what's going on guys how are you guys doing welcome back to a brand new bit connect update I know I also haven't done one of these videos a long time that's why I wanted to go around and kind of let you guys know what my progress has been where we are how with jaws have been going and all that good good stuff I know a lot of people were worried they're like Oh big connects not giving out as much interest recently they all what's going on it's a period there yeah let me just clear that up except for today don't don't look at today but just look at that or tomorrow I guess just look at that last seven days average is 088 so if you take away the zero percent is definitely a one point something so it's really it's a good time real time Maitre so we're looking at today I think tomorrow is we're pretty good probably pretty good so yeah hopefully we'll have just was just I don't know why it's zero it's a very good question um go on anyway so a little bit of an update so you know everything's back percentages are back everything it's going well we had 207 in the lending wallet we have 8

5 bit Kinect tokens each worth 270 so that times eight point we have around 2300 Plus this we had like 2,500 dollars in the platform you guys can see we have earned back already three thousand nine hundred and fourteen out of the initial investment of nine thousand five hundred now of that 972 is of commission so thank you for all of you guys we're gonna get to that in just a second but I do have three thousand five to ten thousand back and we've been at this for a little bit over a month those guys who didn't know though I did initially invest like was it initially invested two thousand seven hundred and then I came back and vest another like five thousand some things six thousand something so that's why my payout I guess isn't as high because for the first few the first month basically only at two thousand seven hundred and now that we have more of an active investment we have a bigger active investment we you know are earning more daily daily pic-a-nic great daily cash so I do plan on doing more investments as you know this grows I do I do just one a compound from now on I'm not really looking to bring in new money since you know there's so much money to be made on here I just kind of want to compound we'll see how that goes though I think I still am expecting a small payout today in like an hour it's five o'clock around six o'clock ish let's see let's go look at the referrals we do have 21 people on our team so thank you guys so much for all of those of you guys who have joined I see some of you guys have started taking action you know shell 96 and tang 99 I know all of these guys have been taking massive action you know it could be small amounts it can be huge amounts it's really depending on how much you have to invest and how much you guys are ready you know you don't want to waste your time when you could be you know making money so for those of you guys who are interested to joining the team I'm gonna leave a link down below for you guys as always in the description for you guys to go check out bit connect it is free to make an account it's all these people here who aren't in blue they have made an account they are yet to bring in money this could be because they are waiting for their coinbase transfer or whatever their bitcoin to come in or they're just waiting to take action um but for those of you guys we're waiting they're really you know the longer you wait the worse it is for the longer it takes for you to start making money so it's really all I can say about it I know a lot of people have been making a lot of money I've seen I've talked to them too you know some of the 21 people and you see people already making change so like this guy already has three people under him in referrals that's fantastic congratulations to you I don't think any of them have any cash yet but as soon as they do he's gonna be making money off of referrals as well as for withdrawing I have withdraw before I don't know if I can see transaction where's my glass withdraw where do you see it transactions let's take a quick look come on no time to be slow let's see okay sheesh why can't I find it am I missing it or what's going on all right so here we paid for land we lent this much now here we're just receiving receiving receiving you see eleven thirteen thirty fifty blah blah blah blah blah we're just receiving just receiving pay for land ID I guess we lent more so BCC so this is when I sold some bit connect and I transferred it over okay guys I think this is what I would drew I think this is why I withdrew right yeah I believe I believe this is the read these two are what I would drew this is the last time I made a list so you can see it's the 18th it hasn't even been a month um it's been like three weeks since I've done it and the payouts have been awesome if I wanted I could just transfer this over I would just do this and transfer but I'm gonna hold off doing that for a little bit I'll explain that in a later video when it comes to my investment strategy with bit connect I do have a little bit of a plan in mind so you guys want to stay up to date with that you guys wanna you know be ready um have the correct mindset know what's coming up kind of you know you can you guys what I'm talking about you just wanna be prepared you want to make the most money possible so that's really what I'm saying I'm gonna make a video of that pretty soon I don't know when exactly it's gonna be released but I'm gonna make a video talking about the actual investment strategy if I when I plan on reinvesting if I plan on reinvesting how much all that stuff how you should play the whole transfer game because there is like money to be made when it comes to this part you know transferring at the right time holding stuff like that there's a lot of money to be made there too so that's something to remember but for now we're gonna be seeing again pretty steady I mean I think it's gonna be pretty steady percentages or yeah daily payouts until the fork and once the work happens we're gonna see what changes what doesn't change maybe we'll be more maybe we'll be less but again like I said we're gonna cover that in another video for those of you guys once again in the referral team I want to say thank you guys so much it really means a lot that you guys signed up under my link I do appreciate it a ton for those of you guys who are waiting take action it's free to make an account guys go click the link in the description it's a free account well you only pay you know you don't even pay like you only transfer your money in and then you start using the platform that's really all it is so it's really all your money the only time you pay a fee is when you withdraw over here and you pay point zero zero zero four big cannon a Bitcoin which I believe is like two $200 every time you withdraw so I guess just wait till you accumulate some sort of it John it's really the only fee so guys yeah a lot of money to be made don't waste your time sorry I've rambled a little bit but subscribe if you guys are new to the channel and you guys are enjoying the content also don't forget to smash that like button if you guys enjoyed this video as always I'm gonna see you guys tomorrow for another video