THE BOSS OF BITCOIN!! My name is Brandon Kelly and I've recently launched one of the fastest growing crypto communities in the world I have a patent pending method of harmonic resonance, fractal based geometric charting that has allowed me to predict the recent breakouts of Dash, Litecoin, Siacoin, and many others but most notably the fall of Ethereum at $360

Inside of one month of posting videos on YouTube I have accumulated nearly 10K subscribers and nearly 5K members in my facebook group In 2017 my method allowed me to outpace the Bitcoin market by more than 1000% – and have since worked with numerous of the top Crypto Startups on their business development and marketing I have a MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from The University of Notre Dame and a Civil Engineering Degree from The University of Wisconsin I would love the opportunity to speak at The Trading Show in NYC with regards to financial forecasting through simple charting methods, the growth of the crypto community, the universal consciousness of bitcoin, digital marketing / SEO, or any other relevant topic that my insight and expertise can contribute value for both your attendees and vendors as well