– Hi, everyone Today we’re going to make a review on our client’s rack By the way, he also has an air-cooled mining farm which is in the same room

We will show it to you a little bit later The air-cooled farm is shut down right now for we could make a video without ASICs noise So, the rack is provided with a cooling tower and accommodates 24 ASIC S9j units Now let’s have a look what's inside the cell and see how does the system work Here are 6 ASIC S9j units with 2

6 kW power suppliers inside each cell Before immersing, all coolers were dismantled and ASICs were cleaned from dust Then, devices were immersed into our immersion liquid COOLANT, which is dielectric, non-toxic and possesses high thermophysical properties By the way, the temperature of COOLANT right now is around 60 degrees You can see it on the sensor

Now I’ll tell you about the way how the immersion cooling system works Here we’ve got a large camera with mining devises and a smal camera with heat-exchanging equipment such as a pump and heat-exchanger itself A pump provides circulation and overflow of coolant from the large camera to the small one Then coolant gets to the heat exchanger, where it is cooled with a water-glycol mixture in a closed external circuit, which discharges the undue heat into the environment through a cooling tower A few words about the rack maintenance As you can see, the cell is rolled out now, so we will close it and roll it back

As the cell is rolled back, we fix it, to prevent an unexpected rolling out And let’s dismantle the console Now let me tell you about the external cooling circuit It works on water-glycol mixture The liquid circulates through the whole rack, inside the frames, where the cooling liquid is evenly distributed to each cell

Up here there is a hydraulic piping, which includes a pump, conservator, monometer, which shows the pressure level in the system Here is also a temperature sensor, that maintains a constant temperature, which is determined according to the variable speed drive and a cooling tower The cooling tower is installed outside, we will show it to you a little bit latter Now let’s have a look at some parameters of the cooling tower As we can see, the fan consumption is 112kW and fan rotor speed is about 23hz

Here we should take into account that the cooling tower is designed for the removal of heat from equipment up to ​​45 kW As I promised, we went outside to have a look at our cooling tower As you can hear, it is almost noiseless now at this time of year As I’ve said before, this cooling tower is designed for the removal of heat from equipment up to ​​45 kW s at an ambient temperature of up to +30 degree and now it consumes only 120 watts to cool the 45 kW-equipped rack And now the most important thing The main benefit of using an immersion cooling system

The even and proper heat removal from equipment by immersion liquid allows to increase the ASICs efficiency by up to 40% while devices operating at high powers without a risk of overheating what we will see now on the monitor Here you can see overlocked ASICs S9 using the BiXBiT firmware The hashrate of ASIC S9 is over 202 TH/s now The chips temperature is 64,67,64 degrees and the boards temperature is around 50 degrees Devices are operating at high powers without overheating and show a high level of efficiency

At the end of our video review, I would like to show you how the air-cooled farm works, which was shut down during the video Bye everyone!