hello today i'm gonna review this website btcgenpoolonline and lets check if it is paying or not so lets find out first you must go to the website this is the website im reviewing lets try this with my blockchain account okay i have a balance here in case theres a fees lets request and lets go to the website and paste the address and you can choose they say you can choose the amount i will start with 0

15 btc and oh theres a referral link ok ok lets start it may takes a while they say that this mining pool is paying today so i will try and review if is really paying i hope it is paying ok lets wait it may take a while alright its done they say that to ensure your transaction pay miners fee 00097 btc lets copy the address lets try to send them the miners fee copy paste the amount and lets continue ok this is it i hope its working ok i send them its deducted ok lets wait it confirms i hope too oh it says its 1/3 confirmation lets check did they sent the btc? i don't know? lets check the blockchain account did they feel? Oh! oh they send it the bitcoins is sent how much this? its true what the its 015 btc lets refresh oh its real, it's really legit guys it's on my account wow it really comes to my account 015 btc and thats website is really legit i definitely recommend that website guys i tested it out today and it is really working it is the receiving address lets check that txid wow 015 definitely try this again later today it gain you such a high profit this is awesome definitely recommend this because this is a real paying website and the review is successful and today is october 18, 2019 and the review is successful the website paying and legit ok thank you