hello Internet this is Karel this is a follow-up video on our previous videos on the antminer s9 from bitmain and have received many questions in regards to whether the bitmain antminer s9 is profitable on 2017 and how much a bitcoin antminer s9 can make per month as an investment on a bitcoin miner let's answer those questions is really simple my experience with the bitmain antminer s9 that I have an unboxing video on that I will link on the description and also an installation video that will also link on the description of this video the good thing about nicehash usually provides a little bit of more margin over just mining Bitcoin right now I have generated two hundred and thirty nine dollars with 93 cents on a period of four days and I've been mining with nicehash consistently for the last four days just to show you guys what has been the payouts over the last four days so I'm gonna quickly browse to the statistics so you can see what are my bitcoin mining profits and how the s9 antminer has been performing lately the sha-256 this is the antminer s9 that is mining currently into the nicehash pool over the last up payments you can see or hear I'm going to quickly change only for the sha-256 which is the mining algorithm for the antminer s9 so you can see what are my profits over a few days of mining let's check it out over here you're gonna see that I started mining let's start counting for November 25th and I have received a few payment up to today November 29th so far this is what I have been paid on the on the antminer s9 I have transcribed this payment daily mining payments from nicehash into an Excel spreadsheet showing the date of the payment the payment that was made the equivalent in us

dollars at the current price of $11,000 on the market this morning the total amount that I need that I made with those four days I divided that daily total by four or here and it was this will be how much I'm making a day and that would be monthly if I multiply it for three days this is what you will receive one thousand two hundred eighty nine dollars with eighty-five cents from this you will have to take out your electricity cost but believe me I am making money with this it's a very good investment so far and I see other videos trying to use online calculators expressing the fact that the antminer s9 is not profitable nowadays it is profitable and with Bitcoin prices of raising as they have been right now we're at $11,000 per Bitcoin it is profitable using nicehash at least this is my experience and I wanted to share that with you so you are aware that most of the videos claiming that it is not profitable it is and if you see here I've been mining consistently since the 25th at thirteen point seventy nine fourteen terahashes with my bitcoin miner s9 on the nicehash pool based on my numbers and based on my balance you will be making money with the antminer s9 today on November 2017 I'm using other mining computers but they generate way less but the antminer s9 profit has been my best investment so far in regards to the to the profit ratio thank you so much for watching this video in another video I'm gonna show you how to configure the nice hash pool with the big main and minor s9 and how to make sure that you receive those payments into your Bitcoin wallet thank you so much for watching please subscribe to my channel hit the like button on this video and I would love to see you again have a nice day happy bitcoin mining you