THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Okay you guys hear my voice right now Okay you guys hear my voice right now Cool good good alright We'll go ahead and get our countdown go on and Give our people a chance to then make it out, Nova Alright alright alright here we go Alright alright, let's see how this is looking here Kondo Hello hello Can you guys hear me, okay? Should be able to hear me a little better

Hopefully But can you still hear me I Got the chat on the screen let me know if you can hear me Good perfect Perfecto All right, I was everyone doing this glorious Thursday, it's just glorious I Posted in facebook crypto drinking what I do ler ya know like See if that works hmm Yeah, like automatically like buffers and tries to sofa just Please just like chill out I don't know how to change the settings oh There we go maybe have a chart changes real quick That little bit time Like break points it may be cheaper I Don't know I don't see it display sound anybody see how I turn into my camera from Bufferin like that I'm making everything all blurry Can you guys hear me some people saying no sound do we have sound Do we have some Okay good good Good Good, but if it bar vector Let me know close this door turn this fan off Maybe that's like some of the background noise Cool good good good

All right guys Christmas show yeah, we'll see all right cool So I'm gonna do one Senate accessibility audio No All right, so how you guys doing how's everybody holding up in the market Hopefully you uh someone that white one under that blue Not not getting crushed right now after mock going they also sold two weeks ago Let's see let's see let's see let's see let's see what kind of chart we want to look at um I Know man it's jelly so Kona, Wisconsin I'm so happy It's a lot warmer in Atlanta Let's see that got a Mesa go Yeah for a jiggle I think you asked me for that before that's not gonna happen Sorry buddy, sorry I Wish I could I really can't it wouldn't be fair to everyone else So what we're doing How many likes do we have if you haven't hit that like button make sure you hit it We got 175 people live on the air right now If we could break 150 on the light count I will go ahead and Pick two winners right so what we have now is this guy This is how we're gonna do it right here my people my people was about that time Just jump in our Facebook group share that video and that's all you need to do to get better right So that's our Facebook group go ahead and do that I will get this thing set up In the background and we will be good to go so Make sure you jump in there share the video if you haven't done already All right, um somebody asked, what's my thoughts on CBO ACCME? effects on BTC potential effects on BTC This is the reality of it You don't know what you don't know, but we do know one thing Banks are greedy the government is broke and Bitcoin beats the dollar seven days out the week So that being said you have to start thinking who benefits during certain situations if the banks are Looking to make money while they have free money and if they can make more free money by intentionally defaulting on the crypto verse then it's in their best interest to do this I Think it's a risk

I think it's a liability Do I think it'll happen sure at some point, but I think it's gonna happen right away No because they're probably gonna try to make some money on Bitcoin first gas it up to thirty forty five thousand and Then dump it right back on the market Can they do it in the first week no can I do it in the Ferger absolutely? Because this is the reality of it they already own probably 20 30 40 percent of Quick double on the market right now so at any given time They can just hit the sell button and dump it right back on individual people You know now hopefully when they start selling another Country starts buying and I think that's what happened earlier today when Bitcoin dropped ten thousand dollars in Ten minutes or I'm sorry thousand I was in ten minutes That was somebody trying to short the market Well somebody else bought it, so it doesn't work You know so hopefully we have more of a fair market now To where those efforts can be thwarted About one second Right cool all right

Let's make sure we got our people from Facebook taken care of This is a músicos chart if we look at the 343 for oMG BAM that thing fell off the side of the mountain This is why we sell guys When when that when that uh? Blue go over that white that mean it's time to say good night You shouldn't be building this thing You know I was an all the way down Boy I had a lot of homies ago, I sold it Ain't got it right Now You know So just follow the method you guys you'll save a lot of money You'll make a lot more And remember the reason we followed a method is because your money is worth much much more at the bottom Than it is at the top, right? So we take it we jump out put it in our pocket and we come right back three days later You know I'm saying looking like the smartest man on the market Right Alright alright alright what other coins you guys want to see Somebody no Facebook Big Sean Israel what's going on? What's going on okey obk? With the black and white like a white couples picture but lovers on What coin you got let's pick one from Facebook, what are you guys going? Well, I got another chart real quick before we get started Thirty Burt I see how come it's fine Facebook is for old people Civic is anybody from Facebook

No respond I'm in the chat right now Y'all I ain't saying nothing Anybody from Facebook wanna see a chart y'all got about 15 seconds I'm gonna keep it moving Run through this Bitcoin make sure if you haven't done it already guys This is our question of the day It's not really a question of the day, but the theory on the contest that we're running is through Facebook so make sure You jump in our Facebook group all you need to do is share that top post right there? I? Will make sure to put you guys a length the group Here it is So jump in a group share that top post says my people my people is about that time just click on that share it and then That's where I'll be picking our winner from right And if you guys realize what You guys realize somebody said ADA let's check out ADA EMC – Yeah, we checked out a Terrell cook

It's saying it's running extremely slow What's gone on than this Okay Thank you for like show me some love on Facebook Big Sean big Brock The Bodyguard Planet Fitness finest Live going on people I'll bright out, right Here we go let's look at 8'o real quick Let's check out eight feet hey What's going on what's going out dang goodies oh? Wow you never really see that – there's a theorem theory out there that says Statistically you can't get more than nine candles at the same direction Hey prove that very wrong Goodness gracious how many we got here? one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen BAM ri

p – eight I Was at one of them little girl's face emojis you know Yeah, you don't want to buy this coin right now when you have that much negative momentum you you you would be gambling to buy It thinking that it was gonna do something like that, and I don't gamble so I don't recommend this call me right now I Like it for the technology, and you know all that it's doing, but the market doesn't like it right now So if the market don't like it, then I don't like it, but Calvin was going out Good seen their madtown's finest So yeah hold off on ADA I mean it's decent it's a decent acquisition here for Investing right because you got some long-term support down there Even if some take it to the top of that candle That's basically what it's bouncing off of now But there's no promise that you know that that the 231 next is got 231 support right there By I get under 550 if you really want wanted that bad put a limit value in it 550 See if you fill it if not then look somewhere else It's plenty of money other is a lot of other charts

There's a lot better charts than this data is not a strong chart whatsoever When you get 16 red candles in a row you don't want to be betting on number 17 The odds are not in your favor right there you go That's a But do one more real quick jump over to our YouTube people here We go right here guys If you haven't done it Make sure you jump in our Facebook group share the number one post That's not our group right there Smash that like button if you haven't done it already Yeah Calvin make sure you come in our Facebook group it's the number one Bitcoin group in row so just that little search bar right there on Facebook type in hashtag one space Bitcoin and That's gonna be our group House people now I'm saying all over the world 100 200 countries represented insane They call this the United Nations a Financial empowerment Look you're a funny guy here we go, so we're loading this back up Who else say it's something, let's jump over here see what we want list can list is underwater

Don't do it litecoin No, we just feels like one like two days ET see let's check out ET cie Etc And then we'll go ahead and get started for the bit cold mad boy What's going out? Hopefully you got some Bitcoin Matt wait Matt Well you might be that got Bitcoin like when it was like three dollars You know I'm saying playing second like oh wow Got big going when it was three $3

14 Just holding holding holding a billion dollars right now not even telling nobody Knew that's not good goodness gracious This thing had a chance But I tell you what as long as that this is actually one of the better charts Believe it or not cuz once you do that as long as that blue is above the 231 We have upward momentum right we basically this is basically to chart telling the chart that chart You got to go up Oh, it's the wrong button no come back Right and so as long as that blue stays above those columns right there Then this one has a pretty good chance to bounce back because that Y is really just a sporadic you know big point 25,000 event but That area right There is really what's important because you can see what happened as soon as We crossed over on the first time The chart has to respond right so as long as we stay above it And we have a good chance to bounce back pretty quick all we have to do Then is wait for the 231 and the 77 to both go up and then we we have what's called the Holy Trinity where we got the 777 and the 231 all going up together, that's when you get you know 30 40 50 60 70 % pretty easy Right, but this isn't a bad chart given the candle I Wouldn't bet on it bouncing right there, but I could see why people would You know given that short term support Right because that's what you look at you look at the immediate Retraced map level so it bounced right there, so this you know for the gamblers out there I'm not again where I won't be buying aetherium classic right here But if you are then you know that could potentially form a double bottom reversal I For one will be waiting until The white and the blue intersect, then I'm clear you know clean and clear, right? Because once it's once once the Seven goes under the 231, and it's very very easy for it to go down and go down quick, right so I wouldn't recommend buying this thing below 002 – That way you know that for the most part you're out of harm's way Big Elliott was going on Fazal

I see you there you go cool Cool, Elliott what you ride like 20 miles a day did a half marathon half marathon only on your lunch break Here we go 17,000 people if you haven't joined it And I'm saying just tight being number one Bitcoin group in the world on Facebook right there come on in the door They're always open Yeah, Eliot tell them people you work with that dr Boyd You know I'm saying let this cubicle in became up false I'm saying I Think you might have been in that room when I told all them people at that think they need to buy Bitcoin at $600 they looked at me like I had two heads on no, I'm saying I was buying at 600 So I told the bank I was working for y'all need to go buy Bitcoin Bitcoin is a regulated asset We're a bank We've blown against assets Bitcoin is $600 We should buy it they looked at me

They said say you know what Brandon That's great now Let's get back to this PowerPoint and talk about receipts we have text Picture email receipts that's what's gonna Do it That's the future right there? Okay Here we go Hey, let's jump in a Bitcoin boom boom boom and Then what I'll do now is we'll go ahead I'm going to get started Last call you guys if you haven't shared this picture There's post number one post on the group I am picking a winner in about 30 seconds, so does your last call? Alley Wolf's Was going on Alan make me wish I still had a snapchat account I don't so unfortunate Trainin view is down

How does that even happen come on? That hill BK was about to go on here and do some crazy stuff with these charts come on guys Upgrading the technology, but why why Where is the trade of you oh? That's a nice chart, what is that iota? Who is this Cori? That's a cool That's a good turn right there Those are how all my charts used to look like? Everybody that's just now getting started In crypto this is one of the reasons I put this group together was that to help people just getting started Understand how the charts work and it's a visual learning process It's like the more you see You know how the energy inside these charts can be pinned down like this guy really literally just hint this energy down Every 15 minutes on the exact same scale this is if you understand Music this dude just basically made a heart I'm like you know That's exactly what he did everything is energy everything is resonance Everything is a fractal set of a sequence that came before and as a predecessor to a sequence yet to be unveiled Right so Matt Corey shut up does a beautiful chart enough And I wanted to do a Bitcoin sorry, but it's raining view doesn't like me right now So we'll see we'll see if we could get it in here real quick Save that pulse Alright, so I'm I had to freestyle this thing man

That's fine I can freestyle it Marsinah how's it going to a big chap I say what up? Hopefully y'all bought some Bitcoin I coach app about Bitcoin a long time going pretty short Back when I was living in San Francisco All right, I just freestyle this thing I got a pretty good memory And I got a new diagram to go off oh It's gonna be a pretty cool chart though So we will uh do BTC In a USD Someone said for newbies when is the best time to buy Altcoins Anytime the blue is above Or I'm sorry anytime the whites about a blue You go down to a four-hour chart you use this indicator right here ultimately Kay moving averages Well you get that you just go to that little button right there that little chart button and type in BK And then you'll have this system that I use look on a four hour Candle and anytime that white line is above that blue Line is a good time to buy it it is that simple I? Literally hand you the recipe and you could go cook whatever it is you like? All right, so here we go what's going on shall we just get started about to do the triple Fibonacci Chart that I showed you guys earlier but you can see it come together in real life I Know I know I look good in a real life Crazy part about this chart guys

I don't think it's done All right Let's do it I'm gonna scale this thing out to a one day Just so I have all this And then we'll come back pick a winner and we'll get started No, they said they said they're uploading so I can't even use a different template I gotta stick with this one There you go flick hey have you got a hundred That's all I started with actually I started with less than that I started with like 50 bucks You know go don't take a lot a lot a lot of zeros to get a lot of percent you know The guy Let's reload this thing No, it's notes down what just happened Literally I was literally Two clicks away from doing a video what happened? That's frustrating Oh, no I'm trying to see if this thing loaded up or not It Doesn't like me Who's gonna kind of draw it live for everybody I didn t work Everybody else good I'm training you hey one-eye I want to do the picture I wanted to do a live um Your turn abuse lurking hmm Yeah mine line isn't working Let me out that door if they're like Side-channel or something Let's try that No There we go we had to trick it, let's hurry up and do this chart for taking us out Yeah, if you haven't hit that like button guys make sure you do, I do appreciate it 200 Almost 300 people live on air watching right now we got the fam from Facebook in the building to make sure you hit that like button that's all I ask and Then we'll go ahead

I'm gonna refresh this page and we'll run through our intro and we will be picking a winner Reload this and we're good go Stacey Sutton was going on he's like you gotta learn how to how to trace um Bitcoin Let's do it he'll camera on the charts You Why is it so slow this is like painful what's going on Doing that much on this from here why I'm not still using this computer That's the more frustrating part minutes Why Like why why it's a website guys what's going on It's a website That was painful no good, let's load this up Wow something is like just bad with these servers What is going on But I don't get it I Really doubt this is Its gracious You'll get it why is this why is this thing in 28 28 minutes I? Look at that what is this this is? Sorry about that I really don't know why this is all taking so long little bayonet start out real quick It's gonna be a pretty cool chart – there you go good good good Boss a big coin right now appreciate this off The boats crypto hub in the building all right all right all right, let's do it You area Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boasts a Bitcoin the creased of crypto this your boy became and if you like me you Must not like money

Thank you for joining me everybody as you know today is December 7 you already know What time it is Bitcoin? crushing all-time highs pushing sixteen thousand dollars If you just now tuning in you are officially a part of history This is one of the fastest growing crypto communities in the world and my name is BK You might know me as the crypto traitor, and I am the boss of these tournaments soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voices another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception So with that being said we are jumping into our Facebook community right now shout out to the 300 viewers live on the air and the millions of listeners all around the world without further ado Let's get somebody paid so here We go here We go here We got does remember that from like WWF back in the day with the rock The millions around the world here we go I Seventh one plus two Seven nine we go go nine down from the top I'm just go jumping around countdown one two three four five six seven eight BAM Dalton, oh meal You are the winner add a semi or aetherium while it, and I will send you a couple bucks 18h as a token of my appreciation Thanks for joining us man

Thank you everybody if you want to win some cash money and buy cash money I mean crypto Then make sure you subscribe to you notifications on if you want Facebook live right now make sure you come to our group it's called the number one Bitcoin group in the world and we have 17,000 of my best friends that come together seven days a week To get each other empowered and improv it in This crypto verse you understand we come together to make money And I'm saying every day in this group is Thanksgiving because every day we sit out on a table we eat We break bread You know I'm saying we get fool o money together Profit right, it's really a beautiful thing We keep it empowered We keep it positive What I'm doing with these charts is really understanding the energy and the resonance and the financial harmonics I'm sorry the a fractal harmonics of the universe I just correlate them to a You know two dimensional plane? Within ranting red and green candles, but this is no different than how the universe works in any other Circumstance, I'm just able to make it make it work with candles and financial forecasting right So it's really cool

The method that we're using is called the false method This is patented intellectual property I designed it I own it and I give it to the people for free if you're a profit-seeking entity a hedge fund a bank of fiduciary or financial entity some other youtuber broke blog or whatever it is you will not ever I Do not have my express written consent to use it but if you're a Person just licking that make a dollar out of Diamond and nickel I'll give it to you for free use it and use it Abundantly it works quite well There are two rules we use two Simple moving averages one is a seven day moving average The other is a seventy seven day moving average And when the seven which is the white one goes above the seventy seven which is the blue one? That's when you buy because that's when this thing is breaking out BAM and it's ready to make use of money That's it

That's it Wide over blue You know what to do yeah, I'm saying it's time to get paid, baby That's it seven and eleven seven times 11 is 77 Las Vegas Then made trillions of dollars on that number combination So it's time for us the people that take some of that money back This is how we do it This is Bitcoin people this ain't no dollar this ain't no USD you know why cuz the USD ain't done nothing for me BTC is the future out live on the blockchain I Own the crypto verse and I pump weights I? Don't know how that none for that one, but a theory that don't really work that don't really work I don't really even come please let my little brother be doing like 18,000 push-ups a day only reason I thought about that cuz Brett You know saying about your bodyguard at Planet Fitness was you know I'm saying in the facebook chat I thought about how big his arms was and I was like I um I could get big on no It didn't work It didn't work I'm sorry

I'm sorry I was awful one on them I'll get better I'll get better so here we go guys Bitcoin City USD man listen This is the best chance we have as a people to empower ourselves financially to buy back our freedom if you are trading your life for 30 years in a Cubicle of plaque and a 401k to run out of money before you can cash it out and guess what you are a slave to the system Wake up empower yourself Break them chains and come over to the Crypt overs This is the best chance we got three weeks ago this thing Was no joke five six seven thousand dollars right there look at the price What is it right now? $17,000 everybody that bought three weeks ago guess what they made $10,000 this is a a Recognized asset by the US government trust me They're buying it the banks are buying it They don't want you to buy it cuz they don't want you to have money There we go this is how we get money, right? This is how we get money right over blue, you know what to do jump in there make some make some green So first things first with this whole thing this whole thing I'll get a little bit animated I'm sorry, but that's the biggest thing I learn you guys I traded I traded a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and Comfortable cubicle with my name on it You know I'm saying for the opportunity to come on here and speak freely about how to empower the world Instead of for working for one of the world's largest by financial Instrument of conscience, and now I understand harmonic resonance you understand So this ain't this ain't no hobby this ain't no gimmick This is the real deal You don't in and I have one of the biggest banks in the world paying me top dollar to do it for them

I left that job So now y'all got me for free Here we go here we go what we're gonna do guys is I'm gonna show you exactly how to freestyle a Fibonacci oh my man I saw a chart that I made earlier That kind of put together a little bit of a logic a little bit of a conscience and a little bit of the fractal Forecasting in this chart what I'm doing is I'm clearing it up all the way I just broke this thing all the way down to where all I want to see is that white in that blue line Because with these two set of lines, I'm gonna show you guys What's yet to be foreseen and keep in mind the numbers that I'm giving you are just the under statement, right A lot of times when when we do a financial forecast and we give them you know an inner quartile range Or you know a best-guess so to speak right? Even if you were gonna you know put in put in some money in the markets They would say okay Well, what's the lowest you expected to go? What's the highest you expected go? what's the you know the range to spray it this kind of stuff so that's That's kind of built into what I'm giving you guys so when I say Bitcoin 25,000 understand that that's the floor The ceiling could very well be a hundred and twenty-five thousand But when I'm giving you guys is the floor 25k is almost a guaranteed floor given this harmonic sequence that we are Getting in right now right so here We go here We go here we go First thing I want to do is I want to identify some prominent points in this chart Right and keep in mind This is a one-day chart so Things happen a little bit faster than they would on The regular chart that we look at the regular chart

We look at is between four hours and two hours That's important six hours But now I'm living on one day so first things first I'm gonna go to that intersection right there And get the bottom of my Bonacci See how this thing did this bam bam right so right there, it's gonna be One cycle That's where the other ones tell it Right there because what I want to start getting is I want to understand What I can expect as These cycles move forward in time right so a real easy tool to do that is right here If you're on training view you can do this with me Cycle lines cyclic lines right there boom boom right five down one two three four five six one two three four five six Cyclic lines right there, and it's real easy You just click that one bam Bam Right And actually I missed this one so I want to just make it tighter right there Let's take it down there we go I Can get rid of these little purple ones So what that does is that puts this thing pretty nice and neat and the cycles of energy that we have gone into it, right Hey Daniel P the minute since you got enough balls to Talk garbage in my chat, but you still trolling for customers How about you start your own channel? Stop being a scrub get out your mama's basement Let your nuts drop go on the street and try to make your own money you understand since your uh you know That uh that Self-empowered to you you think you can just you know coming here Talk crazy

I thought that don't work like that You know saying it's one dog in this room right now Not me Yes, then big dog walked little puppies little little pup in style You know saying go take a number get my Learn how to make some money before you come in come in my room You know I'm trying trying to steal food off my team I give this stuff away for free People tell you what tell you what more money you make more you realise how broken desperate some people are anyways anyways Goodness gracious, where was I? Where was I oh? We got two cycles right now we are doing our Fibonacci Right this is gonna be our first one Bam Bam Just a quick one just to give us The kind of like the inset sequence that we already went through this, but this basically gives the entire System resonance right the next one We're gonna do is From the bottom exact same spot all the way up here Bam Bam See ya, and then the last one We're gonna do I just want to make sure these are lined up good with the daily I Think for this chart, we have to go to the top of the candle normally

I catch it on that intersection but for whatever reason you know This one works best with the top of the candle so that's what we're going to Just to get the fractals to stick That's not bad So 1 2 and now we need 3 and 3 I believe is gonna be all the way up to the dip right so 1 2 2 Right Or 625 let's see right there Then we could even bring it down a tad to that bottom candle there you go That gives it to us right there nail on the head Now why did I do all of that? What did I do right there is one of the bigger questions? What I did was I created a Fibonacci scale That will essentially tie in to three points on the same chart It will tie in to that point right there Which was basically our first big breakout, right? From that breakout this whole system happened Right so we understand that part of the chart now from that breakout But that's not all I did I laid over top of it another one What I'll do is I'll uh Just kind of highlight the ring of these things Maybe in like a purple I just wanted to stand out a little bit It's not that You won't see anybody else do this those people to be honest don't really understand the meanings of Fibonacci but all it does for you is show you the sequences already built into one entity Right so all I did here was basically I triangulated the energy of bigpoint over an entire year Keep in mind that this first starting point was March of 2017 so we have 1 2 3 different scales Drawn from the exact same starting point so for those of you that understand triangulation that my definition is what we did You know but guess what now this thing actually starts to Take shape and the first thing you see is that right now We have to test it we need to confirm that these levels make sense I'll move this one back just a little bit Right there the bottom of that gray one First thing you see look at this thing now look at this and this is on a daily So I don't even use these fractals This is not what my method was designed My method was designed specifically for a 4-hour chart, but still You get these areas to where? It consolidates on one side Floors become the ceilings and the ceilings become the floors right the 1/6 the 3/2 are two major major major prominent points in This chart and you can see this thing almost was like a magnet on both sides of that line Right in addition to that we do have Look at all that look at all this energy down here this thing has like four different lines running through it and Guess what happens it's like a magnet you understand It really is it's like a magnet a lot of people don't Understand fractal harmonics, Nathan Allen you're one of them You're gone – goodbye Thank you peace and blessings be on your way But the energy the residents in these different lines actually Allow the chart To almost be attracted back to them right so now we see as we break out

What's coming? What's happening? Well all we did and this is on a one day candle again from all the way dating back from March All we did was we capped out at the four six which is a natural extension That's basically the max out Yeah, I'm Sam for those those guys who bench press That's that's the max And We're more than likely gonna consolidate right here to the 3/2 which is about 14,000 right we do have a chance to go sideways here You know we got a nice channel between that 42 Lynette three two and push this thing, but I don't see that happening Given this huge huge huge breakout, but something between fourteen and fifteen thousand seems pretty comfortable We might hit one candle bounce off 13 and be right back up north of 14 right so 14 flat is A pretty strong floor for us right now But that's not it another thing we could start to look at is This area down here because this area is essentially one of the Break out and break down points right 10 grand or whatever it whatever reason it is is a psychological barrier It's a metaphysical barrier You know it was huge when we broke out of it right and you can see we sat sideways right in between Nine seven and ten five you know so this energy was already Speaking inside the charts in a minute We got above it this thing went up to the next psychological barrier Which is right at 20k? Do you understand that that is not a mistake the universe does not make mistakes those psychological barriers are there for a reason? Because the energy naturally you know steps up and steps down at those levels So we got 14k as a solid floor We have this area built into the chart That's kind of like a buffer zone right so we can just call this our Major support resistance major support major resistance area But as this thing is playing out

What do I see how do I see big coin coming through well again? Let's look at these major charts these major breakthroughs in The past the first one that happened was down here all the way back around April Right and then what I'm looking for now are our major breakout point so what I want is When we actually went through? the resistance line and this morning alpha is that 3 2 You can't really see it in here That was a breakout This is a breakout what I'll do is I'll put these in my boxes That was a psychological barrier This was a psychological barrier And we have another one coming up right here, but look at what's happened to know When we went up to it the first time We were right on top of that line Took one line off Went up to the next one right there we're gonna take one line off and What's gonna be our next point? This is going up to the 3/2 17 K Take one off And then We're getting in this flatline zone Right up here Essentially what this is now on our scale we Might say that looks parabolic that looks whatever whatever but I Guarantee you if we actually look at this thing on a quadratic relationship That would actually probably be a little bit of a slowdown and this is why I say if we were going to go parabolic We would be doing something like That So that's the ceiling you understand Fifty-thousand about it in the next year It's pretty conservative as all we would have to do is just basically keep bouncing off that line which we've confirmed multiple times now and Make one good run up to 50k so that's not hard to do, but what I'm saying is if we just roll this thing on out nice and slow given the Fibonacci extensions that it's had already Then 20k is a very very very conservative floor and I understand completely that this is probably an Overbought market, and I am NOT taking whatsoever into consideration these candles you understand I don't even like having the candles on that's why most of my charts I draw from the intersection but recognizing this I Still think there is great value in understanding the psychological Entry and exit points in the market because if we were going to break down, right What would that look like well, that would be? Pretty much a warning indicator, so we'll color that orange right if we break 10k That's a red flag right there, but guess what we got behind it What's our bottom line? basement You know failed safe Right here in case of emergency break glass That's this thing right here Right so if we were gonna fall that low more than likely it would be rise out there Because again we take one off and we make a move so even if we balance this thing out and say That's up, that's down That's where it would happen right this would be our Bitcoins dead right 7k people would probably be having a heart attack and this one Could Easily be here for our continued growth pattern Right that's natural That's normal all I did was I slowed it down I said take one off To where we slow it down and we actually expect I Give it about six months of going sideways I don't think we had six months for in sideways all year, so it easily we easily could pass 20,000 by mid-april I don't think that's hard to do it all of 25k which in turn would put us on a much much much different fibonacci scale For this one which will probably be us something you know up there, but I didn't I didn't want to do that I said very conservative I said it at the beginning of this video very conservatively we can expect 20,000 by this time next year In addition to that I Do expect the Financials a lot of people are asking about the short and about the markets about the bank boom boom boom boom boom But it this way all that means is more money is coming to the table so as more money comes to the table What do we expect we expect? toward money To push us higher right, but at the end of the day You know this doesn't matter This is all relative because our job as traders is to trade the altcoins which accumulate more Bitcoin so while everybody else in the world is over here looking at Bitcoin 20 30 40 50 thousand I don't care what it is because regardless of the price I'm not in hands off with the OP coin trades right and that's what I got set up for y'all with this boss method That's what I put together for you guys on this website boss for Bitcoin calm wow this man works quick I gave this dude my website, and he didn't turn this thing over in about six hours shout-out To the partner it was in the seven and seventy-seven seventh wonder as well call him You know so we're in the process of rebuilding I told you guys I got I got the infrastructure coming out So this website is already starting to take shape that's really cool, but Boston Bitcoin calm guys one of the things I did Was put together these different reports the most one I'm proud of at the moment is a crypt a police report and this actually talks about the transition I think a lot of a lot of people don't really understand

What's happening right now I think they too caught up trying to keep up with the kardashians that they lost touch of reality And they don't understand that the world is changing Right in front of your eyes bitcoin is not a scam bitcoin is the currency of the internet and The world runs on the internet right now right The dollar is very very very weak That's why you have baby boomers working at Target at 72 years old because they save dollars for the last 50 years and those dollars Aren't worth anything? that's the sad part of our world the Longer you hold the dollar the more Value you will lose they lied to us, and say this is inflation This is good for the economy This is what you want You want to give away three of your net worth Every year forever I say bull You understand That's depth I'll tell you this if you think inflation is good Send me two percent of your network You know then and and and I can you know return return two percent back thirty years later Like they do over or I'll wrap it up in a 401k give you eight percent return charge you 35 Percent to withdraw it early take 50 percent Taxes out you know take OS di Social Security Medicaid state taxes I charge you tax when when you work for me? And I charge you tax when you go to the grocery store and spend the money that already text well and once I don't even Understand how that works, but somehow they get away with it That's the problem with the system with the status quo and the more people that understand that the more people that actually see that the system is being rebuilt and The only way to profit on that transition is to come over here a little bit early and start buying that real estate That all these buildings are getting built on Walton corny Oh Me see go Yo s etherion ADA Singularity is happening like it or not This is our chance to profit from it And that's why I come on this this microphone, that's not my commitment to you guys it does Make my voice be heard seven days a week you Know it's easy for me to sit back

I'm good I assure you I'm okay You know I don't I don't need to ever work another day in my life I've done quite well for myself and my girlfriend has done even better for herself I tell her all the time I said girl he does to yourself good job You know pick the winner good job blue goo ribbon stallion right now But uh, you know, I mean, I I try not to get so animated you guys

I really do But I'm really passionate about like making the difference you know I'm saying I've seen both sides I've seen I've seen being dirt poor and broke giving blood twice a week just a lapping go get a bottle of liquor From this from the spot next door and forget about how broke I was yeah, I'm Sam Heaton millio sales is 695 I'll never forget going through McDonald's with the change in my cup holder Just so I wouldn't be hungry that day Working for two dollars an hour plus tips out of Mexican restaurant But still in my mind that understood that that wasn't it for me I think a lot of people are stuck right now They're stuck in their situation, but they know that's not it well guess what this is it This is the best we got and until it's something else trust me if there was something else I wouldn't be pumping you know something that I didn't think was beneficial for you I'm telling mom mama to buy some Bitcoin, and she is go buy some on Christmas I just wish she would have listened to me seven months ago when I started talking So here we go you know Here we go this is what we got guys boss of Bitcoin calm expect expect a lot in 2018 you know I'm saying Bitcoin 25,000 is just trust me that's just the beginning You know what that did that gave BK a little bit of fire part fire power I? Turned I turned you as being the BTC and BTC into an empire brick by brick trade by trade show by show like by light comment by comment one-on-one by 101 I dedicate You know I'm saying to this process and I understand exactly what I'm building Hopefully you do too, and hopefully you dare to see it through you know I'm saying we all know we in a parking lot right now, but please believe You know I'm saying a penthouse Is well in sight I know exactly where I'm going I'm just not trying to be up there young-sam enjoying the view I'll tell you it's a it's a lot that these charts say often times I can't even come on the air and talk about It's a beautiful world you guys Beautiful beautiful world what I love most about it is the community if you are in the chat right now Doing a favorites out to the country out I will come through you guys In about 30 seconds we talked about Boston Bitcoin number one Facebook group in the world if you don't no not yet no Coming near 17,000 of my best friends making money helping each other out again I do not want to sound Negative you know, but I think there does need to be a sense of urgency you guys Bitcoin $25,000 let that sink in Do not listen to the Bobbleheads on TV and let them tell you this is a scam and don't put your dollars in it let me tell you get dollars ain't worth nothing How would you want to hold something that ain't worth nothing January 1st how much was one Bitcoin? $900 Trust me if it just has one comma in the price tag it's still pretty cheap That being said guys, let's go ahead and wrap this thing on up

You know I'm saying I don't normally speak like that, but I just you know I just I just have to let it ride We got we got with you gotta realize this moment is upon us this moment is upon us, right? And it's up to us each one reach one reach one teach one That's why I teach you guys how to empower yourself right I'm not I can't do it for you right I did it for myself I'm good

Thank my girl She got some BAM She good You know I'm saying her dad He called me every day He brought me into the game He good fam good Pam

I want y'all to get good I'm saying if you hearing my voice right now That is Self-selected that means you have already chosen a path that is yet to manifest in your favor It's time to use that energy to your advantage Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill Listen to that book Understand that your mind creates a future yet to be unveiled so change your thoughts change Your mind change your values change your work Here we go everybody Stacy make sure you have been listen to this if he ain't listening to it already Now let's run down the people in the building Sky I see you out there Miami BAM two times what's going on Jon Snow is in the building Croatia Colorado Netherlands, Dallas was good Australia 80 Help peace up UK Ghana nation's capital DC, LA Kosovo Rough rally in C And they said they box walking on the west coast in a wild wild west New Zealand y'all check them out became cold ass ride Portland San Fran wassup France ATL Detroit, UK Dallas and Montreal, thank you everybody for joining me again As we increase our affluence let us not decrease our influence and the commitment that we have To empower each other, but that being said is that commenting signing out this the boss boy BK no matter Where you stay Brazil to Bay in California all the way back out boom jerk money Good night Good morning today Thank you for joining me everybody Thank you so much for your time all I ask is if this message helped you if this knowledge Helps you copy and paste this URL Text it to somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate mine until we meet again Stay cryptic up please