bitcoin's price further, so be prepared I will warn you already I'm Eren Caner Welcome to Crypto Dictionary

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So if you guys are friends then I can put you on my channel's entry level play list first Watch those videos, I'm sure you'll be able to master many topics easily and quickly Now, fellas, let's get into this The agenda is hot It's about the 500,000 Bitcoins that Craigh Wright will send to his ex-partner with the potential threat that I'm talking about, and that he could potentially sell

If he sells it, we could be devastated As I said before, we're going to talk in detail Now, I said that 20 Bitcoins were sold for $ 1,800 at Binance, or when Bitcoin was $ 9500, it suddenly dropped to $ 1800, and then, of course, $ 7900 or something, it was around $ 8500 Though I'm talking to you as if the tailor couldn't sew his own ripped off, but I didn't put myself in a buying order on the extreme points, I said I wish I hadn't lied last night Even if we didn't put it in 1800, if we bought Bitcoin from 3000-4000 dollars, that would mean a double gain in seconds

Fortunately, there is no cure Well folks, you might ask that this caused the harsh drop out of the 1800 dollar event Because at $ 9500 in the afternoon, it fell to $ 1,000-1500, and suddenly Bitcoin It was as if certain things were going to happen before the fall Before this downfall, for example, I shared with you that the production power of Bitcoin from my Telegram channel has decreased

This may be a front-end, perhaps for some In fact, the reason is that the cuts in electricity supplied to the places where Bitcoin production is intensively produced in China, or these are shown as friends, but we cannot say for sure that this hashrate falls And after this fall, some people who want to end this fall, as we are accustomed to, have printed almost the $ 15 million tether digital dollar, and have manipulated the Bitcoin from $ 7900 and raised it to around $ 8500 These figures are average, of course, I don't know exactly one to one, but I think there is an upgrade operation with tether With all of this, the domino, the Bitmex exchange, came in with a $ 700 million bitcoin sale

In fact, friends, if you look at the issue from a wider perspective, you know that there are charges against the American president Trump, and some sections have started the process of liquidation of Trump, and Trump has betrayed the presidential oath Even a member of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said that no one is on top of the law, whether you are president or not That is probably the reason why yesterday, for example, not only crypto coins, but also in America, in part, stocks fell The big whales are probably going to be uncertain about what Trump will be, what will be America We may be thinking of Bitcoin or something

On the other hand, friends, we speak here at least 2-3 videos I even told you in 2 previous videos that Bitcoin could fall to $ 8650 Of course I do not lie to myself to protect myself without giving investment advice, but in some things does not want the village guide really appears This fall, which caused me to set a target of $ 8650, fellas, I think there were two clear and very clear technical reasons for this fall Firstly, the incomplete OBO formation was completed with a delay of 2-3 weeks, and the long-lasting triangular formation, which had been ringing for a long time, was second to the shouting

I don't lie to a fifth of the bitcoins I sell from $ 12250 gesinden nolur nolmaz he did a reinforcement I said I would have bought the rest for less if he fell while I was buying it, and now it looks like it will In addition, if you remember friends, for example, altcoins, except for Bitcoin, we did a marketcap analysis with all the subcoins in the previous video, and there was no Bitcoin in it As we said in that analysis, our weak support level has broken and I think the altcoins have become even more dangerous

No, but the truth is, the sword has become sharper The risk is all right, so the risk can be very high with this risk Be very careful The coin, which was $ 14 in the bull, fell to 83 cents today Anyway, if we go back to Bitcoin, I'm hopeful again in the long run

With the influence of the Bakkt platform towards May, we can sometimes see some very strong ascents but sometimes friends, Bitcoin, that is, it rises and falls The important thing is that we stand firm We will be confident in our decisions and strategy, but we will not be stubborn to the market while we are confident Okay, that's a mixable thing In addition, I would like to say something about the Bakkt platform, friends, so I will share the current information about the Bakkt platform

This platform has recently officially launched Bitcoin futures and even COO Adam White gave an interview to CNN, friends, and said that in the first 24 hours 71 transactions were made out of $ 9875 We, as Bakkt platform, want to make the price of Bitcoin predictable He said we want to be a pioneer in this regard If you ask my opinion here, of course this can be up to a certain extent Because if it is very predictable, everyone knows and the market starts to work again

Anyway, Bakkt just started his life In October, the Bitcoin may have a significant impact, with the possibility that the movements may be harsher now We need to follow We need to follow And you know why we care about Bakkt, fellas? Why are we talking about Bakkt now? There are two reasons for this

First, it is the first business to receive $ 182 million of investment from many companies, including Microsoft, and receive approval of its kind from regulatory agencies in the United States Secondly, Bakkt started to carry out the futures transactions that we call futures Physical This word is really important You know why, bro? It is not as imaginary as the previous futures, which suck the blood of Bitcoin, perhaps the most powerful infrastructure for Bitcoin's $ 20,000 fall

In fact, if I am going to open 5 Bitcoin futures, Bakkt starts to do this by bringing extra volume to Bitcoin and moving its market up and down So, folks, you know, at one point, the price of Bitcoin was very calm Here, you may even remember that it was between 2,000 and 6,000 dollars, maybe 2 months or so This stagnation is a very good thing for Bitcoin to really be perceived as money, but it is really boring for those who buy or sell on the market We'll see what Bakkt can bring to the Bitcoin market

In the coming days or weeks, we may be able to make more comments that are more ahead of us, but it is certain that it can help to increase or decrease its price by bringing extra volume to Bitcoin If America allows this case, the safe is always going to win If you want to say that there is such a dimension of business, let's go briefly to the secret danger event Now you know a name called Craig Wright, who broke up with Bitcoin Cash and invented something called Bitcoin SV with his own power and claimed that he was Satoshi Nakamoto Now there was a court it lost in recent months

We also spoke in the Crypto Dictionary The court ruled that Craig Wright would pay a full 500,000 Bitcoins to his business partner, but that transfer has not yet taken place Craigh Wright has not yet made the payment and requested an additional 30 days approximately 2 weeks ago to make the payment Accordingly, he has to make this payment by mid-October What happens next? The post is dark

The post is unknown It's unclear where 500,000 Bitcoins will go Because even if you don't have any Bitcoin today, you can be a person or corporation that reduces or raises the market with 500000 Bitcoin If we calculate 500,000 Bitcoins from 8500,000 dollars, it makes 4 billion 250 million dollars if I didn't miscalculate

You know, my mathematics is super and I can say that the market value of Bitcoin's market cap is 150 billion dollars Well, that's five billion of you Think so So Craigh Wright, who in the past has threatened to reduce the price of Bitcoin to $ 1,000, may not achieve this goal, but the new person who receives these Bitcoins will fall into this malice You know, maybe this is gonna happen, guys

I can't say it's gonna happen, but n I'm talking about a potential threat that is not much talked about right now, but that could come up in October Let me tell you guys before you ask

If you pay attention to where the current situation in Bitcoin may go, I did not mention it as a technical analysis I haven't set certain targets yet, but I will Because we need to see a little bit ahead of us Let's wait a day or two, but follow me on Youtube community tab, Twitter and Telegram, the links are below I'm sharing more quickly

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Knowing the risk, we need to take firm steps Now, if you want, let's go to today's bonus information and then the questions and comments from you Our bonus information is that there are only three countries in the world without a rectangular flag, friends The first is Nepal The flag of Nepal consists of two triangles

The flag of Switzerland and the Vatican are friends If all the rest of the world flags are rectangular as we are used to now, if you want a few comments from you, let's read the question If you like my friends videos, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and touch the bell and if you participate in the lottery I said in the beginning, you will have the chance to win and support me See you