Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is October the 9th 2017 buy-and-hold strong hand happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all the people in Canada all right remember check out yesterday's show and Saturday shows they're linked to below and follow me on twitter at tech ball eech be alt that's what yesterday's show from Facebook was all about that I also put on here I you know YouTube has had many issues and I've been having issues with YouTube mostly because I'm in a place where it's I can't do live shows because of the internet connection but I'm evolving my social media presence and I need everyone to follow me on Twitter at Tech vault-tec HB alt because you're gonna be able to find out what I'm doing live shows where I'm doing the live shows because the format is gonna change here and I'll get into that later but and this week we're not gonna have this week in Bitcoin most likely because I cannot do that live show here in Spain is just in the issues with the technology and everything but everyone should be excited about the new format that I'm going to be bringing to YouTube very soon but you're gonna have to to stay and it's not always gonna be live so Twitter will be a great way to stay live with me because I'm always updating Twitter again at Tec bought on Twitter te CH B alt that's like technology Baltimore and you know we can't depend on just YouTube all the time now I have to branch out to other places and so let's diversify here not decentralize from from YouTube and it's going to be much more efficient for me and it'll be more efficient for you guys to trust me when we do this new format so learning and Bitcoin and education and Bitcoin we're all used to our traditional education you know going middle school high school then college and graduate school and then you're supposed to get a good job or just high school and then you get a an okay job or college and you get a pretty good job is that really the case are you really learning skills that are gonna is gonna put you it's gonna put you in a new a new economic zone a new just a more comfortable place in your life or should you really learn about new technologies like Bitcoin I remember in the days of the internet and I talked about this in yesterday's Facebook show with some of you probably missed it it really if you look back on it if you learned about the Internet in the early 2000s you've probably got a better education in terms of being able to make more money now than you did going to a good college so teach your children well get them in the Bitcoin now teach yourself well you can this is the key to self-employment getting into debt and going to an okay university or even a good university probably is not gonna get you on the road to being self-employed Bitcoin education and it's again things are rough right now in Bitcoin like in terms of it's hard to understand for most people so if you can grasp the concepts and if you're able to teach others or if you're just able to somehow make your own business out of it you're just way ahead of the curve here and you're gonna be able to beat work for yourself and make good money and more and have true freedom and I'm living the life here man I mean I people gonna say well no you went to a good color but my current lifestyle I've done very well from Bitcoin because I know about Bitcoin now that's propelled me to a whole new area yeah I had been self-employed for quite some time from since before Bitcoin but again we're in an area now where this is your key to being self-employed okay don't get into debt College goes up in cost every year it's free to learn Bitcoin okay it's $50,000 a year to go to Johns Hopkins or wherever or brown or Washington University where I went so remember pound that like button subscribe to this channel check out the links below follow me at Tech vault-tec HB alt all right ID link to the vortex show below but lo I was supposed to be on it right when it started I got kicked off because of the internet connection and I'm really sorry about that it was it was obviously a good show I like some of the guys that we're on there have been on my show before it's just so unfortunate this internet connected this internet issue again you can't just put all your eggs in one unit two basket and I'm I'm not going to be doing it anymore so it you know I've learned a lot from these uh being kicked off the internet I came up today when I was walking around al beer Spain that's where I am I came up with all these new ideas for the new format for the new show we're gonna have here and it's gonna be 8:45 in the morning Eastern Time every day I don't know when it's going to start but it that's just going to be our start time 8:45 in the morning Eastern Time so it's going to be a regular time so everyone can get used to it and it'll probably be a shorter show it'll be not as many topics as this we'll get into the name I got the name and everything alright so aetherium community activated hard fork people that crypto dividend that I only I have been talking about for the last few weeks a theory of three aetherium proof of work they updated me we will reveal our homepage and repositories very soon thanks for your interest all right so we're getting closer to the etherium hard fork are these guys going to make their aetherium 3 here is this really going to happen are we gonna get etherium crypto dividends for just holding aetherium because yeah some of us hold the theory I'm for whatever various reasons and yeah bring it on I'm a Bitcoin guy of course but dude if a theory wants to do it too if these guys do it good luck good luck to them so as soon as I know more information about this I will tell you but again their website is CAH CAH F dot C oh right oh god I don't even have it in front of me but I'll keep everyone updated email me at a dimitra's or help calm if you have any information about any future crypto dividend issuance on any coin and of course if you need a crypto consultation I I do that for people remember no fancy set of graphics here just information and I am proud of the information that I'm giving given the viewers out here this is the best YouTube channel out there baby you better believe it in terms of information you know in terms of fancy graphics I don't know go go learn about steam or something no steam it is good don't buy steam they said another one of my sayings is that gonna be a theme or something someone should draw like a little caricature of me like screaming that kind of stuff people have done funny characters yours of me there's some good artists out there you know with this hair you can make all sorts of crazy pictures that you have to laugh at yourself people you cannot take yourself too seriously okay so be cash is it's a bigger issue than the 2x biz can whatever you want to call that one in the long run whether people like it or not there is a be cash community out there Simon Dickson talked about being at a big cash event in in Hong Kong on this very channel he talked about that and I just interacted with a guy from Perth who's a big cash fan so is there anyone on social media though other than these heads of corporations or whatever that support the 2x that support biscone I know no they're not so that that's point number one out there I mean there are be be cashiers out there like it or not and so the this thing is here you can call it a nuisance or whatever it's going to be there for a while as a threat and I bring this up because the you know people are saying that there are former be cashiers supporting biscone and they're not former beacon I mean these guys still like be cash they're supporting biscone which is the 2x fork because the biscayne thought the more they support basically the more Fudd there is going to be and it's going to cause some people to fear biz coin taking over which it's not going to take over the bitcoin name it is not but if you're a be cash or if you're really malicious and not all be cashiers are malicious like it some of them were prominent people out there but if you're a malicious BK sure I mean you want to cause as much fear as possible and so that people just hold on to their Bitcoin hold on to their busy own there is paralysis because people are fearing the replay attacks they don't know what is going to be the real bitcoin so they're just holding on everything and so then they have created a problem there's gonna be at least no matter what happens P and I know I'm not spreading the FUD here there is going to be even if there is no threat of Bitcoin even if everyone is totally cool on that day and everyone isn't because of these people spreading this FUD but there is going to be a slowdown in terms of Bitcoin moving because people are scared of these replay protections how big the slowdown is how but if there's a paralysis at that point depends on how much we retweet these guys how much we talk about these biz corners or be malicious be cashiers but yeah if if this happens though there's a probe there's going to be a problem and so the malicious be cashiers will present their solution and their solution will be at that point well we at B cash we're not we're not in this at all just we're the real Bitcoin you don't have to worry about replay attacks on on be cash mark I mean I can see it now people I can see it now so don't say like that there are there people saying oh king of the trolls has left be cash to to go to a bitcoin no no don't worry it's all big strategy it's all a big strategy so at that point – once they start pumping up be cash in that way they'll start selling their Bitcoin they're busy own their be gold just the further punt and we got into this on a previous show of line but I think it's it should be brought up again this whole how this could play out so everyone does not panic and does not sell their Bitcoin that that is the bottom line here is not not not to sell your Bitcoin now again I understand why people are saying oh be cash is dead be of and because the price is going down so much well think about it why then why is the price of B cash going down now as we get closer to the be gold and 2x or is Bitcoin fork because you can't get crypto dividends with B cash you can only get crypto dividends those two crooks of diamonds that I just mentioned with Bitcoin so people are song there be cash to get the Bitcoin so they can get the B gold and get them to get the Bitcoin so of course the the price of Bitcoin is going up and of course the pretend bitcoins going up for other reasons too but of course the price of B cash is going down as now's the time to get rid of that because you can get your other crypto dividends but dude I'm sure that the the bad dudes out there are liking that the price of B cash is going down and they're probably gonna buy it all up for cheap and then start the pump äj– once November comes along and once all the scenario that I just mentioned previously starts to happen and they dump their be gold and but again again and it would not shock me in the least that once we get rid of by this November stuff again so yeah I think B cash is going to pump again in November during some times of relative uncertainty how uncertain people are going to be is up to you guys how you stay and I'm saying have a strong hand through this but it wouldn't shock be once they get through that gimmick the be cash people come up with a post-november gimmick where maybe they start up creating crypto dividends for be cash and thus making be cash something that well it's the only other coin besides a theory I'm in Bitcoin that are doing this crypto dividend thing I better get this BK so I mean they've got all sorts of gimmicks up their sleeves so I'm not I'm not a fan of e cash but I'm not gonna pronounce it dead when I know that it earned the long run it's there to stay whether it be through sincere community members whether it be through bad actors I think to s is just the tool okay it's just a tool of the bad actors that'll be dumped I don't see how that sticks around at all because they don't have a community there is no community out there of people who what's the point to believe in it except for people who signed some agreement I mean that's out there I mean someone should make a Twitter poll what do you just what do you prefer be cash or biz going no don't don't put any be gold or Bitcoin in there we've seen those polls maybe I should do this poll yeah I'm the one who's talking about Twitter and everything anyway Allison Alistair Milne has a tweet out there and it's an article advantages of the legacy chain okay so if you want to hear good news about Bitcoin read this article again this coin what the heck because some of you need reassurance I mean every day I see people panicking all these replay per day what we're gonna do what are we gonna do hold your Bitcoin don't worry don't don't get greedy here and we're gonna get to that in a second toward the Meester's uh has a very interesting tweet Bitcoin breaks through the 5 million won barrier all right and he says he's buying into that rally whatever I mean buy and hold people of course but 5 million won is a very round number in Korea so it's interesting maybe that's part of the Bitcoin pump and I like when we get International flavor and when we see a denomination in a different currency you know it's it's something it's important to sometimes see what bitcoin is is in if it's a nice round number in a number in another currency and especially in a market that is growing like South Korea so five million won they are above now so that that's very interesting good good tweet okay so some people there was a guy in my comment section that said I'm just gonna store my Bitcoin on the exchanges right before to biz coin a hard fork so I can just trade my so I can I'll get my Bitcoin there and I'll sell my biz corn for a lot of Bitcoin because that last time people did that they did well because it was hard to get bitcoins onto the exchanges and you know yadda yadda yadda that's that's a bad idea dude it's a bad idea it is not worth it remember you are getting this for free eventually if through you know once we understand the replay protection if there is reflection it's going to be free whether you make 10% off of it or 5% off of it it's free there's no need to risk your Bitcoin a hundred percent in order to get five percent more okay because you're putting your Bitcoin and a third party that's a no-no all the time especially now you don't think the hackers out there know that there are people out there with your mindset that that want to get greedy and want to you know store their real coins on these exchanges with the hopes of being the first ones on there to get the split coins they know that they're probably maybe there's a hacker who's already figured out a way onto these exchanges that's just a winner just waiting for everyone to do this and then he's gonna go hack crazy on it so this is definitely the worst time to take that risk and you know what maybe nothing's gonna happen and everyone will be like Oh Adam why do you tell me you got to do nothing dudes again it's free so either you risk a hundred percent of your Bitcoin you're a hundred you know for what if you're one Bitcoin you put it on there you're risking 100% to get five percent more or you just be patient and you'll get your five percent of eventually you think long term come on think long term the risk is not it is not worth the risk alright finally I'm gonna link to a video I took on the beach at Al beer on Sunday where I am on where I am in Spain so all of you can see it if you're interested in that type of thing i'm adam meister the bitcoin pound that like button I'm an advisor to bitcoin meister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below and of course pound that like button see you later