hello Internet this is Karel, this is a follow-up video of my introductory video on the antminer , s9 today I'm gonna show you how to configure the bitmain antminer s9 the most profitable minor for sha-256 and Bitcoin right now at 14 terahashes today I'm going to show you how to configure this miner to mine bitcoins with the nicehash pool in order to mine bitcoins from your unit basically once you sign up with nice hash you will be assigned a Bitcoin address that you can use to mine and to deposit your funds so once you sign up you're gonna go to my workers you're going to go to the for sellers section and you're gonna go to my workers and there you will be you will be able to see any workers that you have at the time ,the algorithm ,the hashing speed on the nicehash pool to grab the details you will need to enter on your antminer you can either go to the bottom of the screen and sell hashing power or you can go into the URL on the screen and there you're gonna select a sell now since we are using the antminers name and you're gonna select your hashing algorithm which is – the SHA256 and the location from which you are mining to minimize the latency and then you're gonna click on generate stratum and the page will give you all the details that you will need to use on your antminer miner including the URL the worker name and the password so once you look into your miner to do the configuration for the antminer s9 and you're gonna enter the pool details onto the pool one you're gonna put the the address over here you're gonna put your worker name and you're gonna put X as the password and you're gonna save that configuration the good thing about nicehash usually provides a little bit of more margin versus just mining bitcoin sometimes mining depending on complexity and depending on the value of the of the coins at the time sometimes it's more profitable to mine Bitcoin cash and/or cryptocurrencies nicehash is a market place where miners that have mining equipment can point their hashing power towards their system and then sellers and buyers will either buy their hashing power from the sellers that have the miners and nicehash will make a profit out of this margin it's a fair system for people that want to maximize their mining efforts and also for miners that want to mine without having to actually buy equipment it's also a good choice go back to a miner status and you will see if your mining and if the nice hash pool is alive at the time right now this miner is operating properly oh man nicehash it's producing approximately thirty eight dollars a day if you go to see workers you'll see that the hashing speed is at fourteen point zero seven two hashes I did in another video that I'm gonna link on the description an overview of the profitability for the bitmain antminer s9 using the nice hash pool and today it came out to be around twelve hundred dollars per month it's a very good profit you will have to discount from this your power of course watch that other video so you can see all the details thank you so much for watching please subscribe to my channel hit the like button on this video hit the notification bell so you are notified every time that I upload a video and I would love to see you again happy mining have a great day you